List of Career Duties Under Retail Trade Business Sector


Advertising Statistical Clerk Career Duties

  • Compile tabulates statistical records showing cost of advertising, volume of advertising as compared with competitors, amount of merchandise sold following advertisements as compared to amount sold without advertising, and other pertinent statistics
  • Operate calculating adding machines to compute data
  • File copies of advertisements.

Alteration Inspector Career Duties

  • Examine altered garments to make sure compliance with standards
  • Remove lint loose threads from garment
  • Examine garment to ascertain that it is pressed, that buttons are sewed on and that alterations have been completed
  • Match suit jacket, pants, or other parts to see that customer receives complete garment
  • May verify cost of alterations with sales check
  • May place garment in protective bag.

Alteration Workroom Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in altering ready-to-wear garments
  • Assign duties to workers according to type of garment alteration to be performed
  • Examine work of subordinates periodically to detect faulty work
  • Perform duties of absent workers assists workers to maintain production when necessary
  • Confer with workers, customers, and other supervisors regarding garment alterations
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Alterations Workroom Clerk Career Duties

  • Schedule distribution of garments received for alterations within alteration workroom of retail store
  • Receive garment from sales floor, checks accuracy of entries on sales slip against garment tag and removes section of tag for record purposes
  • Segregate garments on racks & distributes work according to nature of alteration completion date specified on tag
  • Receive tags from alteration workers upon completion of alterations matches with tags in file
  • Transcribe figures from tag to production record of each worker and computes daily weekly figures, using adding machine
  • Answer telephone calls from customers regarding status of garments being altered complaints about unsatisfactory alterations on completed garments.

Apparel Stock Checker Career Duties

  • Gather counts garments tried on by customers in fitting rooms of retail store
  • Hang garments according to size on display racks and refastens belts, buttons and zippers on garments tried by customers
  • Count number of garments carried in out of dressing rooms to assure no garments are missing
  • May sew on missing loose buttons, hooks, and loops.

Artificial foliage Arranger Career Duties

  • Cuts out, assembles, and installs artificial foliage, like trees, shrubs, and flowers, to achieve aesthetic effects in commercial and industrial locations, using handtools working as member of team
  • Receive instructions from supervisor and reviews work orders to define materials needed, like soil, stones, styrofoam, planters and artificial floral items, to complete customers request
  • Select, cuts and assembles materials to form artificial flowers, trees and shrubs, utilizing experience & knowledge of floral design using clips, wire, glue, colored tape, scissors and wire cutters
  • Load materials into van, and drives van to deliver artificial floral displays to customers premise
  • Arrange displays at customers premise to create natural effect, utilizing ground covers, like gravel, pinebark, and soil, according to effect desired by customer
  • Service arrangements to replace or repair damaged items to rearrange displays as specified by customer
  • Prepare daily reports of materials used in each arrangement to maintain inventory records.

Attendant Self service Store Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following duties to provide customer service in self-service store
  • Aids customers in locating merchandise
  • Answer questions from provides information to customer about merchandise for sale
  • Obtain merchandise from stockroom when merchandise is not on floor
  • Arrange stock on shelves or racks in sales area
  • Direct or escorts customer to fitting or dressing rooms or to cashier
  • Mark or tickets merchandise

Automobile Locator Career Duties

  • Phone other new or used automobile dealers to locate type of automobile desired by customer
  • Prepare papers for transfer of automobile
  • Keep records of automobiles traded.

Automobiles Salesperson Career Duties

  • Sell new or used automobiles, trucks, and vans on premises of vehicle sales establishment
  • Explain features demonstrates operation of car in showroom or on road
  • Suggest optional equipment for customer to purchase
  • Compute quotes sales price, including tax, trade-in allowance, license fee, and discount, and requirements for financing payment of vehicle on credit
  • Perform other duties as described under Salesperson retail trade, wholesale tr. Master Title
  • May be designated Salesperson, New Cars retail trade , Salesperson, Used Cars retail trade .

Bagger Career Duties

  • Bags groceries at grocery store
  • Pack grocery items in sacks or cartons, arranging heavy bulky items at bottom of sack or carton
  • Verify price of grocery item in question against price of items on stock shelf, upon request
  • Carry packed sacks, or places sacks in grocery cart, and pushes cart to customers vehicle, upon request
  • Place groceries into customers vehicle
  • Collect shopping carts from parking lot and surrounding areas returns carts to store
  • Replace cleaning packing supplies used at grocery checkout counter
  • Return grocery items left at checkout counter to specified stock shelves
  • Clean work area and carries empty bottles trash to storeroom
  • May price place grocery articles on shelves
  • May assist in unloading delivery trucks.

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