20 Questions to Discover Your Talent


Do you ever wonder what you're really good at? Funnily enough, most people don't know what they excel at all. Or they know somewhere, but don't consciously use it. Imagine: you do work where time flies by, because you do it with pleasure and without effort... Sounds good, but no idea how to find such work? That's work in which you use your talents. These 20 questions will help you discover your talent.

The Nature of the Beast

Talent is sometimes so obvious. After all, you don't have to work hard for it. Yet everyone has unique features and skills. Think about what you liked to do as a child, what you always do on a day off, what work gives you energy and what you're incredibly good at. This way you slowly but surely discover which talents are hidden behind all these apparently normal activities and memories.

Ask to Discover Your Talent

Below is a list of no less than "twenty questions to discover your talent". Take a sheet of paper and a pen, and write the answers together. What would come out?

1- What makes you excited?
2- What do you do with passion?
3- What gives you energy and satisfaction?
4- When does time fly by?
5- What do you do in your spare time?
6- What did you enjoy doing as a child?
7- What were your favorite subjects at school?
8- What is easy for you?
9- What new knowledge and skills do you learn quickly?
10- What are you satisfied with this week?
11- When did you perform above expectations?
12- What talent did you use for that performance?
13- What were the highlights of your life?
14- What are you proud of?
15- What do you get compliments on?
16- What compliments do you like to receive?
17- What qualities do you admire in others?
18- What is usually your role or contribution to a group or project?
19- When do you not find others fast or smart enough?
20- What do others ask you for advice on?

Are you starting to discover a common thread? That's quite possible. Maybe you secretly knew the answers long ago, or are you completely surprised that this is your talent. What is also interesting to think about next: which corporate culture suits you best?

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