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Adhesive bandage machine Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend machine that automatically makes adhesive bandages from cloth plastic material
  • Position specified rolls of materials on machine spindles and locks them in place with plates setscrews to prevent unrolling
  • Thread materials through rollers in prescribed sequence
  • Start machine that cuts materials to required length, affixes gauze to cloth or plastic tape, fastens crinoline strips to ends, seals completed bandage in paper wrapper, and deposits it on conveyor belt or in bin for subsequent packing
  • Observe machine during operations to detect jamming, twisted materials, or malfunctions makes minor adjustments to correct faults.

Arch support Technician Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Fabricate steel arch support to fit patients foot, according to medical prescription
  • Receive plaster cast of foot from Prosthetist medical ser. or Podiatrist medical ser.
  • Place protection cloth into cast fills cast with plaster to mold model of patients foot
  • Remove hardened model from cast traces model outline on paper to use as pattern in cutting support
  • Select stainless steel sheet of prescribed thickness cuts sheet to specified dimensions, using shears, guided by pattern
  • Hammer steel into prescribed contours to form support places support against plaster model to define accuracy of fit
  • Split support into front back pieces when indicated according to prescription, using shears
  • Polish support, using abrasive wheel
  • Glue leather to bottom of arch support to protect shoe, and rivets additional leather across top edge for foot comfort, using riveting tool.

Artificial Breast Fabrication Supervisor Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Supervise, coordinates, and participates in activities of workers engaged in fabricating cosmetic appliances from latex for use as artificial breasts
  • Explain and demonstrates work techniques use of equipment to train new employees
  • Observe workers to make sure that work performance conforms to company standards
  • Weigh, pours, and mixes prescribed amounts of filtered water and chemicals, using scale mixing tanks, to prepare latex gel
  • Place plastic roll on worktable, using hydraulic jack, unrolls plastic, and cuts plastic to specified sizes, according to work order, using portable rotary cutting machine
  • Mold shells, using vacuum forming machine, and cuts molded sheets into individual shells, using cutting machine
  • Fill inner shells with latex gel, using weighing filling device, and imprints outer shell backing with identification data, using printing device
  • Fuse backing to shells to form cells, using heat sealing machine, inflates cells with airhose, and seals cells, using tacking device
  • Compile inventory reports
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Artificial Breast Fabricator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Fabricate cosmetic appliances from latex for use as artificial breasts, using dies, molded plastic forms, heat-sealing device, and airhose
  • Place molded form in die, according to size and positions die on balance scale under spigot of latex gel container
  • Push lever to open spigot to fill molded form to close spigot when mold reaches prescribed weight
  • Imprint mold size other identification data onto plastic sheet used as backing for form, using printing device
  • Place imprinted backing in prescribed position over die containing gel-filled mold fuses backing to molded form, using sealing device, to form inner shell
  • Insert inner shell into outer plastic shell fuses outer shell, using sealing device
  • Inflate shell to specified shape firmness, using airhose, and seals opening, using heated rod
  • Tear excess plastic from edge of form.

Assembler Surgical Garment Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Perform any combination of following tasks to assemble surgical garments personal safety devices, like colostomy pouches, trusses, belts, cervical collars, hosiery, and back, knee, wrist, elbow, and ankle braces
  • Read work order to define number type of parts required to assemble garment
  • Measure cuts required pieces, using ruler, templates, knife and electric or hand shears
  • Punch holes in material, using punch press or hand punch
  • Attach fasteners, like eyelets or snaps, using rivet, snap-fastening, or eyelet machine
  • Grind polishes parts, using grinding wheel
  • Bend metal stays springs to specified curvature, using bending machine
  • Apply latex coating to parts or specified areas of parts, using coating machine
  • Fits fastens parts together, like straps, buckles, pads, belts, and stays to assemble garment, using handtools, gluing equipment, and machines, like punch press, riveting machine, heat-sealing machine, and sewing machine
  • Weave elastic thread into outer edges of garments, like knee, wrist, and elbow braces, to increase elasticity
  • Place completed garments in boxes or plastic bags for packaging
  • May be designated according to type garment assembled or material worked with as Elastic Assembler protective dev. , Latexer protective dev. Ii, Leather Worker protective dev. , Spring Bender protective dev. , Truss Assembler protective dev. .

Bite block Maker Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Form wax bite blocks and impression trays used by Dentist medical ser. 072.101-010 to take impressions of patients teeth and adjacent portions of jaw, using molding equipment handtools
  • Soften plastic or shellac wafer shaped material, using heated press or gas burner
  • Spread shapes wafer over model of preliminary impression to form tray, using flat-bladed molding tool
  • Imbed metal strip in soft material for convenience in handling
  • Press soft wax over plaster model of denture to form bite block
  • Trim excess wax from mold smooths surface, using knife, spatula, and gas burner
  • Immerse mold in water to harden wax
  • Trim and smooths edges and surfaces of trays and bite blocks, using bench lathe equipped with grinding buffing wheels
  • Rubs finished piece with cotton to obtain lustrous finish.

Carrier Packer Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Pack military gas masks into canvas carriers
  • Insert gas-mask canisters into carriers, using manually operated table jig
  • Ties facepieces around cardboard forms, using string and inserts facepieces hose tubes of masks into carriers
  • Tighten straps in buckles of carriers to obtain compact units for military use
  • Place gas masks on conveyor for transfer to shipping rooms.

Ceramics Technician Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Apply layers of porcelain or acrylic paste over metal framework to form dental prostheses, like crowns, bridges, and tooth facings, according to prescription of Dentist medical ser. 072.101-010
  • Mix porcelain or acrylic paste according to prescription to match color of natural teeth
  • Apply layers of mixture over metal framework, using brushes spatula
  • Brush excess mixture from denture places denture in furnace to harden
  • Remove denture from furnace, brushes on additional layer of mixture, and shapes mixture to contour of denture, using spatula
  • Repeat mixture-application process baking until denture conforms to specifications
  • Verify accuracy of tooth dimensions and occlusion of teeth, using micrometer articulator
  • Clean and polishes dental prostheses, using ultrasonic machine polishing machine.

Contour Wire Specialist Denture Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Make and repairs contoured wire frames and retainers for teeth used in partial dentures, using power tools handtools
  • Examine model of oral impression reads Dentists medical ser. 072.101-010 prescription to define design of wire frame
  • Mark pencil tracings on surface of model to indicate position of wire clasps, using surveyor
  • Cuts wire to specified lengths, using wirecutter
  • Bend shapes wire around tooth impressions or along base of model, using pliers, knife, and tweezers
  • Apply investment to wire sections model to hold sections in alignment, using spatula
  • Weld or solders wire joints, using special welding soldering tools
  • Grind and polishes wire frame to lustrous finish, using electric grinding polishing wheel
  • Rework or replaces wire sections missing teeth to repair partial dentures, using acrylic bonding agent
  • Fabricate wire retainers to straighten teeth, using pliers, tweezers, and similar handtools
  • Inspect work for adherence to Dentists medical ser. specifications.

Cotton ball Bagger Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Remove absorbent cotton surgical sponges from automatic balling machine, observes sponges for size shape, and fills bags with specified number of sponges
  • Place filled bags in cartons for shipment
  • May fold seal plastic bag tops, using electric iron.

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