List of Career Duties Under Toys And Sports Equipment Business Sector


Adhesive Primer Career Duties

  • Apply adhesive to edge strips of partially fabricated ski to prepare ski for attachment of top layer, using roller adhesive
  • Examine ski for defects, like holes bumps
  • Rubs bumps with abrasive cloth to smooth surface
  • Mark holes on skis with chalk stacks marked skis aside for rework
  • Apply adhesive to edge strips, using roller places skis in wheeled rack for movement to next processing station.

Arrowsmith Career Duties

  • Paint decorations glues nock, head, and feathers on shaft of archery arrows
  • Apply glue to ends of arrow and places nock on one end hunting or target head on other end
  • Position arrow in rotating cresting decorating machine paints bands of specified color on rotating arrow shaft, using brush
  • Clamp arrow into fletching feathering jig of rotating fletching table leaving edge of quill exposed
  • Apply glue to exposed edge positions edge on arrow shaft
  • Repeat gluing operation until specified number of feathers are glued to arrow
  • May mix paints according to color chart
  • May be designated according to duties performed as Crester toy-sport equip. , Fletcher toy-sport equip. .

Artificial fly Tier Career Duties

  • Make artificial fish flies lures, using feathers, fur, thread, and fishhooks, according to prototype design
  • Clamp fishhook in vise wraps thread around shank or hook
  • Pull feathers or fur of specified color or type from quill or pelt, positions on hook and wraps in place with thread
  • Repeat operation to simulate wings, legs, and tail of insect
  • Wrap thread or colored wire around shank of hook in continuous spirals to form body of insect
  • May brush dope on windings to waterproof hold them in place.

Assembler Career Duties

  • Assemble water sports equipment, like diving boards, under-water equipment, and water skis, using handtools power tools
  • Position parts in sequence of assembly following work orders, guides, holes, or edges
  • Screw precut parts together, using handtools, or glues parts together, using glue clamps
  • Ream threads on tanks, using die cutting tool
  • May bore holes for attachment of accessories, using portable drill
  • May examine completed items for functioning conformance to specifications
  • May be designated according to article assembled as Air-Tank Assembler toy-sport equip. , Diving-Board Assembler toy-sport equip. , Water-Ski Assembler toy-sport equip. .

Assembler Billiard table Career Duties

  • Assemble new billiard or pool tables, performing any combination of following tasks
  • Cuts, trims and installs pool table parts, like cushions, cloth covering, pockets and tabletops, using cement, tacks, scissors, hammer and portable bandsaw
  • Assemble & installs rails legs, using handtools
  • Install specified pool table accessories, like coin meter assembly and ball return gullies, using handtools power tools
  • May assemble billiard sticks and glue tips on ends, using brush glue
  • May repair billiard tables, using handtools and power tools be designated Billiard-Table Repairer retail trade, toy-sport equip. , or may be designated according to component assembled as Cushion Former toy-sport equip. , Cushion Installer toy-sport equip. , Frame Assembler toy-sport equip. , Leg Assembler toy-sport equip. , Pocket Assembler toy-sport equip. , Rail Assembler toy-sport equip. , Trim Mounter toy-sport equip. .

Assembler Fishing Floats Career Duties

  • Assemble and packs transparent plastic-bubble fishing floats by inserting filling tube through end holes of molded float halves snapping halves together
  • Place assembled units into plastic bags closes bags, using stapler.

Assembler Lay ups Career Duties

  • Tend machine, equipped with circular cutting blade, that assembles fiberglass mats of various weights and textures from rolls into stacks cuts stacks lay-ups to specified length for use in manufacture of skis
  • Select color-coded rolls mounts them on feeder-rack spools in specified order and threads mats between feed rollers to load machine
  • Push knife trigger-mechanism to designated mark to establish cutting intervals
  • Start machine observes emerging lay-ups to detect tears in cut edges
  • Lift lever-control of stone that sharpens blade to restore clean-cutting action during machine operation
  • Lift carries cut lay-ups from off bearing table to storage
  • Replace worn-out blade, using hex-wrench.

Assembler Liquid Center Career Duties

  • Mold golf ball center covers encases liquid centers in molded covers
  • Fill pans with specified amounts of water and chemicals packs dry ice around pans
  • Place liquid centers for golf balls in series of pans of chemical solutions to freeze liquid, remove gelatin cover and clean surface
  • Center rubber disks on mold, closes cover, and inserts mold in press
  • Pull lever to close press mold disks into semispheres
  • Remove mold, places semispheres in upper lower cavities of molding press, places frozen centers on semispheres, and pulls lever to close mold
  • Open mold after prescribed time removes centers encased in rubber
  • Pull flash from around centers places them in dry ice preparatory to vulcanizing.

Assembler Ping pong Table Career Duties

  • Assemble parts, like table-top sections, trim, hinges, and legs, to produce ping-pong tables
  • Position table-top sections in jig and applies glue along table edge, using glue brush
  • Place wooden trim strips over glue attaches strips to table edge, using staple gun or power screwdriver
  • Fasten parts, like hinges, legs, leg braces, and locks, using power screwdriver.

Automatic Pinsetter Adjuster Career Duties

  • Inspect and adjusts automatic pinsetters, following blueprints, using handtools gauges
  • Inspect pinsetter for defects missing components following blueprint parts list
  • Mount components or returns machine to assembly department for reworking
  • Roll pinsetter to test bay and connects drive mechanism power source
  • Adjust microswitches, spring tension, traverse or circuit stops, cams, and other control mechanisms to specified settings, using handtools
  • Operate pinsetters to detect malfunctioning
  • Measure and regulates height and sweep of rake, using fixed gauge handtools
  • Runs machine through complete cycle inspects for pinsetting accuracy
  • Test automatic shutoffs by running undersized pins through mechanism
  • Examine and adjusts each pin pickup scissor to correct malfunctions.

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