Careers Duties: Water Transportation


List of Career Duties Under Water Transportation Business Sector

Wharf Worker

  • Move grain spouts to load grain into holds of ships
  • Unlash grain spout and lowers, raises and changes direction of spout to test operation of guide ropes hand winches
  • Lower spout into hold of ship directs spout toward specified compartment
  • Signal Conveyor-System Operator any industry to start flow of grain
  • Move spout in various directions to load grain evenly into compartment.


  • Compile reports, like dockage, demurrage, wharfage, and storage, to make sure that shipping companies are assessed specified harbor fees
  • Compare information on statements, records and reports with ships manifest to define that weight, measurement and classification of commodities are in accordance with tariff
  • Calculate tariff assessment from ships manifest to make sure that charges are correct
  • Prepare submits reports
  • Inspect sheds wharves to define need for repair
  • Arrange for temporary connection of water electrical services from wharves
  • Read service meters to define charges to be made.

Wharfinger Chief

  • Plan directs activities of persons in wharfage department to make sure that fees assessed shipping companies, using municipal facilities, are in accordance with port tariff
  • Assign responsibility to personnel for berthing, compiling dockage, wharfage, demurrage and storage reports and enforcing safety regulations
  • Review department reports to verify accuracy of assessments
  • Assign berth, dock, and shed space for incoming ships
  • Prepare recommendations for assignment of facilities to companies on a continuous basis
  • Analyze reports to define efficiency of dock operations recommends improvements
  • Contact representatives of shipping companies to resolve problems pertaining to facilities to maintain business relationship.

Winch Driver

  • Operate steam or electric winch to hoist or lower cargo in or out of ships hold
  • Inspect booms, lashings and wire rope to assure safe operation
  • Move levers to raise, lower and turn load
  • Follow hand signals of Hatch Tender water trans. to control movement of load when it is obscured
  • May alternate work with Hatch Tender water trans. .

Yacht Master

  • Command yacht cruising on oceans, bays, lakes, and coastal waters
  • Sets course of yacht, using navigational aids, like charts, area plotting sheets, compass and sextant and steers yacht to avoid reefs, outlying shoals and other hazards to shipping
  • Determine geographical position of yacht, using loran or azimuths of celestial bodies
  • Signal passing ships, using whistle, flashing lights, flags, and radio
  • Calculate landfall sighting of land , using electronic sounding devices following contour lines on chart
  • Approach land, utilizing aids to navigation, like lights, lighthouses, and buoys
  • Relinquish command of yacht to Pilot, Ship water trans. to guide yacht through hazardous waters
  • Coast Guard for steam or motor yacht according to waters navigated tonnage of yacht
  • May be designated according to waters licensed to navigate as Master, Coastwise Yacht water trans. , Master, Ocean Yacht water trans. , or according to yacht commanded as Master, Steam Yacht water trans. .

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