5 Personal Branding Tips


Whether you want it or not, with your unique characteristics and talents you are a brand in itself. So how is your personal branding doing ? You might know off-line how you put your resume together or how you can best present yourself . But is your online business card well organized?

Five Personal Branding Tips

1. Facebook & Instagram

First start with your personal social media accounts on for example Facebook and Instagram. To shape your personal branding, make sure that your profile photo is recognizable and that your biography gives a clear representation of what you want to say about yourself. Also stay professional when you post something and make sure there are no language errors. Always consider what you do and don't want to show to strangers. If (part of) your page doesn't look representative, it's best to protect this by adjusting your privacy settings.

2. LinkedIn

When you have applied, there is then a good chance that your potential employer will also take a look at your LinkedIn page. The first thing you notice is your profile photo. With a well-kept and professional photo you immediately have a good first impression. A complete LinkedIn profile makes the most impression on the visitors who view your page. Ensure that all your work experience, diplomas and connections are added so that a future employer has a complete picture of who you are.

3. Google

Have you ever google yourself and looked at the results that came up? If you have a name that is not that common, chances are that your internet activities will be at the top of the search results. Think of your LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram account. Do you have a name that is common? Then it's best to ensure that your name is recognizable. For example, add your location, or write in your biography what kind of work or job people should be with you. This allows, for example, future employers to distinguish you from the rest of your namesakes.

4. Protect Your Name

You can register your domain name through various websites. By securing your own name in this way you ensure that people who visit you online end up directly at your domain. It is also the ideal place to give an overview of interesting information about you and all your social media pages and blogs. The faster people know who you are, the better because time is money!

5. Stay Active

Do you think you can let your LinkedIn page get wasted when you find a job, think again . Social media is not only important if you are looking for other work. By staying active you keep your network up-to-date and you remain interesting for recruiters, customers, clients and so on. Maybe you will be approached for an even better offer.

If you put these tips into practice then your online personal branding will be fine. Do you also want to make an unforgettable impression offline? With beautiful old school business cards you can make it complete and no one can be around you anymore.

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