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Attitude is called a certain posture or a certain emotional disposition to a specific issue. In some way it refers to the way in which a certain circumstance is taken or evaluated from the psychic point of view. Indeed, an attitude in general refers to a psychological disposition in relation to an event that manifests itself in different concrete actions. From this perspective it can be said that there are good or bad attitudes, to the extent that they serve a specific individual to better adapt to the outside world, to the various events of daily life to which that individual is exposed.

We are constantly having attitudes towards different circumstances of existence and we can speak without a doubt of a generic or underlying attitude to our whole being, a circumstance that will sooner or later be reflected in our behavior.

From a psychological point of view, attitude is one of the most studied phenomena. Indeed, experience tells us that people may have a different reaction to the same event. This is fundamentally explained by the way in which both have to process this event, by the way of taking it and measuring its consequences in the future. On some occasions, an unfortunate circumstance can mean that someone falls into a deep depression that can only be overcome after many years, while on other occasions these types of circumstances can serve as motivation. All these types of possibilities are largely related to the attitude that the person knows how to have in his or her private heart.

The foregoing leads us to clarify the concept of attitude in a mental disposition regarding the events that a person experiences in life. This type of circumstance encourages the mind to work processing the information that comes from the outside in a particular way, causing these events to be evaluated in a positive or negative way. In some way it can be said that this type of circumstance is due to the fact that in a healthy person, any fact or circumstance has something to contribute; This is assimilated by the psychic apparatus, while aspects that lack input are discarded.

People should make an attitude more aware of the respect of the attitudes manifested in their lives. These without a doubt can have more profound consequences than what might be thought at first.

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