7 Tips to Take Control of Your Own Career


To search for a job. How do you do that today? Do you know what you want? Do you know what you're looking for and what you have to offer the job market? Ready for the labor market, how do you achieve that? And how do you look for work?

Get more energy from applying.

For many people, applying for a job is hard work. It takes a lot of time, in addition to your busy life, and you have to get all the motivation out of yourself. You're vulnerable and you have to deal with rejections. All in all, it can be an energy-guzzling activity. And that isn't only annoying, but also inconvenient. Because when you find the process of applying for a job tedious, you put that negative energy into the result: your new job.

How do you ensure that not only your future job, but also the way to it will give you more energy than it costs you?

Seven Tips to Take Control of Your Own Career

1. Stop applying

If you see applying for a job as just finding a job, you limit your view. You then assume that the job you're looking for already exists. And it should just be released. Preferably in your area. What if you stop applying for a job and start creating work? Then a world opens up for you. The work you want is no longer tied to one type of function. You can go in many different directions. Who knows, you might still be able to create different work within your own organization. Or start for yourself. You can also now enter into an open conversation with organizations that appeal to you and together investigate whether you fit together. And that feels very different from a job interview.

2. Create work that you really want

Many people look for a job they don't want at all. And find it strange that they are not accepted anywhere. Applying for a job that you don't want consumes energy. Moreover, the chance of success is small. In an interview, often even in your letter, an employer quickly notices whether you're motivated from the inside. Do yourself a favor. Create work that you do want. Work that suits who you're by nature. Don't you know what kind of work that is? Then go investigate that first.

3. Map your network and search area

A network is important in job creation. Everyone has a network. You too. Make a list of people you know who may be able to help you. Then add organizations that appeal to you. You will see that your search area becomes both larger and sharper. Always choose someone from this list to approach and expand it when you make new contacts. This way the list gives you something to hold onto. Moreover, it motivates you when you see that you know more people and organizations than you thought. That also gives energy.

4. Choose a way of creating work that suits you

You can create work in 101 ways. You can have network conversations, join us for a day, respond to vacancies with a letter and resume, become active on social media, and explore the options for yourself. And much more. Don't think you should do all this. Look at where your talents and preferences lie and what gives you energy, and choose your activities based on that.

5. Seek out other job seekers

There are activities for job seekers in various places. See if you can find something like this within your municipality. Isn't that there? Start a group yourself. You probably know more people who want to create different work. Encourage each other, learn from each other, advise each other, use each other's network. Become each other's network. You will find that such contacts give you energy.

6. Schedule rest moments

Before you know it you'll be on LinkedIn every free hour. Schedule moments of rest and then do something that gives you energy. Take a bath, read a book, go for a walk in nature, watch a movie, go shopping, or do nothing at all. Don't feel guilty about that. You need that.

7. Engage a career coach

Creating work is something you don't do every day. You may have never done it before. At least you never had any lessons in it. While the labor market demands that from you. So it's not surprising if you don't succeed. Then don't hesitate to hire a career coach. It doesn't tell you what to do, but it does teach you how to create your own work in a way that suits you. This will not only help you now, but also in the future. Because chances are that your next job will not be your last…!

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