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Plastic Production - Occupations Duties

View related occupations duties grouped under the 'plastic production' business sector.
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Assembler Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Perform any combination of tasks involved in assembly of plastic articles, like bags, baby pants, coolers, fiberglass chairs, containers, trays inflatable toys
  • Mark cutting lines on plastic sheet of sections to be assembled, following template
  • Cuts sections from sheet, using knife, scissors, or power cutting machine
  • Position sections on jig and aligns seams air valves
  • Brush glue along edges of section, seals edges with hot iron or electric-sealing machine, and trims edges with scissors
  • Examine articles for defects, like smeared paint, cuts, and wrinkled seams
  • Fill inflatable article with air submerges it in water to detect leaks
  • Position plastic patch over leak fuses it to article, using electric sealing machine
  • Clean markings dirt from article with solvent, folds article, and places it in bag for shipment
  • Heat cooler brackets, using hot plate, and secures cooler, using bench fixture
  • Press bracket into depressed section of cooler to attach bracket
  • May record number of articles packed
  • May sort plastic sheets in bins
  • May seal decorative pieces of adhesive-backed cloth on garment parts, using automatic heat sealer be designated Thermoelectric-Heat-Sealing-Machine Operator tex., nec .

Assembler and gluer Laminated Plastics Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Assemble plastics laminates, using handtools electrically heated press
  • Mix urea resin glue with water applies glue to surfaces of wooden boards, using hand spreader
  • Lays laminates between wooden boards places unit into press
  • Remove unit after specified heating time routes off excess material
  • Join self edge, backsplash, or molding edge to laminates, using hacksaw, miter, snips, mallet, and nails
  • Solder open joints of metal edges, using electric soldering iron
  • Buff assembled unit with steel wool, and places it into cabinet.

Assembler Skylights Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Assemble and polishes plexiglass dome skylights, using handtools electric buffer
  • Place aluminum frame on assembly table
  • Mask frame with adhesive-backed cork tape
  • Attach dome to frame, using electric drill, electric screwdriver, or electric riveting gun
  • Polish dome to remove blemishes, using electric buffer
  • May move pallet to shipping department, using dolly.

Assembly machine Tender Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend variety of machines that weld and assemble components into plastic products stamp or silk screen logos on products
  • Position plastic products or components on fixtures of hot-stamp, silk screening and ultrasonic welding machines and presses buttons or treadles to actuate machines that apply logos to product or weld components together
  • Dump plastic components into vibrating hoppers of assembly machine that automatically assembles components to form plastic products
  • Observe machine operations to detect malfunctions and clears jams blockages, using screwdriver
  • Position plastic bottles or components on conveyor or turntable of hot-stamp, flame cleaner, or stamping machines that automatically apply logos or remove molding residue from bottles or fit components into single part
  • Inspect decorated assembled finished products for defects, like discolored logos or misaligned bottle caps
  • Pack finished products into cartons.

Batch records Clerk Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Compile and maintains plastic-mixing ingredient records, and prepares daily mixing instructions for use by Material Mixers plastic prod. 550.685-130
  • Compile and maintains daily mixing & perpetual inventory records from work orders, mixing logs and formula cards that indicate production information, like type and quantity of plastic ingredients mixed, ingredient formulas, number of products molded and identification numbers of molds molding machines utilized
  • Copy formula for each plastic mixture from specified formula card onto display card for use by Material Mixer plastic prod.
  • Determine and records amount of plastic mixture required for each molding machine in daily mixing log, based on amount of mixture stored at each machine knowledge of machines consumption rate.

Blow molding machine Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Sets up operates blow molding machine to mold plastic products according to specifications
  • Turn valves to start flow of water release air pressure to machine
  • Move machine controls to set timing unit & temperature of heating unit start automatic feed mechanism
  • Adjust machine mandrel aligns mandrel with mold chamber, using wrenches
  • Start molding machine that automatically feeds material from mixing unit to mandrel to mold chamber
  • Close chamber to mold product under heat pressure
  • Remove workpiece from mold after timing device opens mold, and trims excess material from workpiece, using knife or bandsaw
  • Regrind excess material unsatisfactory workpiece for reuse, using grinding machine
  • May weigh completed workpiece to define accuracy of machine operation.

Buffer Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Remove ridges rough edges from fiberglass or plastic castings
  • Hold casting against rotating buffing wheel to grind off ridges
  • Lift casting from machine places it in container.

Caster Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Cast thermosetting plastic resins in mold to form plastic products
  • Coat mold sections with parting agents, like soap, wax, or lacquer, using brush or spray gun
  • Assemble sections of mold, using C-clamps, nuts, bolts and wrench
  • Weigh specified amounts of resin, catalyst, pigment, and hardening agent, using balance scale, and mixes them in container, using mixing machine or paddle
  • Pour mixture into mold places mold in oven or water-bath cooker to cure
  • Remove product from mold, using airhose handtools
  • May be designated according to product cast as Foam Caster nonmet
  • min. , Foam Molder clock watch .

Cellophane casting machine Repairer Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Repair maintains cellophane-forming machines, using handtools
  • Observe machines in operation listens for sounds to locate causes of trouble
  • Dismantle machines removes defective parts, like gears, belts and rollers, using handtools
  • Replace broken or worn parts

Compression molding machine Tender Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend compression-molding machines that mold thermosetting plastics into products, like automobile heater housings, ashtrays, buttons, electronic parts, plastic panels, and dishes
  • Dump specified amount of plastic powders or pellets into hopper of machine, or positions pellets or sausage-shaped plastics in mold installed on machine
  • Start machine that compresses plastic into mold under heat pressure and allows plastic to set for specified time
  • Remove product from mold and cleans mold, hopper, and bed of machine, using airhose handtools
  • May place plastics material on hot grid or in oven to soften it prior to molding
  • May weigh prescribed amount of material for molding
  • May place plastic sheet into machine fixture to fabricate buttons.

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