List of Career Duties Under Rubber Tire Business Sector


Curing press Operator Career Duties

  • Feed off bears machines that cure vulcanize tires, performing any of following duties
  • Remove foreign matter from molds, using airhose and sprays molds with dope solution to prevent tire from sticking
  • Lift tires from saddle trucks to position them in molds
  • Push switch to inflate air bag to expand tire into closing mold
  • Lift cured tires from mold at end of cycle places tires on inflating unit to preserve tire shape during cooling period
  • Lift tires from inflating unit at end of cooling cycle loads them onto overhead conveyor.

Final Inspector Career Duties

  • Inspect cured tires to make sure conformance to standards
  • Lift tire manually or with hoist onto turntable
  • Revolve table to inspect for sidewall cracks, foreign material and blisters
  • Feel beads to detect kinks feels inner surface of tire to detect spread cords, ply separations, or buckles
  • May trim toe of bead mold overflow with knife [Tire Trimmer, Hand rubber tire 750.684-034]
  • Mark defects and sorts tires for removal to balance label, repair, or classification sections
  • May use fluoroscope or camera to detect flaws in tires
  • May be designated according to type of tire inspected as Passenger-Tire Inspector rubber tire , Truck-Tire Inspector rubber tire .

Force variation Equipment Tender Career Duties

  • Tend battery of machines that test or grind tires for conformance to radial balance specifications
  • Lift positions tires in machine
  • Start machine that inflates tires activates sensory roller rotating against tire
  • Observe panel indicators to define tires meeting specifications
  • Place defective tires on conveyor leading to automatic machine that locates grinds excess rubber from tires
  • Drop defective tires in scrap truck stacks balanced tires on shipping pallet.

Green tire Inspector Career Duties

  • Measure tread width and sidewall dimensions with ruler gauge
  • Weigh tires for conformance to specified tolerance and keeps weight records on all tires
  • Verify thickness of liner ply stock to be used in tire fabrication, using dial thickness gauge
  • Stamp approved tires, and marks rejected tires.

Hand Tire Trimmer Career Duties

  • Trim excess rubber formed on solid or pneumatic tires during curing process, using knives
  • Lift tire onto turntable or machine-driven rollers, or works on overhead or roller conveyors
  • Trim excess rubber from tread, sidewall and inside diameter of tires as tire is rotated manually or mechanically
  • Lift tire from table or pulls lever to remove it from rollers
  • May buff tires to remove defects and foreign matter impart smooth finish, using power buffing wheel
  • May remove burrs marks from rim band of solid tires, using power hand grinder or wire brush
  • May paint rim bands of solid tires with rust inhibiting coating
  • May be designated Solid-Tire Finisher rubber tire .

Inner tube Inserter Career Duties

  • Install inner tubes flaps in tires preparatory to shipping
  • Position tire under hydraulic spreader clamps
  • Push switch to activate clamps that spread sidewall of tire
  • Insert inner tube in tire with valve located at point marked by Tire Balancer rubber tire
  • Inflate inner tube, using airhose
  • Insert flap over inner tube to prevent damage.

Mold Stamper And Repairer Career Duties

  • Repair and refinishes tire molds and changes lettering plates bead rings
  • Repair nicks, dents and holes in molds, using ball peen hammer, hand drill, chisels, metal plugs and acetylene torch
  • Refinish repaired area or complete mold with hand-buffing machine steel wool
  • Change bead rings and nameplates showing size ply to correspond with tires scheduled to be cured, using wrenches
  • Clean maintains inventory of plates, bead rings, and molds
  • Position molds in area, using hoist
  • May add metal to, or remove metal from, plates, rings, and molds, using welding equipment files
  • May fill in mold lettering with liquid metal or plugs, buff to smooth finish, and restamp [Mold Stamper machine shop ].

Ply Cutter Career Duties

  • Operate machine to cut rubberized calendered fabric on bias for use as plies or other components in tire construction
  • Turn thumbscrew or setscrew to adjust measuring arm, protractor and liner roll to feed and cut fabric according to specified width angle of bias
  • Pull fabric from roll mounted on letoff rack, inserts through liner roll and positions under knife on bias-machine table
  • Start machine and adjusts speed of feed cutting action
  • Start conveyor that carries material to Splicer rubber tire
  • Measure plies to verify width and angle, using ruler protractor
  • May be designated according to purpose of fabric cut as Band-Bias-Machine Operator rubber tire , or type of machine as Bias-Cutting-Machine Operator, Vertical rubber tire .

Pocket Builder Career Duties

  • Build bands for use in manufacturing truck tires
  • Position ply stock on drum aligns stock with sides of drum
  • Depress pedal to rotate drum while guiding ply onto drum to form band
  • Swab wrinkles with benzol smooths by hand
  • Splice ends of plies by pressing with fingers
  • Repeat operation, reversing angle of splice until specified number of plies are formed into band
  • Depress pedal or pulls lever to move rollers against band rotate drum to bond plies
  • Push pedal to collapse drum pulls band from drum.

Quality control Inspector Career Duties

  • Inspect completed rubber products or products in process for conformance to specifications
  • Inspect products for such items as width, weight, length and markings, using ruler, thickness hardness gauge, protractor and book of specifications
  • Verify temperatures pressures on machine recording instruments
  • Tags substandard products discusses defects with department supervisors to correct them
  • Write report on all substandard products
  • May inspect storage area to make sure specified racking of rubber goods
  • May inspect mixing machine to make sure that it is functioning according to specifications.

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