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The word advice in a global sense refers to the opinion or advice that is given, to execute an action. These recommendations may or may not be accepted by whoever receives the advice, since the person has the total freedom to decide what is good for him or not. However, it should not be forgotten that most of the time whoever gives advice does so because they feel appreciation for the person and their only intention is to help.

Advice can come from parents (being the first to give it), grandparents, teachers, etc. Similarly, these can occur in different contexts, for example, in the workplace, a boss can give advice to her employee on how to perform certain work; in the love sphere, a friend can offer advice to win a girl, in the medical context, a doctor can give advice to his patients in relation to their health, etc.

Many times people have to turn to others for advice on a particular issue, in order to make the best decision, based on different points of view.

The most valuable advice a person can receive comes from their parents. Parents, through their experiences, have enough capacity to guide their children, through their good advice. The advice provided by parents and grandparents should never be overlooked since they, thanks to their experiences, have a valuable perception of reality and of everything that should or should not be done.

It's very common to hear "if I had done if my parents would not have been what I spend." Sometimes human beings don't listen to advice and after they make mistakes, they lament. However, it's important that this happens because everyone must learn from their mistakes, that allows them to acquire the wisdom they need, so as not to stumble over the same stone in the future.

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