List of Career Duties Under Plastic Synthetic Business Sector


Acetone recovery Worker Career Duties

  • Tend equipment to recover acetone, used in acetate rayon manufacture, from vapor produced by dry spinning forming of rayon filaments
  • Turn valves to admit vaporized acetone from spinning units to recovery system to maintain cooling coils in condenser at specified temperature for efficient acetone recovery
  • May pump recovered acetone to storage tanks or recirculate it to mixing machines in which cellulose acetate flakes are dissolved to form spinning solution.

Aging Room Operator Career Duties

  • Tend tanks in which viscose slurry is aged and blended for use in rayon cellophane production
  • Pump slurry from mixing machines to blending aging tanks and from tanks to processing area after specified time
  • Record aging time for each batch in plant log
  • May tend tanks in which cellulose viscose raw material is aged, by moving controls to maintain tank temperature or room temperature at prescribed level, and be designated Ripening-Room Operator plastic-synth. .

Bath mix Operator Career Duties

  • Tend still that purifies solvents used in processing plastics
  • Screw drain valves into chemical drums lifts drum onto rack, using hoist
  • Dump contaminated solvents into still and turns steam valve to vaporize impurities reclaim solvents
  • Clean empty drums, using brush and solvent moves them to storage on handtruck.

Bleacher Career Duties

  • Tend equipment that flushes rayon yarn with boiling bleach solution to remove spinning-bath residue bleach product prior to finishing
  • Remove full cones, bobbins, cakes, or skeins of yarn from spinning forming machines places product on wash rack
  • Turn valves to start flow of bleach water to flush yarn
  • Replace empty bobbins or cones on spindles of spinning machines
  • May hang skeins in tubs of bleach solution and be designated Dipper plastic-synth. or in tubs of chemicals be designated Desulfurizer, Hand plastic-synth.
  • May wrap cakes of yarn in cloth to protect cakes during washing, bleaching, steaming, and drying operations or to partially dry cakes after washing [Cake Wrapper plastic-synth. ]
  • May perform duties of Drier Operator plastic-synth. Iii in plants where washing, bleaching, and drying are combined into single operation
  • May be designated according to article washed bleached as Bobbin Washer plastic-synth. , Cake Washer plastic-synth. , Skein Washer plastic-synth. , Staple Fiber Washer plastic-synth.
  • May tend equipment that processes yarn in single operation be designated Desulfurizer, Machine plastic-synth. .

Box Tender Career Duties

  • Patrol aisle between rayon-spinning forming winding machines to detect malfunctions
  • Diagnose causes of failures
  • Sets up, adjusts, repairs, or replaces units, using handtools.

Bulk sealer Operator Career Duties

  • Tend automatic, radiant-heat bulk sealer that bonds plastic sheets for fabricating bags
  • Place lifts two sheets of plastic film separated by single sheet of paper alternated with asbestos pads on piston of sealer
  • Straighten disarranged sheets, using wooden paddle
  • Start sealer in which plastic film is bonded as piston slowly rises through heated chamber
  • Inspect samples of bonded sheets to detect machine malfunction.

Cake press Operator Career Duties

  • Tend hydraulic presses that compress bake chipped, rolled, or slabbed plastics materials into cake molds for sheeting
  • Turn valves to regulate pressures and temperatures in baking cooling presses
  • Turn dial indicator arm to set press-cycle time
  • Pull hopper lever to fill mold with specified weight of plastics chips
  • Place platen on top of mold lifts filled mold to roller conveyor
  • Push baked molds out of heated press, using bar
  • Push filled molds from conveyor supply rack into baking press
  • Turn valve to close press
  • Observe meters gauges to verify specified temperatures, pressures, and press-cycle times.

Cake press operator Helper Career Duties

  • Assist Cake-Press Operator plastic-synth. in compressing baking chipped, rolled, or slabbed plastics materials into cake molds for sheeting
  • Position empty molds on platform scales
  • Spread plastics chips evenly over mold, using spreader
  • Push molds along roller conveyor from baking press to cooling press
  • Push cooled molds from press onto roller conveyor
  • Remove platen from mold pushes it along roller conveyor to storage rack
  • Remove cake from mold trims flash, using knife
  • Push empty mold along conveyor to scale
  • Clean molds and presses, using knife scraper
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Cake Wrapper Career Duties

  • Wrap cakes of rayon yarn in cloth to protect threads during steaming, washing, and drying processes
  • May perform duties of Washer plastic-synth. .

Calender roll Operator Career Duties

  • Operate roll mill to homogenize roll plastic compounds into sheeting or slab form
  • Push button to transfer plastic from mixing machine to revolving heated mill rolls
  • Cuts material with knife feeds material back through rolls to obtain sheet of specified color, consistency and thickness
  • Adjust slitting knives or starts automatic scraper to strip sheet from rolls
  • Guide material onto conveyor belt
  • Observe gauges or feels material and turns steam water valves to control temperature of rolls
  • Clean rolls to prevent contamination of stocks, using wire brush, hand scraper, solvents, and airhose
  • May adjust roll clearance with hand wrenches.

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