List of Career Duties Under Radio Tv Broadcasting Business Sector


Account Executive Career Duties

  • Contact prospective customers to sell radio television time or captioning services for broadcasting station, network, or cable television franchise
  • Call on prospects presents outlines of various programs or commercial announcements
  • Discuss current popularity of various types of programs, like news, drama and variety
  • Drive auto vehicle to prospective customers location
  • May arrange for accompany prospect to commercial taping sessions
  • May prepare promotional plans, sales literature, and sales contracts, using computer.

Assignment Editor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of radio or television news gathering staff
  • Maintain contact with outside news agencies, police fire departments and other news sources to obtain information regarding developing news items
  • Determine priority assigns coverage to news units
  • Originate or approves ideas for news features
  • Confer with Director, News radio-tv broad. 184.167-014 department heads to coordinate production activities
  • Read edits news copy to make sure that slanderous, libelous, and profane statements are avoided or deleted
  • Prepare rundown of news stories assignment sheets, using computer
  • Communicate with reporters on assignments, using two-way radio
  • May direct or participate in writing editing activities.

Associate Director Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following or similar duties as directed by Director, Program radio-tv broad. 184.167-030 or Producer radio-tv broad. 159.117-010 in rehearsal broadcast of television programs
  • Distribute copies of script arranges for rehearsal quarters
  • Prepare distributes rehearsal call sheets
  • Lays out acting areas on stage floor, using tape following floor plan
  • Time scenes during rehearsal calculates overall program timing
  • Contact guest members of cast to verify that makeup has been applied
  • Verify that specified films, slides, titles cards, and similar items are ready for broadcast
  • Direct personnel in rehearsal and broadcast of sign-ons sign-offs, station breaks, film feature programs, and other programs composed of non-live video elements
  • Notify various departments of changes in daily operation schedules
  • Oversee distribution of studio equipment, like scenery, cameras, and microphones
  • Transmit instructions received over telephone headset to performers others on set, orally or using body gestures
  • Prepare report of daily on-air activities
  • May direct production of sound effects
  • May prepare rehearsal call sheets, reports, daily on-air activity report, memos, or scripts, using computer.

Associate Producer Career Duties

  • Plan coordinates various aspects of radio, television, or cable television programs
  • Interview and selects Screen Writers motion picture, radio-tv broad. 131.067-050 cast principals from staff members or outside talent
  • Outline program to be produced to Screen Writers motion picture, radio-tv broad. evaluates finished script
  • Compose or edits program script to meet management or other requirements, using typewriter or computer terminal
  • Coordinate various aspects of production, like audio work, scenes, music, timing, camera work, and script writing
  • Give instructions to staff to schedule broadcast and to develop coordinate details to obtain desired production
  • Review production to make sure objectives are attained
  • View taped program to select scenes to be used for promotional purposes, using video equipment
  • Listen to audio tape recording to verify program, script, or sound effects conform to broadcast standards, using audio equipment
  • May obtain costumes, props, music, or other equipment or personnel to complete production
  • May represent television network, acting as liaison to independent producer of television series produced for network broadcast
  • May review budget expenditures for programs or commercial productions for conformance to budgetary restrictions
  • May coordinate production details to produce live television programs from locations distant from station
  • May be designated according to level of responsibility by type of show produced as Executive Producer radio-tv broad. , or by type of media as Radio Producer radio-tv broad. , Television Producer radio-tv broad. .

Broadcast Checker Career Duties

  • Monitor radio and television programs to detect contract violations with advertisers and program producers and violations of Federal Communications Commission Fcc regulations & to detect audio video irregularities
  • Time program elements, like commercials, public service announcements and news bulletins, using stopwatch
  • Observe & listens to programs for defining if Fcc regulations and contract provisions with advertisers and program producers have been violated and whether quality of broadcast conforms to station Fcc standards
  • Logs length, type, and time of irregularities.

Broadcast Field Supervisor Career Duties

  • Coordinate activities of Field Engineers radio-tv broad. in installing, testing, and operating portable field equipment used to broadcast programs or events from points distant from studio
  • Assign Field Engineers radio-tv broad. with audio relay equipment to various field pick-up points, to test equipment prior to broadcast
  • Direct workers in maintaining field transmission equipment in operating order.

Broadcast Operations Director Career Duties

  • Coordinate activities of personnel engaged in preparation of station network program schedules
  • Review program schedules in advance issues daily corrections
  • Arrange for split network programs furnishing stations not carrying sponsored programs with noncommercial programs
  • Notify traffic department to install or cancel programs originating at points remote from broadcasting station
  • Advise affiliated stations regarding their schedules
  • Examine expenditures for programs to define compliance with budgetary restrictions
  • Prepare schedules for talent assigns talent to broadcast periods
  • Arrange for office space equipment.

Cable Television Installer Career Duties

  • Install cable television cables and equipment on customers premise, using electricians tools test equipment
  • Measure television signal strength at utility pole, using electronic test equipment
  • Compute impedance of wire from pole to house for defining additional resistance needed for reducing signal to desired level
  • Install terminal boxes strings lead-in wires, using electricians tools
  • Connect television set to cable system evaluates incoming signal
  • Adjust repairs cable system to make sure optimum reception
  • May collect installation fees explain cable service operation to subscriber
  • May communicate with Communications Electrician Supervisor any industry 823.131-010, using two-way radio or telephone, to receive instructions or technical advice to report problems to be repaired by Cable Television Line Technician radio-tv broad. 821.261-010
  • May report unauthorized use of cable system to Communications Electrician Supervisor any industry
  • May clean maintain tools, test equipment, and motor vehicle.

Cable Television Line Technician Career Duties

  • Maintain and repairs cable television cables equipment
  • Measure signal strength at amplifiers or at customers terminal boxes, using field strength meter
  • Repair or replaces worn components to make sure acceptable signal strength
  • Climb utility pole connects test television set to amplifiers
  • Observe set to evaluate reception determine cause of faulty reception
  • Repair defective cable systems
  • Answer customers inquiries or complaints and explains cost operation of cable service
  • May communicate with Communications Electrician Supervisor any industry 823.131-010, using two-way radio or telephone, to receive instructions or technical advice
  • May report unauthorized use of cable system to Communications Electrician Supervisor any industry
  • May clean maintain tools, test equipment, and motor vehicle.

Camera Control Operator Career Duties

  • Control video console to regulate transmission of television scenes, including test patterns and filmed live black-and-white or color telecast
  • View action on television monitor and sets switches observes dials on console to control framing, contrast, brilliance, color balance and fidelity of image being transmitted
  • Monitor on-air programs to make sure technical quality of broadcast
  • Preview upcoming program to define that signal is functioning that program will be ready for transmission at required time
  • May maintain log on studio-to-transmitter microwave link.

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