5 Tips For a First Working Day


You did it: you have a new job! You have completed the various application rounds well and can hardly wait to get started. A first working day is fun, but also very exciting and sometimes overwhelming.

Five Tips For a First Working Day

We share 5 tips to go to work well prepared and leave a good first impression.

1. Be well prepared

Be well prepared in advance to avoid last-minute stress. It helps enormously if you prepare everything an evening in advance. Think of your work stuff, a nice outfit and a nice lunch. Don't know what the dress code is in the workplace? Put on something similar to the job interviews and look closely at what colleagues are wearing. Preparing everything in advance gives you peace of mind and ensures that you don't forget anything.

2. Be on time

It's only logical, but be on time on your first working day. Check your travel plan again in the morning before departure if you travel by public transport or check whether there are traffic jams on the route. It's also a good idea to leave 15 minutes earlier to avoid delays. Rather a little early than late.

3. Introduce yourself to everyone

Chances are that your supervisor will walk around with you to meet your new colleagues. Give everyone a firm handshake and clearly say your name. In addition to being your first working day, it's also the first working day with your new colleagues. So they don't know you either! Make sure to introduce yourself confidently and show interest in your new colleagues.

4. Ask questions? To do!

A new working environment, new colleagues, new working methods, etc. On the first working day, chances are that you're full of questions. Do not hesitate to ask them! Do you want to know where you can find certain documents on the computer? Or do you have no idea where the printer is? Is it not yet completely clear which projects are planned for the coming period? Don't be afraid to ask. Nobody expects you to know everything on the first day.

5. Relax...

So... time has flown by: the first working day is over! You met your new colleagues and received a lot of new information. Take a moment after work to process all new impressions. Do you like to pop for an hour at the gym? Do it! Do you prefer to watch a few episodes of your favorite series? Also completely fine! It's important that you allow yourself a moment to process everything and that you're well rested for the next day. Did something not go as planned? Ask yourself what you can do differently the next day and trust yourself that you can do it. The company has hired you and is therefore convinced that you're the suitable candidate for the position.

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