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Agency is the office: office of the agent (the person who has the virtue of acting, who acts with power of another or who is an intermediary between a seller and a buyer). The concept has its origin in agens ( "the one who does" ).

An agency is a company that is dedicated to providing services and that, in general, manages matters that aren't its own. An advertising agency, for example, is the company that develops and implements advertising for an advertiser (that is, its client). This type of firm provides advice on marketing and communication and has a team of creatives who invent the campaigns and slogans.

The travel agencies, on the other hand, act as intermediaries between tourism providers (hotels, airlines, etc.) and travelers. These agencies usually function as wholesalers (that is, they contract wholesale services at low prices and then resell them to their clients).

However, we cannot forget about communication agencies either. Specifically, these are companies whose clear objective is to develop different strategies so that their clients can improve the image they have, so that they are much better known and, therefore, can grow in results.

As a general rule, the services offered by these agencies include marketing, press office, consulting, internal communication, and cultural transformation.

But there is still more. There are also news agencies that, as their name indicates, have the objective of informing and publicizing all kinds of relevant events that take place in a country in economic, social, political, cultural or sports matters, among others.

A modeling agency is the company that is dedicated to representing models (whether men, women, children or animals). it's common for it to have staff dedicated to the search for potential models (a practice known as scouting).

Another use of the term refers to the delegation or subordinate branch of a company: "I am interested in buying a new car: tomorrow I am going to visit the Ford agency that is near my home. "

Agency, finally, is an organization of the State which manages a public service.

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