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The term accessory refers to any element or object that is used to complement something else and that is optional to take into account. The accessory is always an auxiliary to what is central and this can be applied to a myriad of elements of different types, although there are certain areas or expressions in which the word accessory is used more frequently.

One of those areas, perhaps where the term is used the most, is that of fashion. In this sense, any accessory related to the world of fashion will be a product whose function is to complement a specially designed or combined set of clothing. Here we must consider as accessories an endless number of elements, among which we find shoes and footwear of various types, wallets, bags and other items to carry, glasses, gloves, hats, caps and headdresses, belts, watches, socks, decorative elements such as pins or bijouterie, etc. Each of these accessories serves not only to mark a specific fashion style but also to indicate a status or depending on the materials with which the products are made, the brands, the exclusivity of the designs and, obviously, their prices.

The term accessories is also used for other elements that are secondary but undoubtedly necessary for machines to function correctly. The technology always involves the existence of machines composed of many parts, accessories and optional items that are added to ensure better quality, to provide greater usability or contribute to a greater length of products. Thus, when talking about computing, for example, accessories will be those hardware elements that allow you to enjoy other functions: remote controls, joysticks, keyboards, cameras, microphones, recorders, players, memories and many other accessories that aren't vital. importance but very useful.

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