Careers Duties: Water Transportation


List of Career Duties Under Water Transportation Business Sector

Chief Operator Lock Tender

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of Lock Operator water trans. to open locks dams on canal for vessels requiring passage
  • Assign to Lock Operator water trans. tasks of mooring boats awaiting passage through canal, raising or lowering water level, opening and closing gates & valves of locks and dams, operating navigation lights and traffic signals and compiling records of vessels using canal and of weather water conditions
  • Determine which of two locks to use according to needs of traffic
  • Control operates gas, steam, and hydroelectric generating units
  • Install mechanical electrical equipment
  • Repair lock machinery motors, generators, power lines, and other electrical equipment [Electrician, Maintenance any industry ]
  • Operate machinery to open close locks
  • Report needed repairs to lock maintenance department
  • May observe craft approaching locks to define size and speed of vessel issues instructions to vessel operator violating canal regulations.

Chief Wharfinger

  • Plan directs activities of persons in wharfage department to make sure that fees assessed shipping companies, using municipal facilities, are in accordance with port tariff
  • Assign responsibility to personnel for berthing, compiling dockage, wharfage, demurrage and storage reports and enforcing safety regulations
  • Review department reports to verify accuracy of assessments
  • Assign berth, dock, and shed space for incoming ships
  • Prepare recommendations for assignment of facilities to companies on a continuous basis
  • Analyze reports to define efficiency of dock operations recommends improvements
  • Contact representatives of shipping companies to resolve problems pertaining to facilities to maintain business relationship.

Coal tower Operator

  • Operate mechanical loading tower to load ships barges with bulk raw materials, like coal, iron ore, or iron pellets
  • Move controls and levers depresses pedals to position tower for loading operations, to lower conveyor directly over vessel hatch and to position chute to guide materials into hold of ship
  • Start conveyor belt to convey materials from stockpile or gondola cars into hold of vessel
  • Move chute controls to spread materials evenly throughout hold of vessel
  • Adjust and makes minor repairs to tower accessory equipment.

Coal Trimmer

  • Position barges to be loaded with coal under coal tipple, using electric winch or hand ropes
  • May spread coal evenly with shovel in holds of ships.

Commissary Superintendent

  • Manage commissary department of company operating sea-going vessels
  • Process requisitions for supplies and equipment from vessels approves or denies request
  • Negotiate contracts with supply houses, manufacturers, or wholesalers for equipment, supplies and furnishings
  • Formulate issues instructions for management commissary department aboard vessels
  • Represent company in formulating policies when negotiating contracts with union
  • Resolve labor-management problems of commissary department personnel
  • Inventory food supplies aboard vessels examines menus to make sure that vessels are serving balanced diets
  • Inspect vessels to make sure that housekeeping functions conform to sanitary regulations and that repairs improvements are made
  • Analyze food costs prepares reports for management.

Container Coordinator

  • Expedite movement of cargo containers between ports to make sure adequate supply of empty containers for shipper
  • Record movement of loaded and unloaded cargo containers between ports number of containers available for shipping cargo
  • Expedite delivery of loaded containers to consignee, using telephone or Teletype
  • Compute storage demurrage charges on containers for use by accounting department, using calculating machine.

Container Crane Operator

  • Operate electrically powered crane equipped with cantilevers structural-steel framework which can be lowered to horizontal position extended over deck or hold of vessel on which hoisting gear is supported to load or unload container cargo from vessels
  • Move controls or levers presses pedals to activate electrical power, move tower in position alongside vessel and lower cantilever over deck or hold of vessel
  • Move controls to lower hoisting gear for attachment of sling to container, lift & move container along cantilever and lower position container on dock, or on vessel deck or hold
  • Raise cantilever to vertical position when positioning crane to avoid hitting superstructure of vessel
  • May follow hand signals of other worker
  • May operate cantilever crane equipped with clamshell to load or unload bulk materials.

Cook Boat

  • Cook serves meals to crew on passenger ship
  • Clean, cuts and cooks meat, fish and poultry
  • Serve food to crewmembers
  • Wash dishes and cleans galley galley equipment
  • Compile cost records of food used.

Cook Larder

  • Prepare cold plate entrees, appetizers, and cocktails for lunch dinner service, and makes canapes, hors doeuvres, and sandwiches for buffets
  • Slice roast, like beef, veal, pork and lamb, for cold plates or sandwiches
  • Cuts luncheon meats, like head cheese, pork loaf, veal loaf and ham
  • Mix gelatins, grinds up leftover meats, and prepares hot cold canapes, hors doeuvres, and goose liver pate to be served as appetizers
  • Prepare sandwiches for pantry service outside of meal hours
  • May prepare food showpieces
  • Mix sauces various seafoods, like crab, lobster, and shrimp, to prepare cocktails.

Cook Ship

  • Cook serves meals to crew on passenger ship
  • Clean, cuts and cooks meat, fish and poultry
  • Serve food to crewmembers
  • Wash dishes and cleans galley galley equipment
  • Compile cost records of food used.

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