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If you want a creative work where you use both your brain and your imagination, and if you think you can contribute something new to the world it hasn't read before, then the job as a writer is for you. Here you can read some tips that help become a writer.

Ten Tips to Become a Writer

# 1. Write in 20 minute modules

Set your watch for twenty minutes and write in addition. Don't be interrupted by just checking Facebook, texting or making tea. Just write! Then take a break, and then sit down with the keyboard again for 20 minutes.

# 2. Write your text done.

You cannot assess whether a short story is good if it is not finished. And when it's done, you can ALWAYS go back and fix it.

# 3. Find a writing group

A writing group is worth the gold to stick to the fire, motivate and inspire you. And not least good for response! You can search for a writing group on the Internet or your local library.

# 4. Write a little more each day than much once a month

If you write 10 or 20 minutes every day, your short story or book is actually growing fast, and you are constantly in your project and do not have to remember where you came from. Furthermore, most people are better off writing 10 minutes a day than writing an entire chapter "on Monday".

# 5. Read many books

Don't be afraid to read books of the same genre in which you write yourself. Even if you are writing a story about a werewolf, you can easily read other books about werewolves and get inspired.

# 6. Let your protagonist develop

Static individuals are difficult to identify with (unless that is the point of the book!), Where facing people who evolve reminds us how we can develop ourselves. It is exciting to read and follow.

# 7. Throw yourself into new genres

Even if you have only written fantasy so far, try writing poetry! Or go from novel to short story. Write a party song or article. It can give you new writing energy.

# 8. Read books on writing

Both books that pay homage to the creative freedom to just write out there and books where you learn about plot and structure. There are a handful of good writing books and even more in English. It is easy to search for them on the internet.

# 9. do not give up

Even if you reject your first book, try sending it on. And write a new book while waiting for answers. Then the wait doesn't feel quite that long, and you've probably gotten better at writing since the first book.

# 10. Write quick typing

Set your watch for 10 or 20 minutes and write in addition. Let EVERYTHING come along. You don't need to be able to use the text for anything afterwards. Wait to read what you have written through - and wait to edit and correct! - until the time has passed.

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