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The term agent can be used in an infinity of contexts, referring in each of these to different phenomena, to different elements or functions. However, in every context the word refers to a certain role, that is, it accounts for something from the perspective of its influence, of its actions in a certain field. Now, it's important to consider that the expression " agent " always has some uses in the collective imagination that arise more easily. Thus, for example, the term agent is used very frequently to refer to individuals who have a role associated with security.within the state; It's also common to hear an agent refer to a financial intermediary, an individual who functions as a labor intermediary, or someone who functions as a consultant when it comes to travel.

Types of agents

When an agent is referred to as an individual associated with security, it's referring both to a police officer and also to the case of someone who has a role with regard to intelligence. In the latter case, the agent will have the job of knowing supposed threats to a country, as well as trying to eliminate those possibilities.

In the case of an agent bag, the term refers to an intermediary that will enable depositors to dump their equity in various investment alternatives. The agent bag therefore can refer to an individual as a business and its role is regulated by the authorities of the country where it operates.

When referring to the workplace, the agent is in charge of finding jobs for a certain professional. This type of activity is especially popular with artists and athletes. In this way, the agent has a network of contacts and promotion that allow opportunities to exist for his client. As a consequence of this representation, the agent will receive a certain commission.

Finally, mention should be made of the use of the term when referring to travel advice. In this case, the agent will be a person who can guide the interested party in making an important trip. Thus, the agent will have the knowledge and contacts to indicate to the interested party the best decisions they can make to make their stay pleasant; The agent will recommend places to sleep, to have fun, to know, all depending on the financial capacity of the counselee.

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