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Pen And Pencil - Occupations Duties

View related occupations duties grouped under the 'pen and pencil' business sector.
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Assembler Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend automatic pen pencil assembly machines
  • Align workpiece in specified position against fixtures or under ram of machine
  • Depress lever or pedal or turns handwheel to activate ram that bends or presses components together
  • Screw threaded barrels caps together by hand to form completed pens or pencils
  • Place clips in holding devices of machine that prints trademark or clips
  • Inspect finished workpiece with magnifying glass
  • May be designated according to component assembled as Cartridge Assembler pen and pencil , Nib Assembler pen pencil .

Assembler Marking Devices Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Perform any combination of following duties to assemble stencil marking ink applying devices
  • Select parts according to specifications
  • Align parts following guides, like contours, edges, slots, or fastening devices
  • Join parts manually or using handtools, like wrenches power screwdrivers, or positions parts on holding device of machine bed under ram, and moves lever to lower ram, joining parts
  • Perform other tasks, like cleaning parts, using air gun, fitting ink chambers, and positioning marker in holder of air pressure device that tests marker for leaks in ink valve chamber
  • May be designated according to part assembled as Fountain-Brush Assembler pen and pencil , Fountain-Roller Assembler pen and pencil , Pen Assembler pen pencil .

Assembler Mechanical Pencils And Ballpoint Pens Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Assemble parts of ballpoint pens mechanical pencils
  • Select pen or pencil parts according to color or work-ticket specifications
  • Place parts together, guided by edges, holes and slots and fastens devices, like clips or prongs on parts
  • Join parts, using any of following methods
  • 1 Positions parts in holding device under ram of press depresses pedal that lowers ram, forcing interlocking parts together
  • 2 Positions parts in holding device of machine that clinches prongs or clips, joining parts
  • 3 Fits interlocking parts together, or screws threaded parts together by hand
  • Fill mechanical pencils with specified quantity of lead
  • May use pneumatic or screw clamps other work aids that hold parts during assembly
  • May glue plastic miniature display tops to plunger mechanism on mechanical pencils, using plastic solvent brush
  • May assemble parts of desk-pen sets [Desk-Pen-Set Assembler pen pencil 733.687-034].

Assembly machine Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Feed components, like barrels, caps, cartridges, and nibs into and removes assembled pens pencils from automatic assembly machine
  • Place components in predetermined sequence on revolving spindles or dumps components into hoppers
  • Lift assembled pens or pencils from machine spindles inspects for loose components
  • Place inspected units on conveyor
  • May be designated according to component or station as Assembly-Machine Feeder pen and pencil , Assembly-Machine Offbearer pen and pencil , Cartridge Feeder pen pencil .

Ballpoint pen assembly machine Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Sets up operates automatic machine to assemble ballpoint pens
  • Install and adjusts feed mechanisms, guide rollers, tracks, fittings, attachments, type and die according to size & shape of pens identifying data to be stamped on barrels, using handtools
  • Load machine hoppers with parts, like barrels, ferrules metal tips , eraser caps, nose cones and ink cartridges
  • Fill machine reservoirs with glue solvent
  • Mount roll of printing foil on machine spindle, using wrench.

Ballpoint Pen Cartridge Tester Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Test ballpoint pen cartridges to define conformity to company specifications
  • Select weighs cartridges to define conformance to weight specifications
  • Insert cartridges into holding devices on testing machine, starts machine that moves paper and counts circular marks made by cartridges
  • Examine defective cartridges under microscope to define cause of malfunction photographs ballpoint to obtain visible evidence of malfunction, using camera.

Bench boring machine Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend machine that cuts internal threads in pen or mechanical pencil barrels
  • Position aligns pen or pencil barrel in holding device of machine
  • Insert threading tap into spindle of machine turns lever to secure tap
  • Press switch to start machine
  • Move lever or depresses pedal that advances pen or pencil barrel onto rotating tap that cuts internal threads in barrel.

Carbon coater machine Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Operate machine that coats paper or plastic sheeting with inked wax-oil preparation to make carbon paper
  • Dips hot solution from storage vat, using pail and pours solution into pans of machine
  • Install roll of paper on machine threads roll through series of rollers that roll coating on paper, imprint back of paper with identifying data and chill coating to harden it
  • Observe gauges and turns steam cold water valves to regulate temperatures of rolls
  • Start machine observes paper to detect defects, like tears, slits, holes, and light spots, blurred or incomplete printing, and lack of sheen in coating that indicates need for replenishing ink supply
  • Turn nuts to adjust tension of roll to prevent wrinkles in paper
  • Measure thickness of coated paper, using micrometer, to verify that specified quantity of coating is being applied
  • Cuts jammed paper from rolls and machine, using knife shears
  • Clean rolls and machine parts with solvent cloths.

Carbon paper coating machine Setter Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Sets up adjusts battery of machines that pass paper or plastic sheeting between series of rolls to coat it with inked wax-oil preparation to make carbon paper
  • Select and installs specified rolls, like printing to print specified wording design on back of paper , applicator, wiper, hot and cold rolls, using wrenches
  • Wipe rolls with cloth & solvent to remove dirt excess wax
  • Turn valves to admit steam and cold water into hot cold rolls
  • Observe gauges and adjusts valves to regulate temperature of rolls heat of wax in reservoir pan
  • Measure thickness of material to be coated, using micrometers, to define that weight is as ordered
  • Observe paper as it passes over around rolls, and turns nuts to adjust positions of rolls to remove wrinkles
  • Measure thickness of coated paper with micrometers, and adjusts distance between applicator wiper rolls to produce coating of specified thickness
  • Assist Carbon-Coater-Machine Operator pen and pencil in installing and removing rolls of material in cutting jammed paper from rolls.

Carbon paper coating Supervisor Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in manufacturing carbon paper and inked ribbons, and processing printed forms into multicopy business forms teletype rolls
  • Read work orders production schedules to define processing sequence
  • Prepare time & cost estimates other production reports
  • Assign duties interprets company policy to workers
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

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