List of Career Duties Under Sawmill And Planing Mill Business Sector


Supervisor Sawmill Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in shaping logs or wood to form rough lumber, shingles, cooperage stock, lathes, and veneer stock
  • Read work orders to define type product to be produced production schedule
  • Instruct workers on machine setup to meet production requirements
  • Inspect material during and after processing to define that dimensions grade meet specifications
  • Direct workers to adjust machine setup or processing procedure to correct defects
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title
  • May inspect, grade, scale, and tally incoming lumber verify invoices
  • May compute wood requirements needed to meet production demands
  • May supervise coordinate activities of workers engaged in removing bark from logs prior to processing.

Supervisor Wood crew Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in culling, cutting, and loading wood on cars or trucks to be sold for fuel or used at sawmill
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Tie Inspector Career Duties

  • Inspect railroad ties for defects checks measurement of ties, using tape measure
  • Examine tie for defects, like knots, square or round ends, or rot
  • Measure width of tie, using tape measure
  • Classify tie according to width kind of wood.

Timber sizer Operator Career Duties

  • Operate planing machine to surface planks and timbers reduce stock to specified dimensions
  • Install cutting heads on machine drive spindles and adjusts blade exposure according to specified depth of cut, using wrenches gauges
  • Adjust feed roll tension positions fences that guide stock between cutterheads
  • Start machine, exhaust blower, and conveyors, and slides timber against guide to align timber on feed rolls
  • Verify dimensions of sized stock, using gauge or rule.

Tipple Operator Career Duties

  • Operate tipple chain conveyor to move presorted lumber from holding racks to stacking platform
  • Move control buttons to align tipple with holding racks which hold lumber requested
  • Pull levers to release stops at ends of holding racks, allowing lumber to move down to tipple conveyor chain which transfers lumber to stacking platform
  • Straighten lumber as it moves on conveyor to prevent jams.

Transfer Controller Career Duties

  • Operate conveyor system in sawmill to route lumber, cants, and timber to processing operations according to size, grade, and specie, or type of processing required
  • Raise and lowers cross chains by moving levers pedals to shift boards, timbers, or cants from one set of conveyor rolls to another or from rolls to platform
  • Raise stop blocks to stop lumber at specified points along rolls
  • Stop reverses conveyors to re-route cants for further processing
  • May operate electric hoist to move cants to stockpile
  • May operate cut-off saw to cut cants to specified lengths.

Trim Sawyer Career Duties

  • Operate saws to cut lumber according to customers order or plant production specifications
  • Select lumber of kind grade specified on work order
  • Measure & marks lumber according to specifications, using rule square
  • Cuts lumber to specified length width, using crosscut saws [Cut-Off-Saw Operator woodworking I], ripsaws [Ripsaw Operator woodworking ], or multiple-purpose saws [Variety-Saw Operator woodworking ].

Utility Operator Career Duties

  • Operate and controls barkers, saws, edgers, planers, trimmers, and chippers in sawmill to relieve other operators during rest meal periods, emergencies, and vacations
  • Receive assignment to operate specific machine from Supervisor, Sawmill saw. plan. 669.130-026
  • Move levers, turns handwheels, depresses pedals and pushes console buttons to activate machines & to observe, rotate and move logs and boards on conveyors adjustable tables to shape boards for optimum market value
  • Change cutting blades, adjusts machines, and clears machine jams, using handtools
  • Lubricate cleans machine parts.

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