List of Career Duties Under Rubber Tire Business Sector


Tire Sorter Career Duties

  • Sort cured and uncured tires according to size type as indicated by identification number on tire
  • Compare number on tire numbers on pallets, conveyors, hand or rock trucks leading to further processing, like curing, finishing, buffing, or testing and places tire on conveyance
  • Sort uncured tires places them on saddles storage racks prior to automatic curing.

Tire Spotter Career Duties

  • Inspect cured tires for conformance to balance specifications
  • Lift tire onto balance table manually or with hoist
  • Pull lever to spread holding fixture that secures tire in position
  • Release lock that permits balance table to float freely on mounting bubble gauge to function
  • Observe bubble gauge to define if tire balance is within specified limits
  • Mark tire where gauge indicates lightest area, for location of inner-tube valve
  • Lays aside unacceptable tires lifts acceptable tires onto conveyor
  • May affix identification labels on acceptable tires.

Tire Technician Career Duties

  • Test experimental sample production tires to define strength, wearability, and cause of failure
  • Inflate tire on test machine and adjusts controls to simulate road conditions, like speed, weight-mileage check and roadbed
  • Operate test equipment, like autographic load-deflection recording mechanism, deflection machine, dead-load pressure gauge checking machine and deflection-variation measurement machine, to evaluate tire uniformity, quality and durability
  • Maintain periodic follow up on test until tire fails or has run for specified time
  • Cuts cross section from test tires, new experimental tires, or actual road tested tires with power saw
  • Count bead wires plies in cross section, verifies angle of plies with protractor, and measures specified areas on tire to ascertain effects of testing
  • Record test results prepares graphs to compare test results.

Tire Trimmer Hand Career Duties

  • Trim excess rubber formed on solid or pneumatic tires during curing process, using knives
  • Lift tire onto turntable or machine-driven rollers, or works on overhead or roller conveyors
  • Trim excess rubber from tread, sidewall and inside diameter of tires as tire is rotated manually or mechanically
  • Lift tire from table or pulls lever to remove it from rollers
  • May buff tires to remove defects and foreign matter impart smooth finish, using power buffing wheel
  • May remove burrs marks from rim band of solid tires, using power hand grinder or wire brush
  • May paint rim bands of solid tires with rust inhibiting coating
  • May be designated Solid-Tire Finisher rubber tire .

Tube Balancer Career Duties

  • Test tubes for airplane tires to make sure conformance to balance specifications glues patch to tube to equalize weight
  • Inflate tube with airhose and fits it over hub of gravity balance wheel to locate heavy area
  • Determine overweight selects balance patch to equalize weight
  • Hand buffs brushes cement on area to which patch is applied
  • Bond patch to area, using hand roller.

Tube Builder Airplane Career Duties

  • Cuts cements rubber stock to build airplane tire tubes
  • Place templates on calendered gum stock, traces patterns and cuts stock with scissors, holding edges at angle to obtain beveled cut
  • Wash edges with solvent brushes on cement
  • Join stock together to form tube by lapping bonding edges with hand roller
  • Mark valve location with template inserts valve in tube.

Tube Repairer Career Duties

  • Repair defects in cured tubes
  • Cuts out defective areas, like buckles, cracks and thin spots, with scissors
  • Buff cut edge, washes with solvent and brushes cement on area to be repaired
  • Apply uncured gum patch bonds with hand roller
  • Remove defective valves, washes area, and applies new valve
  • Spot-cures repairs on automatic or manually operated air-ram press hot plate
  • Buff repaired areas to smooth finish with hand buffing machine.

Tube Splicer Career Duties

  • Tend machine that splices uncured rubber to form inner tubes for tire
  • Position ends of tube in machine starts machine that butt-splices tube
  • Lift tube to hook places cylinders under fold at each end to prevent creasing of rubber
  • May cut tube to specified length with hot knife prior to splicing
  • May punch hole at valve location secure valve to tube with valve-press machine.

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