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A good job description is a key for a successful managers, In this article you'll read about 3 important job description tips.

A job description is useful for several reasons. For example, you can use the shortened version for a personnel advertisement, whereby the extended version can be requested by applicants. It also gives you guidance during the letter selection and the selection interview .

Three Job Description Tips:

Tip (1): Set the correct job requirements

The trick is to set the right job requirements. The stricter these are, the fewer responses you'll receive to the vacancy. Therefore, state clearly what minimum and desired requirements are. Keep in mind that if you have too many minimum requirements, you may get candidates who are looking out for the position quickly. If they can do everything, chances are that they will leave because of a lack of challenge.

Tip (2): Beware of discrimination

In a job description, there may be intentional or unintended discrimination. By paying attention to this, you prevent people from being excluded and potentially missing out on good employees. Be specially aware of discriminatory job requirements. For example, they can lead to problems if you ask for someone who is 35 years old or 'just graduated' without good reason. The Institute for Human Rights provides a clear explanation of job requirements .

Tip (3): State any career opportunities

In the job description, it's wise to also discuss any career opportunities within your company. This will prevent you from being surprised by expectations that don't appear to agree afterwards. This is the case, for example, if an employee doesn't have the ambition to grow to a higher position, while you did have that in mind when hiring this person.

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