List of Career Duties Under Smelting And Refining Business Sector


Alumina plant Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in extracting alumina from bauxite
  • Calculate feed rates of raw materials, using formulas chemical analysis reports
  • Inspect machines equipment
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Amalgamator Career Duties

  • Tend equipment that separates gold or silver from ground ore by mercury amalgamation process, using either of following methods
  • 1 Turns valves or opens gates to regulate flow of ore water over mercury-coated plates
  • Adjust angle of plates to facilitate collection of amalgam
  • Scrape accumulated amalgam from plates coats plates with mercury
  • 2 Turns valves or opens gates to charge ground ore mercury into rotating-type barrels or agitating-type tanks
  • Start equipment observes accumulation of amalgam
  • Discharge or drains barrel or tank to recover gold or silver amalgam.

Anode crew Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in rebuilding and repairing anodes cathodes of aluminum-reduction pots
  • Train workers in operation of machines equipment
  • Observe machine gauges to verify conformance to specifications
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title
  • May supervise workers engaged in adjusting and maintaining electrolytic magnesium refining cells and be designated Supervisor, Cell Maintenance smelt. refin. .

Anode Rebuilder Career Duties

  • Rebuild anodes of aluminum-reduction furnace, performing any combination of following duties
  • Remove straps flexible connectors from bottom channel irons bolts them onto next level, using wrench
  • Grind connector shoes with emery wheel
  • Pull pins from anode with hydraulic puller cleans scale from pins, using sandblast equipment
  • Replace studs pins , using stud driver
  • Remove bottom set of channel irons, prior to lowering electrode, and installs new irons on top of pot for rebuilding anode, using jacks, hydraulic squeezer, and wrench
  • May be designated according to work performed as Channel Rebuilder smelt. and refin. , Pin Puller smelt. and refin. , Strap Setter smelt. and refin. , Stud Driver smelt. refin. .

Assembly Cleaner Career Duties

  • Remove pot crust carbon from spent anode assemblies, and cast-iron thimbles from contact rods, using crushing press, handtools, and power tools
  • Secure anode assembly to vibrating table, using hydraulic shaft clamps
  • Depress pedal to activate vibration that shakes loose pot crust cryolite and breaks crust remaining on anode, using airhammer
  • Sort scrap aluminum from crust, and throws scrap in barrel
  • Remove anode assembly from table
  • Push pot crust from table into hopper of automatic crusher to prepare crust for reuse
  • Observe machine clears jams in hopper
  • Break carbon or pot crust from contact rods, using hammer or airhammer
  • Observe automatic thimble press that crushes cracks cast-iron thimble formed around rod, and stops machine when malfunction occurs
  • Examine assemblies on conveyor to detect damaged rods, and removes assemblies that need repair
  • Remove cast iron reclaimed from rods for transfer to reduction furnace for remelting
  • May be designated according to operation performed as Anode-Assembly Cleaner smelt. and refin. Ii, Thimble-Press Operator smelt. refin. .

Blanket Washer Career Duties

  • Clean flannel blankets over which mixture of finely ground gold ore cyanide solution from grinding mills is passed to collect free particles of gold not dissolved by cyanide
  • Collect blankets from frames at outflow point of mills
  • Wash blankets in pans of weak cyanide solution to dislodge gold particles so they may be collected in amalgamation process
  • Replace blankets on frames after washing.

Bottom precipitator Operator Career Duties

  • Empty slurry from precipitator tanks as directed by Top-Precipitator Operator smelt. refin.
  • Start stops pumps to transfer slurry to thickener tanks
  • Adjust valves to control rate of discharge of slurry to maintain required level of mixture in equalizer tanks
  • Remove barrel flanges, using handtools
  • Clean precipitator barrels and screen boxes, using hose cleanup tools
  • Clean airline of precipitator tank, using metal rod
  • Lubricate valves adjusts packing glands to prevent leaks.

Calcination Helper Career Duties

  • Assist Kiln Operator smelt. refin. in calcining hydrated alumina in rotary kilns
  • Move controls to direct flow of alumina through standby equipment
  • Lubricate valves with grease guns
  • Adjust packing glands to prevent leaks, using handtools
  • Clean coolers, using air lance
  • Observe flow of alumina through kilns, inspects equipment, and reports defects or malfunctions to Kiln Operator smelt. refin.
  • Take sample of alumina in bucket for laboratory analysis
  • Record weights of alumina stored
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Carbon Blocks Press Operator Career Duties

  • Operate press that forms carbon paste into anodes used in metal-reduction pots
  • Push panel buttons to activate hopper, chain conveyor, cooling chamber belt and power rolls
  • Turn valve to regulate flow of water to carbon cooling chamber
  • Observe signal light on hopper which indicates hopper is filled paste is discharged into mold
  • Start mechanical vibrator to pack mix in mold
  • Move levers to synchronize rotation of index table with dropping of ram to press mix into blocks
  • Adjust ram stroke to press carbon block to specified size, using wrench
  • Stop press when warning light indicates malfunction or when mold is overheated
  • Remove rejects from conveyor, using pneumatic ram.

Carbon furnace Operator Career Duties

  • Operate pit furnace to bake carbon-block anodes electrodes to remove volatile matter increase electrical conductivity
  • Light burner and adjusts fuel water valves, manifold damper and head covers to regulate temperature in furnace
  • Observe gauges & records water fuel pressures
  • Measure flue pit temperatures, using optical pyrometer
  • Inspect maintains pumps, motors, fans, gas scrubber system, and pipelines
  • Signal Carbon-Furnace-Operator Helper smelt. refin. to prepare alternate pits for furnace changeover to maintain baking schedule.

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