8 Ways to Find a Job


8 Tips to find a job faster

Besides visiting vacancy sites, there are also many other possibilities. We have listed them for you!

1. Stand out with a neat appearance

Did you know that 20% of applicants are rejected because they don't look presentable? Never underestimate the power of a well-groomed appearance and fresh armpits. And standing out with your appearance - in a positive sense of course - is very smart, because no one can forget your pink suit or beautiful glasses!

Not only do you want to look your best during the job interview, but also online. Think of your photo on LinkedIn and on Facebook. What does that picture say about you? That you are professional, reliable and friendly? If not, have nice pictures taken. That is really worth the investment, because you can use them for years on any resume, face book or dating profile.

2. Monitor your Google search results

You've probably googled yourself before. What did you find? Delete any results you don't want a recruiter or your prospective employer to read. If you can no longer delete the content, email the administrator of the website. Also put your YouTube playlists, Pinterest boards and Instagram on private, for example. You want to be known for your special qualities and unique expertise, not for an unfriendly comment you wrote in a forum in 2012.

3. Use your network

You need it from your network. In the time that you have written one application letter, you can drink coffee with three people. Find people who have your dream job or who work at a great company and invite them for a nice cup of coffee. People like to talk about themselves and their work, so with a listening ear you quickly leave a good impression. Do not forget to clearly state the purpose of the conversation.

4. Radiate confidence

Applicants who are too eager are often not hired. Why? Because people with a desperate and affectionate appearance are seen as unattractive and unreliable. And that is of course not what you want.

Therefore, always be confident, stable and enthusiastic during the (telephone) conversation. You want to give them the idea that if you don't get this job, there are plenty of other employers in line for you.

5. Just ask

Do you know what the most successful strategy is to get an interview? By just asking for it. Admittedly, it takes some cheeky courage and a convincing piece of text, but it's worth it! Drop by with a cake and your resume, call or send a LinkedIn message. People like to help, because it gives them a good feeling. And often they are so impressed with the effort you have put in that you have an increased chance of getting the job. Just give it a try. Just ask.

6. Be the expert

Employers are not looking for handymen. They want to be the star of the field. Someone who knows everything. And - little secret! - you are soon, because of course you know more than someone who does not work in your field. Use social media or a blog to showcase your expertise. Combine your own material with retweets, reblogs or reposts from others. Profile yourself sharply, not as someone who 'likes' everything. That once again underlines your passion and expertise.

7. Be open to functions from an unexpected source

Perhaps you will be approached for a position that does not immediately excite you. If your overall assessment of the vacancy is satisfactory, do stop by and find out why they chose you. Not only will you learn a lot about your profiling and train your application skills , but who knows, the position may turn out to be a lot of fun.

8. Create a strong LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is like parading on the Costa Brava: it is searching and being seen. How do you create a beautiful profile that can be easily found by recruiters and employers? Choose a nice professional photo, enter search terms you want to be found and only write down relevant work experience.

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