List of Career Duties Under Telecom And Telephone Business Sector


Assembler Career Duties

  • Wire switchboards, operating tables, and other telegraph apparatus to specifications, using handtools soldering iron
  • May test wiring installations, using meters.

Assembler Equipment Career Duties

  • Wire switchboards, operating tables, and other telegraph apparatus to specifications, using handtools soldering iron
  • May test wiring installations, using meters.

Assignment Clerk Career Duties

  • Compile records authorizations to facilitate installation or rewiring of telephone or telegraph lines resulting from subscribers address changes or other changes in service
  • Select, assigns and posts cable-assignment data telephone numbers on service orders
  • Route orders to service department, information operators and directory-compilation personnel for action
  • Review completed disconnection orders to update cable-assignment records
  • Prepare statistical reports assembles data for subscriber-analysis studies, as directed
  • May request field investigation by Facility Examiner tel. tel. where records do not indicate available facilities for subscriber service.

Automatic equipment Technician Career Duties

  • Analyze problems and repairs manual and automatic telegraphic transmitting receiving apparatus, like teletypewriters, facsimile-recording devices, and switching equipment
  • Test and adjusts equipment, using testing devices, like signal generators & ohmmeters, following blueprints and wiring diagrams using handtools
  • Test & regulates telegraph repeaters [Testing-And-Regulating Technician tel. tel. ]
  • When repairing and maintaining equipment in branch offices, may be designated Operations Technician tel. tel.
  • May be designated according to type of equipment maintained or repaired as Printer Maintainer tel. and tel. , Telegraphic-Typewriter Repairer tel. tel. .

Automatic Maintainer Career Duties

  • Test and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service
  • Operate test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring and circuit deficiencies between stations [Trouble Locator, Test Desk tel. tel. ]
  • Replace or regulates repeaters, relays, switches and other equipment, using handtools
  • Communicate with other telegraph offices by teletypewriter equipment concerning operational problems
  • May be designated according to equipment tested and adjusted as Telegraph-Repeater Technician tel. tel. .

Cable Dispatcher Career Duties

  • Establish and reroutes telegraph submarine cable circuits to make sure flow of messages
  • Order irregular routing of telegrams to prevent congestion or wire shortage
  • Receive reports of delays in transmission of messages and issues orders to facilitate transmission
  • Direct flow of messages during emergencies, like storms, floods, and fires.

Cable Engineer Outside Plant Career Duties

  • Plan, directs, and coordinates activities concerned with laying repairing submarine telecommunication cables
  • Devise plans for laying cable lines, taking into consideration ocean currents ocean depths
  • Determine where & how cables should be laid decides such matters as where to place buoys, where to cut cable, what grapnel to use, what length of rope to use for a given depth, what type of cable to use and what route to follow
  • Keep charts and records to show depth location of all cables laid
  • Analyze test figures made when cable fault occurs to determine exact location of cable break
  • Oversee work of locating repairing damaged cables.

Cable Tester Career Duties

  • Test insulated wires in aerial, underground, or submarine multiple-conductor cables to define continuity, insulation, and correctness of cable loading, using standard testing procedures impedance, resistance, and frequency oscillating meters
  • Listen for sound of escaping insulating gas from hole in cable sheathing to locate defects in cable
  • Determine continuity, insulation, capacity imbalance and cable loading, using meters, like capacity resistance bridges
  • Prepare report identifying location cause of malfunctions
  • May drive motor vehicle along route of cable, climb poles, and ride in cable car from pole to pole on cable strand to perform tests
  • May direct Cable Splicer construction, tel. tel., utilities in correction of malfunction.

Central office Equipment Engineer Career Duties

  • Direct implementation of planning schedule for installation of central office toll or local switching facilities, or interoffice transmission facilities equipment, like radio, TV, camera, repeaters
  • Review planning schedule or equipment request data on projected traffic to determine quantities of specific types of equipment required
  • Plan arrangement of equipment, prepares cost estimates for equipment installation and submits data to management for authorization approval
  • Prepare drawings equipment specifications for installation
  • Monitor installation activities to solve any problems concerning arrangement or specifications
  • Assign equipment installation expenditures to specific program or project accounts
  • Close out installation authorization when equipment has been tested put in service.

Central Office Facilities Planning Engineer Career Duties

  • Conduct studies to develop data required for planning central office switching facilities, and prepares plans and schedules for acquisition and installation of equipment to meet long term current relief requirements
  • Conduct studies to accumulate information on current services, equipment capacities, current traffic data and estimated acquisition installation costs
  • Analyze data & forecasts on subscriber demands projected traffic for defining type, size and quantity of switching equipment required
  • Plan and schedules equipment acquisition, and installation, considering such factors as availability, current future costs, and other economic projections
  • Review implementation schedules on continuing basis to make sure switching facilities have capacity within objective limits for subscriber demands
  • Prepare modifications on implementation schedules for acquisition installation of switching equipment due to unforeseen increase or decrease of demands for services.

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