List of Career Duties Under Recording Business Sector


Center punch Operator Career Duties

  • Tend punch press that punches center holes in phonograph records or stamper
  • Remove stack of records or stampers from conveyor places them on machine holder
  • Position record in slot over punch die of machine or centers disk under punch die, using calibrated microscope starts machine
  • Remove punched record, and simultaneously positions unpunched record in machine or removes places stamper on sanding spindle for further processing
  • Place punched records in trays.

Compound Worker Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following tasks in compound room of phonograph record manufacturing plant
  • Weigh out specified quantities of ingredients, like lampblack, resins plastic materials and dumps them into hopper of mixing machine
  • Pull kneaded compound onto rollers of mixing machine, using hook, as material flows from discharge end of machine
  • Break plastic sheeting into sheets of uniform length as it emerges on conveyor from cooling process, and weighs sheets on skids
  • Remove labels from defective records, using machine, to salvage material for reprocessing
  • Dump delabeled records into machine that grinds material into scrap
  • May be designated according to particular task performed as Breaker Table Worker recording , Grinder recording , Roller Hand recording , Weigher recording .

Label Drier Career Duties

  • Dry phonograph labels in oven for use by record-press section
  • Obtain specified labels from stock spreads them on drying racks of oven
  • Turn dial of automatic timer to start drying cycle
  • Remove dried labels from racks separates labels by title
  • Stack labels on warming plates near record presses, according to production schedule
  • Collect, sorts, and returns unused labels to storage at end of shift.

Labeling machine Operator Career Duties

  • Tend machine that attaches gummed identification labels to phonograph records
  • Place labels on machine spindle turns on heating element in ram of machine
  • Position record on machine bed presses pedal to start labeling mechanism
  • Remove labeled record while simultaneously positioning unlabeled record on machine
  • Repeat operations to label reverse side of record
  • May tend machine that attaches labels punches hole in center of records in same operation.

Magnetic tape Winder Career Duties

  • Tend machines that wind magnetic tape into reels or cassette hubs for use in communication control equipment, instruments, and computers
  • Position tape supply reels or cassette hubs on letoff windup spindles of tape winding machines
  • Loop tape from supply reels through machine guides into blank reels or hubs
  • Turn knob of footage counter devices that automatically cut tape stop machines when specified length of tape has been wound into blank reels or hubs
  • Push switches to start individual machines removes wound reels or hubs when machines stop
  • Scrape detected surface defects from tape with knife
  • Splice tape ends together to form continuous loops in cassettes, using bench splicer
  • Insert filled and blank hubs into cassettes attaches covers
  • Pack reels and cassettes into containers labels containers for shipment.

Matrix bath Attendant Career Duties

  • Maintain electrolytic baths in operating condition for plating phonograph record matrices
  • Draw sample of solution from tanks, using pipette
  • Test strength of solution, using hydrometer and adds specified amounts of metallic salts, acid, or water to solution as needed
  • Examine anodes for specified size for position in baths
  • Activate controls reads meters to test electrical connections for open or short condition.

Matrix Plater Career Duties

  • Electroplate phonograph record matrices to form metal replicas of positive negative recorded surfaces, and to form stamper used in pressing phonograph records
  • Insert silver-coated lacquer disk original recording in rubber masking ring to prevent plating of specified surfaces, like edges of disk
  • Hang disk in tanks containing plating solutions, like nickel copper or inserts disk over centering pin of automatic plating tanks to form negative metal master matrix of disk
  • Observe dials and gauges to make sure solutions electric current flowing through solutions conform to specifications, and adjusts controls as required
  • Remove plated disk from tanks after specified time, removes masking ring, washes and dries disk, and routes disk to finishing department for stripping finishing process by Matrix Worker recording
  • Wash master matrix after finishing process to prevent adhesion during subsequent plating processes
  • Plate master matrix to form mother matrix plates mother to form stamper used on record presses, following prescribed plating procedures
  • May prepare test plating solutions.

Matrix Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in electroplating, stripping, finishing, and inspecting metal phonograph record matrices
  • Requisition processing materials, like chemicals, wiping cloths and polishing compounds
  • Confer with workers representatives to resolve grievances
  • Train workers in processing functions
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Matrix Worker Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following tasks involved in finishing inspecting metal phonograph matrices after electroplating processes
  • Strip separates master, mother and stamper matrices, using handtools, files and knife
  • Hold matrices against sanding belt or grinding wheel of bench grinder to remove burrs
  • Punch center hole in stamper mother matrices, using punch press
  • Fill offcenter holes with solder, using soldering iron or acetylene torch
  • Steam cleans polishes matrices, using brushes, cloths, and polishing compounds
  • Examine stamper matrices for defects, and weighs matrices to make sure conformance to standards, using scale
  • Cuts flares edges of stamper matrices, using press
  • Mark identifying information on master matrices, using scribe.

Mother Repairer Career Duties

  • Repair metal phonograph record mother matrix
  • Examine matrix to locate inspection markings that indicate defects, using microscope or magnifying glass
  • Remove defects, like bubbles, dirt and particles of nickel in sound track grooves, using needles cloths moistened with solvents
  • Wipe surface of matrix with cleaning solvent to remove inspection markings.

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