List of Career Duties Under Ordnance Business Sector


Adjuster Leader Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in one phase of producing cartridges shells
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title
  • May be designated according to process supervised as Machine-Adjuster Leader, Bullet Assembly ordnance , Machine-Adjuster Leader, Cannelure And Finish ordnance , Machine-Adjuster Leader, Case Trim ordnance , Machine-Adjuster Leader, Primer Assembly ordnance .

Aligner Barrel And Receiver Career Duties

  • Assemble and aligns rifle barrels and receivers, using handtools power tools, using either of following methods
  • Mount barrel in vise screws receiver onto barrel, using wrench
  • 1 Positions assembled barrel & receiver in concentricity gauge and marks areas on barrel where metal must be removed or raised to bring barrel receiver into alignment
  • Remount barrel in vise, removes receiver, and scrapes metal from barrel shoulder, or peens receiver chamber, using hammer peening tool to raise metal to form shim
  • Mount sighting bars at each end of barrel, sights between bars, and twists receiver to align bars
  • 2 Positions assembled barrel receiver in alignment gauge
  • Tighten receiver barrel to adjust alignment according to dial gauge reading, using pneumatic gauge
  • May screw barrel into receiver to specified pressure, using torque wrench.

Ammunition Assembly Laborer Career Duties

  • Assemble and packs complete rounds of ammunition projectile cartridge , performing any combination of following tasks
  • Grease threads on fuses starts them into threaded fuse sockets
  • Screw fuses into place, using screw press
  • Place primers in cartridge cases stamps them in place, using press
  • Weigh inserts propellants into cartridge cases
  • Brush band of adhesive compound around base of projectile to seal cartridge
  • Gauge completed shells, using simple acceptance jigs
  • Stamp shell data on cartridge, using rubber stamp or stamping machine
  • Pack completed rounds in cardboard tubes
  • Stamp shell data on tubes, dips tubes in molten paraffin, and packs tubes in crates
  • Screw pierced threaded plugs into bases of aerial bombs
  • Screw rod-supporting fin assembly into threaded hole in plug
  • Slip metal sleeves about bombs packs them in metal containers, attaching tags with identification data to containers.

Ammunition AssemblyLaborer Career Duties

  • Assemble component parts of tracer shells, signals, flares, and other pyrotechnics, performing any combination of following tasks
  • Load relays devices for transferring ignition sequence to various charges in shell with black powder pellets
  • Tend press that pushes powder charge tightly into relay
  • Assemble and loads mine fuses with red phosphorous black powder
  • Install relays in shells screws them in place
  • Load shells with tracer powder, tamps pellets with automatic press, and seals chamber with celluloid disk
  • May cut sew silk to assist in making of signal flare parachutes.

Ammunition Storage Superintendent Career Duties

  • Direct and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities concerned with handling storing ammunition, rockets, mines, and other explosive components at ammunition supply depot or arsenal
  • Review invoices requisitions to plan work activities
  • Prepare schedules for storing incoming issuing ammunition specifying magazine or bunker number for storing each type of ammunition, quantity to store in bunker or magazine and numerical order of bunkers or magazines from which to issue requisitioned ammunition
  • Enforce, through subordinate personnel, worker compliance with established safety regulations, and method and procedures for handling storing each type of ammunition
  • Inspect bunkers and magazines to make sure that automatic safeguards and control instrumentation are operative security measures are in force
  • Prepare reports and correspondence and directs clerical personnel in typing reports record keeping activities.

Anvil seating press Operator Career Duties

  • Tend power press that forces primer anvils into loaded primer cups to form complete primers for small arms cartridges
  • Align specially holed plate containing anvils over matching plate of loaded primer cups
  • Position assembled plates in holding fixture, pulls lever to lock plates in place on feed table and starts machine
  • Examine assembly for malformations, discolorations, and other defects
  • May seat anvils, using hand-operated toggle press
  • May tend shaker machine that fills plates with primer components [Shaker-Plate Operator ordnance ].

Artillery maintenance Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in inspecting, servicing, and repairing artillery weapons
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Assembler Career Duties

  • Assemble small arms subassemblies, like cartridge clips, triggers, ejectors, and bolts, using handtools power tools
  • Drill, reams, countersinks and polishes parts, using power tools
  • Screw, pins, bolts and rivets parts to form subassembly
  • Straighten warped parts, using bench handtools
  • Examine subassemblies for nicks, burrs, and machine marks, and verifies accuracy of assembly, using gauges
  • Smooth parts to remove defects and improve fit, using emery cloth hand file.

Assembler Career Duties

  • Assemble and adjusts small arms parts to specifications tests moving parts to detect malfunctions
  • Verify dimensions of parts, using gauges
  • Screw, pins and bolts parts together to assemble weapon, using handtools power tools
  • Test action of weapon to detect malfunctions
  • Disassemble weapon files, scrapes, and reams parts to fit, using emery cloth, hand files, reamers, and bench grinder
  • May test-fire weapon, using dummy ammunition.

Assembler Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following duties to assemble fittings on fragmentation bombs
  • Wipe nose-adapter threads with cloth solvent
  • Dry adapter, using airhose
  • Coat interior threads of adapters with thin layer of grease
  • Brush nose-plug threads with fast-drying paint, and screws plug into adapter
  • Screw adapter into nose section of bomb
  • Attach components of fin-stabilizer unit to bomb, using pliers wire.

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