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Airplane gas tank liner Assembler Career Duties

  • Cuts cements sheets of rubber to make shock absorbers for airplane gas tanks
  • Cuts rubber sheets to specified size, using scissors or roller-cutter
  • Brush rubber cement on sheets presses them together
  • Hang completed sheets on revolving drums that pass through curing oven.

Arch cushion press Operator Career Duties

  • Operate steam-heated conveyor press that molds vulcanizes uncured sponge rubber to form arch cushions for rubber footwear
  • Read work ticket to define number of molds and blanks required for each style size cushion
  • Notify Calender Operator rubber goods, rubber tire of stock thickness & Die Cutter any industry of dies to use amounts of blanks needed
  • Select required number of molds and baskets of blanks supplies them to workers
  • Start conveyor press turns valves to regulate heat of vulcanizing plates
  • Turn handwheel to adjust distance between vulcanizing plates molds, using feeler gauge
  • Direct workers engaged in positioning blanks in mold cavities in removing molded cushions
  • Observe operations and examines finished product for defects, like lumps, pits, and blisters, and to define if mold cavities are filled rubber is completely vulcanized
  • Operate warming mill to prepare stock for calendering from which blanks are cut for use in cushion press.

Arch cushion skiving machine Operator Career Duties

  • Operate machines to cut arch cushions from sponge rubber sheeting for rubber footwear, using either of following methods
  • Select die plate or drum to produce specified size cushions bolts die in feeder slide or locks die in cradle, using wrenches
  • Turn setscrews to adjust distance between hold-down roller, belt knife and plate or drum, verifying clearances, using feeler gauges
  • 1 Pulls plate length of sheeting from roll, cuts material, using knife, and places sheeting on die plate
  • Move lever to open suction valve that draws rubber sheeting into die plate cavities
  • Depress pedal causing sheeting on plate to be carried through belt knife to cut cushions flush with plate surface
  • Return plate to starting position
  • Remove excess stock for scrap or turns over salvable stock for second cut
  • Remove cut out cushion from die cavity throws into storage box
  • 2 Mounts roll of sheeting in cradle, threads around hold-down and guide rollers, over rotary die drum belt knife, and onto takeup reel
  • Start automatic machine to cut cushion from sheeting
  • Position carton under discharge end of conveyor to catch cushions
  • Weigh filled cartons to count number of cushions, using conversion chart, and adds or removes cushions to obtain specified amount.

Assembler crimper Career Duties

  • Join metal couplings to cured rubber hose
  • Attach expansion shaft to air-powered expander device, using handtools
  • Position specified expansion ring on shaft coupling on end of hose
  • Slip hose over expansion shaft and starts expander device that spreads expansion ring locks coupling to hose
  • Cuts hose to specified length before attaching couplings, using miter box knife
  • May bolt coupling hardware to hose, using wrench.

Automatic Outsole Cutter Career Duties

  • Sets up operates machine that automatically cuts outsoles for rubber footwear from slabs of uncured rubber or compressed cork
  • Bolt selected follower template on machine mounts cutting blade in traveler against follower, using handtools
  • Start machine feeds slabs onto conveyor that carries them beneath follower, overlapping ends to form continuous strip
  • Lift scrap rubber web from cutout outsoles and threads it through rollers that automatically strip it from outsoles carry it off by conveyor to scrap truck
  • Calculate from work ticket, number of pairs and books required for each size sole ordered advises Booker rubber goods, rubber tire , to remove cutout outsoles from other end of conveyor belt
  • Observe cut outsoles for ragged edges, indicating dulled blade.

Automatic Vulcanizing Lead Operator Career Duties

  • Operate machine that automatically vulcanizes continuous lengths of rubber hose
  • Pull wire protruding from end of hose bends hose into hook to attach several lengths of hose to provide continuous feed to vulcanizer
  • Move controls of machine to specified settings to regulate temperature, pressure, feed rate and vulcanizing time
  • Lubricate, adjusts, and makes running repairs to machine, using grease gun, welding equipment, and handtools
  • Record hose footage processed vulcanizing time in production log
  • Transfer filled boxes of vulcanized hose to inspection department, using handtruck.

Balloon Design Printer Career Duties

  • Tend cylinder press that prints designs lettering on balloons
  • Roll preinflated balloon against printing plate on revolving cylinder press that prints design
  • Pour ink & solvent in trough of cylinder press adjusts ink flow
  • Clean machine rollers, plates, and troughs with solvent rag when color changes are specified
  • May inflate balloon on air nozzle, align press one or more inked block dies against balloon, deflate balloon, and place balloon in box.

Balloon Dipper Career Duties

  • Dips balloons in vats of dye and soap solutions to color polish them
  • Pour specified dyes into dye box receptacles
  • Immerse dye spreader handled top from which spikes protrude in dye box passes it over tank of running water to form crisscross colored pattern of swirls on water
  • Lift form pan pan of molded balloons from curing oven places it on tank rack with molds immersed in dye water to form varicolored swirling pattern on balloons
  • Transfer pan to draining rack
  • Dips specified form pans in soap solution to impart glossy appearance to balloons places them on conveyor, preparatory to stripping from molds.

Balloon Maker Career Duties

  • Cuts out inflatable rubber figures, like animals and comic characters, for use in parades carnivals
  • Punch hole and inserts air valve in each component member of figure, cements valve in place and cements members together to body of figure, forming inflatable balloon
  • Inflate figure inspects for leaks.

Band machine Operator Career Duties

  • Tend machine that forms rubber strips into tubing used to produce rubberbands
  • Sets and adjusts guides, knives, seam hammer and cement roller on band machine to form cut tubing to specified length
  • Lift positions roll of rubber stripping on letoff rack
  • Pull end of rubber strip from roll, places on conveyor, and threads through machine
  • Start machine observes operation
  • Measure tubing to make sure that specifications are met
  • Dump soapstone into blower unit that dusts tubing to prevent sticking.

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