List of Career Duties Under Sawmill And Planing Mill Business Sector


Gang Sawyer Career Duties

  • Operate gangsaw or sash-gangsaw to cut lumber from cants
  • Move hand and foot levers to shift cants from chain conveyor table to live rolls align cants with saws
  • Start machine & turns handwheels to adjust feed and tension rollers speed of machine
  • May adjust saws to vary width of cuts, using handtools
  • May be designated according to type of saw operated as Circular-Gang-Saw Operator saw. and plan. , Sash-Gang-Saw Operator saw. plan. .

Head Packager Career Duties

  • Operate double-end trimming machine to saw simultaneously several pieces of lumber to identical lengths
  • Sets movable saw at specified distance from stationary saw
  • Stack lumber in machine butts ends of lumber against guide block
  • Move lever to clamp lumber in machine
  • Start saws that cut off ends of lumber
  • Place sawed lumber on conveyor.

Head Sawyer Career Duties

  • Operate head saw feed carriage to saw logs into cants or boards
  • Start mechanical loader arms that place log on carriage
  • Sets dogs adjusts carriage blocks to align log for sawing
  • Activate carriage that moves log against saw blade
  • Observe exposed face of log after first cut to define grade and size of next cut adjusts setting of carriage blocks
  • Start mechanical log turner that turns log over on carriage for subsequent cuts
  • May be designated according to type of saw operated as Band-Head-Saw Operator saw. and plan. , Circular-Head-Saw Operator saw. plan. .

Heading saw Operator Career Duties

  • Operate heading saw to cut pieces of heading material from heading bolts
  • Loosen nut adjusts guides to thickness of heading material
  • Stand bolt on end in swing carriage of machine
  • Move bolt against guides clamps bolt with tooth-edged clamp
  • Start saw pushes swing toward saw to cut strips of heading material from bolt
  • Withdraw swing, removes heading strip, and repeats cuts until bolt is completely sawed.

Jump roll Operator Career Duties

  • Operate conveyor system in sawmill to route lumber, cants, and timber to processing operations according to size, grade, and specie, or type of processing required
  • Raise and lowers cross chains by moving levers pedals to shift boards, timbers, or cants from one set of conveyor rolls to another or from rolls to platform
  • Raise stop blocks to stop lumber at specified points along rolls
  • Stop reverses conveyors to re-route cants for further processing
  • May operate electric hoist to move cants to stockpile
  • May operate cut-off saw to cut cants to specified lengths.

Knee Bolter Career Duties

  • Tend circular saw that cuts slabs, edgings, and short logs into pieces suitable for making sawmill byproducts, like shingles, shakes laths, or for fuel
  • Start conveyor that moves slab, edging, or short log into cutting position against end stop
  • Start saw moves saw to cut pieces according to requirements
  • May set dogs or wedges to hold slab, ending, or short log in place
  • May be designated Cut-Off Sawyer, Shingle Mill saw. plan. when cutting pieces used for making shingles
  • May be designated Scrap Sawyer saw. plan. when cutting scrap lumber for use as fuel.

Laborer Sawmill Career Duties

  • Straighten lumber on conveyor to align lumber for grading, sawing, edging, trimming, sorting, stacking, or for transfer to other conveyors
  • Clear jammed material, using picaroon to permit normal flow of lumber along conveyor
  • Clean work area, using broom shovel
  • May pile lumber on trucks or pallets
  • May tend automatic conveyor sorting machine that sorts lumber for further processing
  • May be designated according to process involved as Cross-Tie Turner wood prod., nec , Sorter-Lumber Straightener saw. and plan. , Stacker-Straightener saw. and plan. , Trimmer Loader saw. and plan. , Trimmer Tailer saw. plan. .

Log cut off Sawyer Automatic Career Duties

  • Operate panelboard of circular saw and conveyor system to saw logs to specified lengths to move cut logs to other stations for further processing
  • Start conveyor belt that transfers log to feed conveyor
  • Observe log for defining number of usable lengths to be cut and presses button on panelboard to lower saw that trims squares log ends
  • Cuts log to specified lengths by registering length specification on control panel of machine that automatically measures log lowers saw to cut log when log reaches selected position
  • Control discharge conveyor to transfer log to Head Sawyer saw. and plan. 667.662-010 or Gang Sawyer saw. and plan. 667.682-030 according to size texture of log.

Log deck Tender Career Duties

  • Tend chain conveyor that hauls logs up chute from pond to saw or barker deck
  • May activate kicker arms that push log conveyor to deck.

Log Handler Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following tasks to transfer logs peeler blocks logs cut to lathe length from pond, trucks, or conveyor to log deck, barken deck, or lathe deck
  • Roll logs from trucks or conveyor to deck, using peavy, or transfers peeler blocks from pond to barken deck, using electric hoist conveyor
  • Arrange logs on deck for feeding logs to saws or positions blocks at lathe or barken deck, using conveyor
  • Mark center of blocks for lathe chucks, using scale
  • May attach hoist hooks to blocks position block between lathe chucks
  • May move levers to activate mechanism that kicks logs from conveyor to deck
  • May use ax or pick to remove undesirable material from bark, like stones or nails.

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