List of Career Duties Under Petrol And Gas Business Sector


Analyst Geochemical Prospecting Career Duties

  • Test sand, shale, and other earth materials to define petroleum and mineral content physical characteristics
  • Perform routine chemical or physical tests of earth samples in field or laboratory to define content of hydrocarbon or other minerals indicating presence of petroleum mineral deposits
  • Test core samples brought up during well drilling for defining permeability & porosity of sample, fluid content of sand shale, salinity of drilling mud and other conditions affecting oil well drilling operations.

Bottom hole pressure recording operator Helper Career Duties

  • Unload recording equipment at well site for use in determining pressure in oil or gas wells
  • Attach conductor cable to instrument and tightens clamps, fittings and electrical connections, using wrenches screwdrivers
  • Observe coiling of conductor cable on hoist drum to prevent damage to cable
  • Dismantle equipment after use
  • May drive truck to from well site when working as member of crew.

Bulk station Operator Career Duties

  • Control conveyors and blending equipment to mix materials according to specification for use in cementing oil gas wells
  • Operate electric-powered winch to spot railroad cars over underground hoppers
  • Break seal & opens bottom-dump doors on car with prybar to unload cement other materials in hopper
  • Press button to start conveyor which transfers materials to storage bins
  • Pull levers and presses switches to start and stop conveyors and blending equipment & to open close discharge gates on storage bins
  • Empty sacks of additive chemicals into blender hoppers to prepare dry cement mixtures, following formulas
  • Prepare delivery tickets call sheets and weighs trucks materials as loaded
  • Record quantities of materials received issued on inventory control records
  • Estimate materials in bulk storage bins periodically to verify inventory records
  • Requisition materials to replenish stocks.

Caser Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following tasks as member of casing crew
  • Remove thread protectors from casing sections, using pipe wrenches
  • Attach pull-in cable to section of casing signals crewmember to hoist casing onto derrick platform
  • Attach cable clamp on casing
  • Signal rig operator to hoist casing
  • Push or pulls suspended casing to position align casing section for coupling
  • Tighten threaded casing sections, using spin rope or spin chain casing tongs
  • Remove handslips curved metal wedges from casing section to enable rig operator to lower string of coupled casing into borehole
  • Place handslips around casing at wellhead after rig operator lowers casing string into borehole to position casing for further coupling to prevent string of casing from falling into borehole during change or addition of casing sections
  • Push or pulls suspended casing sections while on casing board on derrick tower to assist crewmembers on derrick floor in stabbing aligning casing sections.

Casing Puller Career Duties

  • Control power hoisting equipment to pull casing, tubing, and pumping rods from oil and gas wells for repair to lower repaired equipment, testing devices, and servicing tools into well
  • Attach cable clamp to top of pump rod or casing starts winch or hydraulic jack that raises rod or casing
  • Disconnect sections of rod or casing, using hand & power wrenches tongs
  • Runs packer plug device into well to control flow of oil, water, or gas during well-pulling operations
  • Lower swabber into well to clear mud from screens at bottom of well to establish flow of oil
  • Lower pressure-recording device into well interprets charts
  • Lower special tools into well to fish for broken rods and tubing and to scrape paraffin incrustations from casing or tubing
  • Plug well with cement [Cementer, Oil Well petrol. gas ]
  • Test pipe for leaks, using hydraulic-testing equipment
  • May drive truck equipped with portable hoisting equipment
  • May be designated according to type of equipment used as Hydraulic Oil-Tool Operator petrol. gas .

Chief Engineer Research Career Duties

  • Coordinate research activities to develop new and improved methods of drilling wells producing oil or gas
  • Direct, through subordinate engineering personnel, planning and progress of experimental projects in drilling & production operations, like projects investigating composition of drilling mud, recovery of natural gasoline from crude oil gas solutions, or dehydration of crude petroleum
  • Assist Chief Petroleum Engineer petrol. gas in solution of technical operating problems
  • May direct research activities in geochemical or other petroleum prospecting methods.

Chief Petroleum Engineer Career Duties

  • Plan and directs engineering activities of a petroleum company to develop oil fields and produce oil gas
  • Formulate programs for developing oil fields, planning schedules for drilling wells for constructing pumping units, crude-oil treating units and other production facilities
  • Coordinate projected activities with civil, electrical and other engineering departments
  • Direct, through subordinate workers, selection, installation, use, and repair of oil field equipment
  • Direct Petroleum Engineers petrol. and gas in engineering work concerned with drilling new wells producing flow of oil or gas from wells, in maintaining well logs, and in other engineering activities
  • Direct laboratory and field research to develop new or to improve old methods and equipment for recovery of oil gas
  • Keep abreast of new developments in petroleum engineering
  • Select, trains, and promotes engineering personnel
  • May direct mechanical, civil, electrical, and other engineering activities
  • May direct engineering and drilling activities in developing geothermal field and be designated Director, Geothermal Operations petrol. gas .

Clean out Driller Career Duties

  • Operate truck-mounted hoist equipped with derrick to clean out and restore old damaged oil or gas wells
  • Move lever to raise derrick over wellhead
  • Direct Clean-Out-Driller Helper petrol. & gas to jack up truck body to center hoisting cable over borehole
  • Assemble attaches cleanout tools to cable, using handtools
  • Move winch lever to lower tools into well
  • Clean sand, paraffin, or pipe scale from well, using special scaling bailing tools
  • Remove debris from well, using bailer
  • Lower blocks composed of soft lead or covered with wax, tar, or soap to take impression of broken equipment in well
  • Lower grappling tools into well to probe for remove obstruction, using hoist
  • Lower and raises swabbing tool that creates vacuum and draws well fluids through pipe screens well perforations, using hoist
  • May be designated according to specific activity as Bailer petrol. and gas , Swabber petrol. gas .

Clean out driller Helper Career Duties

  • Clean out and restores old or damaged gas or oil wells, using handtools, as assistant to Clean-Out Driller petrol. gas
  • Unload cleanout tools equipment at well site
  • Level truck bed at wellhead aligns hoist cable over borehole, using hand-operated jacks
  • Assemble and attaches specified cleanout tools, like bailers swabs, to cable, using wrenches
  • Guide tools into borehole
  • Push filled bailer to dumping position unscrews bailer gate to dump mud, water, and debris removed from well
  • Guide cable lifting tools from well onto hoist drum, using pinchbar
  • Dismantle and cleans tools equipment, using wrenches
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Connection Worker Career Duties

  • Assemble and repairs oil field machinery and equipment, using handtools power tools
  • Digs holes, sets forms and mixes pours concrete into forms, to make foundations for wood or steel derricks, using posthole digger, handtools and wheelbarrow
  • Bolt or nails together wood or steel framework to erect derrick
  • Dismantle and assembles boilers and steam engine parts, using handtools power tools
  • Bolt together pump engine parts
  • Connect tanks flow lines, using wrenches
  • Unscrew or tightens pipe, casing, tubing, and pump rods, using hand and power wrenches tongs.

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