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5 Ways to Find Good Staff

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For the growth of your company you are looking for the best employees. It's sometimes difficult to find it among the many candidates who apply for a position. Five proven methods to get good staff. Good staff is scarce in many industries. Especially when the economy picks up, it can be a challenge for you as an entrepreneur to fill vacancies. Other employers are just as looking for good employees with sufficient knowledge, experience and motivation.

Before you start looking for staff, you must of course know who exactly you are looking for. So first prepare a job profile. You can then use one or more suitable recruitment methods. In addition to traditional job advertisements, you can choose from many alternative methods for recruitment and selection.

How do you find good staff?

1. Recruit through your own staff

This way of recruiting is also called referral recruitment. You use employees to find new colleagues. That is attractive because you save on recruitment costs in this way.

There is also a good chance of a match, because employees can often estimate whether someone fits the organization. With a recruitment bonus you encourage them to actively search for candidates in their network.

2. Use your digital signboard

Your business website and social media are the digital banner of your company. Not only for customers, but also for potential employees. Therefore create pages on your company website with at least a description of the work atmosphere and an overview of the vacancies.

Via Facebook,LinkedIn and Twitter you can also build a relationship with potential employees and easily spread vacancies.

3. Open the door for talent

A open application often attracts talented candidates. By applying in this way, they at least show that they are motivated to work with you and are happy to show initiative.

Therefore, invite potential employees to send an open application, for example by stating this clearly on your vacancy page. This opens the door for talent, which you will reap at a later date if you suddenly need staff.

4. Call in an employment agency

Employment agencies are pre-eminently at home in recruitment and selection. They often have a lot of experience finding the right man or woman, since this is one of their most important tasks.

For specific positions or branches you can go to specialized employment agencies. This is useful if you are looking for, for example, catering staff, fitters or secretaries. This allows you to have qualified staff available in a short time.

5. Search for personnel within your company

Sometimes you don't have to look far when it comes to good staff. You can also look for a suitable candidate within your company. Internal recruiting means that someone already knows your company and will therefore find his way faster.

In addition, it can be motivating if you give employees the opportunity to grow. At the same time, this has the advantage that you do not have to start up a costly recruitment and selection procedure.

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