List of Career Duties Under Rubber Tire Business Sector


Air bag Curer Career Duties

  • Tend steam-heated press that molds cures air bags used in automatic tire curing presses
  • Weigh slugs of rubber to obtain specified charge
  • Position bag core in mold, using hoist
  • Place charge in mold cavity and presses switch to close press start curing cycle
  • Lift core from mold when curing cycle is completed
  • Push lever to lower hydraulic clamp on core pulls air bag free, using hoist
  • Count tallies cured air bags
  • May set automatic timer for specified curing cycle.

Airplane Tube Builder Career Duties

  • Cuts cements rubber stock to build airplane tire tubes
  • Place templates on calendered gum stock, traces patterns and cuts stock with scissors, holding edges at angle to obtain beveled cut
  • Wash edges with solvent brushes on cement
  • Join stock together to form tube by lapping bonding edges with hand roller
  • Mark valve location with template inserts valve in tube.

Automobile Tire Builder Career Duties

  • Build pneumatic tires on collapsible drum device from rubber components, like beads, ply stock, tread, and sidewalls
  • Position ply stitcher rollers and drum according to width of stock, using handtools gauges
  • Rubs cement stick on drum edge to provide adhesive surface for plies
  • Pull ply from supply rack aligns with edge of drum
  • Depress pedal to rotate drum, winds specified number of plies around drum to form tire body
  • Cuts ply at splice point presses ends together to form continuous band
  • Brush solvent onto ply to make sure adhesion repeats process as specified, alternating direction of each ply to strengthen tire
  • Push switch to move bead setters that press prefabricated beads onto plies and to position rollers that turn edges of plies under over beads
  • Wind chafers breaker onto plies
  • Align tread with guide, Starts drum to wind tread onto plies, and splices ends
  • Start rollers that bond tread plies as drum revolves
  • Depress pedal to collapse drum lifts tire onto conveyor
  • May turn ends of plies under over beads with steel rod
  • May build heavy-service or limited production tires for aircraft, trucks, or equipment be designated Tire Builder, Heavy Service rubber tire .

Band Builder Career Duties

  • Build bands for use in manufacturing truck tires
  • Position ply stock on drum aligns stock with sides of drum
  • Depress pedal to rotate drum while guiding ply onto drum to form band
  • Swab wrinkles with benzol smooths by hand
  • Splice ends of plies by pressing with fingers
  • Repeat operation, reversing angle of splice until specified number of plies are formed into band
  • Depress pedal or pulls lever to move rollers against band rotate drum to bond plies
  • Push pedal to collapse drum pulls band from drum.

Bead Builder Career Duties

  • Wrap rubberized tape around coiled rubber coated wire to reinforce tire bead
  • Position bead on machine guide wheels sets roller clamps to hold bead
  • Apply end of stock bead-wrap fabric, gum-filler strip, or bead-flipper fabric to bead
  • Start machine guides stock from roll onto bead as it rotates
  • Cuts stock with scissors presses loose ends onto bead with fingers
  • Release clamps lifts bead to rack
  • Tags and ties specified quantity type of bead into bundles
  • May be designated according to stock applied as Bead Filler rubber tire , Bead Flipper rubber tire , Bead Wrapper rubber tire .

Bead forming machine Operator Career Duties

  • Sets up operates machine to coat strands of steel wire with rubber to form beads for use in making pneumatic tires
  • Install bead-forming wheel, dies and baffles and turns setscrews to adjust guides, spring tension, bead cutter arm and bead forming wheel cycle according to specifications, using wrenches screwdriver
  • Thread specified number of wires from spools through tuber die for rubber coating into machine for forming into bead layers
  • Start machine to feed wire through die onto forming wheel
  • Cuts wire to remove bead layer from forming wheel when cycle is complete
  • Tape cut end to hold bead together for wrapping or places bead in wrapping machine.

Bias machine Operator Career Duties

  • Operate machine to cut rubberized calendered fabric on bias for use as plies or other components in tire construction
  • Turn thumbscrew or setscrew to adjust measuring arm, protractor and liner roll to feed and cut fabric according to specified width angle of bias
  • Pull fabric from roll mounted on letoff rack, inserts through liner roll and positions under knife on bias-machine table
  • Start machine and adjusts speed of feed cutting action
  • Start conveyor that carries material to Splicer rubber tire
  • Measure plies to verify width and angle, using ruler protractor
  • May be designated according to purpose of fabric cut as Band-Bias-Machine Operator rubber tire , or type of machine as Bias-Cutting-Machine Operator, Vertical rubber tire .

Bias machine operator Helper Career Duties

  • Perform following duties in cutting rubberized fabric for tire ply layer , bead wrapper, and chafer stock
  • Convey fabric liner rolls to machine area, using handtruck or forklift truck
  • Position rolls in letoff rack windup racks, using hoist
  • Thread fabric over guide rolls
  • Tags filled rolls according to type of stock
  • May lift cut plies from bias cutter arm to ply splice table
  • May splice plies by hand for Band Builder rubber tire .

Curing Finisher Career Duties

  • Tend retreading mold that vulcanizes camelback raw rubber tread onto tire casing molds tread design
  • Place air bag of specified size inside tire, using tire-spreading device and clamps tire into mold
  • Inflate air bag to specified pressure & heats mold to specified temperature to cook mold tread
  • Remove tire after predetermined time trims loose ends from molded tread, using knife.

Curing press Maintainer Career Duties

  • Maintain tire curing presses in working order
  • Replace defective bladders steam hoses
  • Saws copper or flexible tubing to specified lengths attaches fittings to make steam hose
  • Clean plugged vent holes in molds, using power drill
  • May perform preventive maintenance, like oiling cleaning
  • May be designated according to activity performed as Bladder Changer rubber tire , Mold Changer rubber tire .

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