List of Career Duties Under Sawmill And Planing Mill Business Sector


Shredding machine Tender Career Duties

  • Tend one or more machines that shred woodstock into excelsior
  • Press pedal to open feed rollers position woodstock
  • Start machine that automatically feeds stock to cutters
  • Stop machine turns woodstock to expose all surfaces to cutters to obtain maximum amount of excelsior from each log.

Sorter Operator Career Duties

  • Tend sorting mechanism grades green lumber as lumber passes on conveyor to designated racks
  • Determine length thickness of board by comparing board with gauged marks on machine table
  • Lift end of board feels wood to estimate moisture content
  • Route board to appropriate holding rack by pressing specified button on control panel
  • May grade and route veneer to designated bin be designated Veneer Sorter millwork-plywood .

Splitter Tender Career Duties

  • Tend steam or hydraulically powered chisel that splits wooden blocks into bolts used for making shingles or shakes
  • Position block on machine table turns block for splitting, according to grain pattern, knots and defective sections of block
  • Move lever or pedal to raise block against cutter knife or drop chisel on block
  • Place split blocks or bolts on conveyor.

Stacker and sorter Operator Career Duties

  • Operate machines to sort stack lumber
  • Activate conveyor chain that positions lumber stack over hoist
  • Move controls to lift hoist slide single layers of lumber onto chains of sorting machine where boards drop into storage pockets according to length
  • Start chain conveyor in bottom of pocket to transfer lumber onto powered rollers for machine stacking preparatory to kiln drying or shipping
  • Record number of pieces removed from storage, using mechanical hand counter.

Stave bolt Equalizer Career Duties

  • Operate equalizer saw to saw barrel-stave bolts into specified lengths with square ends
  • Adjust distance between saws
  • Lays bolt on carriage of equalizer starts saws
  • Push carriage between saws to trim square ends of bolts
  • Withdraw carriage removes bolts.

Stave log cut off Saw Operator Career Duties

  • Operate power saw to cut logs into specified barrel-stave lengths
  • Roll log on conveyor or table of saw, using cant hook
  • Start conveyor which moves log into position or pushes log along table
  • Start saw lowers saw against or pulls saw through log for each cut to saw log to specified lengths.

Stave log ripsaw Operator Career Duties

  • Tend power saw that rips logs of specified length into halves or quarters for barrel-stave cutting
  • Place log, or halved log, on saw carriage or lifts log to saw table and starts saw
  • Shift lever moving carriage toward saw or pushes log along table to feed log into saw rip log in half
  • Move carriage away from saw removes sawed pieces.

Stave planer Tender Career Duties

  • Feed machine that smooths concave convex surfaces of barrel or keg staves
  • Insert staves between feed rollers that carry staves between rotating cutters of machine.

Sticker Career Duties

  • Pull reclaimed stickers from conveyors or portable bins places them in racks of stacking machine
  • Move levers on panel to open or lock racks according to number spacing of stickers required between lumber courses, or places stickers between lumber courses manually.

Stock saw Operator Career Duties

  • Operate saws to cut lumber according to customers order or plant production specifications
  • Select lumber of kind grade specified on work order
  • Measure & marks lumber according to specifications, using rule square
  • Cuts lumber to specified length width, using crosscut saws [Cut-Off-Saw Operator woodworking I], ripsaws [Ripsaw Operator woodworking ], or multiple-purpose saws [Variety-Saw Operator woodworking ].

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