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Abrasive Grader Career Duties

  • Operate pebble mill to grind emery, rouge, and other abrasives separates them according to fineness by water suspension method
  • Examine abrasive under microscope to define grinding time required and grinds abrasive in pebble mill
  • Turn valve to allow ground particles water to flow into agitator tank
  • Press button to start agitator which stirs particles into suspension
  • Stop machine determines by microscopic examination when particles of particular grade have settled below tank outlet
  • Open stopcock to allow particles remaining above the outlet to descend into vat
  • Repeat separation process for other grades, regrinding as required.

Artificial glass eye Maker Career Duties

  • Fabricate artificial glass eyes for humans according to physicians prescription or customer specifications, applying knowledge of glass blowing fabricating techniques
  • Hold turns glass tube over gas burner to soften glass to viscous state
  • Blow into tube to form globe
  • Superimpose glass of required color on top surface of bulb to form iris
  • Fuse black glass in center of iris to simulate pupil fuses clear glass over iris to form cornea
  • Position fuses red glass threads on globe to produce veins of eyeball
  • Fits artificial glass eyes to patients makes adjustments for cosmetic correction.

Artificial plastic eye Maker Career Duties

  • Fabricate artificial plastic eyes according to specifications fits eyes into customers eye sockets, using precision handtools, measuring instruments, molding devices, and bench fabricating machines
  • Measure customers eye socket, using calipers and measures natural eye to define size and location of pupil iris, using scale
  • Record data on examination card
  • Select stock artificial eye approximating size and shape of customers socket inserts eye into socket
  • Fill eye area questions customer to ascertain that eye fit is comfortable
  • Apply plastic as required to build up shape stock eye to conform to customers eye socket
  • Examine customers natural eye to define iris coloring, eye white shading, and number of eye white veins records information on examination card
  • Select samples of iris, pupil, and white to match eye
  • Position artificial eye stock in plaster of paris to prepare mold for casting plastic eye
  • Pour plastic into mold to form artificial eye
  • Measure molded eye to define position for pupil iris, using rule
  • Position and presses pupil iris into place
  • Immerse eye in boiling water to set plastic
  • Paint iris white of artificial eye to produce color of customers natural eye according to information recorded on examination card
  • Draw veins on white of eye, using colored pencil or scratches grooves into eye to represent veins fills grooves with pigment
  • Immerse eye in clear plastic solution to produce glassy finish
  • Examine eye for irregularities in shape removes irregularities, using dental grinding machine
  • Polish eye, using pumice electric buffing wheel
  • Fits customer with artificial eye and compares artificial eye with natural eye to make sure centering of iris and pupils matching of colors
  • May fit patients with ready-to-wear plastic eyes of standard sizes colors
  • May fabricate implants plastic and mesh devices fitted in eye socket for retention of eye muscles and conformers plastic disks placed in eye socket to maintain socket shape prior to fitting of artificial eye , using standard molds and grinding polishing machines.

Assembler Clip on Sunglasses Career Duties

  • Assemble clip-on sunglasses, using handtools holding fixture
  • Fits metal frame into slots of plastic frame, presses lenses into metal frame grooves and places assembly into holding fixture
  • Fits clip-on attachment into slots of plastic frame top
  • Insert and sets screws in holes, using tweezers jewelers screwdriver
  • Examine glasses to make sure that both lenses are of same color shading.

Assembler Gold Frame Career Duties

  • Assemble gold, aluminum, platinum, or other metallic wire eyeglass frames, using handtools
  • Enlarge predrilled holes and grooves in frame parts, using drills files
  • Brush holes grooves with acetone to clean openings
  • Position frame parts in holding fixture, aligns holes in parts, and inserts tightens screws to secure parts together
  • Push eye-wires into grooves in frame and taps frame to tighten groove openings secure wires
  • Attach decorative or supportive wire sections to frame or temple pieces according to design specifications, using adhesive compound or soldering equipment.

Assembler Molded Frames Career Duties

  • Assemble plastic eyeglass frames, using drill press rivet press
  • Position frame parts in jig drills holes in parts, using drill press
  • Insert rivets through holes, positions clips hinges on rivets and depresses pedal of pneumatic press to set rivets.

Backside Grinder Career Duties

  • Tend machine that grinds approximate curves on lens blanks preparatory to fine grinding
  • Select lens blanks as specified on production order
  • Place lens blank in holder & positions holder lens assembly on diamond lap I of grinding machine
  • Lower spindle of weighted arm onto lens holder to hold lens on lap
  • Start machine and moves control arm back forth to grind lens blanks to specified curvature or holds lens blank against grinding wheel to grind blank
  • Remove blank from holder washes blank in water to remove grinding abrasive
  • Measure blanks to verify specified curvature, using lens gauge.

Blocker And Cutter Contact Lens Career Duties

  • Block contact lens blanks and cuts lenses to specified diameter, using jewelers lathe handtools
  • Immerse laps I in molten wax embeds lens in wax or presses two-faced adhesive tape into depression of lap, using rounded tool and affixes lens to tape
  • Trim excess tape, using knife
  • Position lens lap assembly in blocking device
  • Press plunger to center fasten lens to blocking device
  • Mount blocked lens in chuck of jewelers lathe
  • Turn crank observes gauge to set cutting tool for specified diameter
  • Start lathe turns handle to feed cutting tool into lens
  • Remove cut lens from lathe smooths burrs, using emery cloth
  • Place laps in container of solvent to remove tape or wax residue before reuse.

Blocking machine Tender Career Duties

  • Tend blocking machine that seals optical or ophthalmic lens blanks in metal blocks preparatory to grinding polishing of lenses
  • Apply lacquer to lens blank, using spray gun or brush
  • Mount lens & block in blocking machine, aligns marks on lens blank and block and clamps lens block in place
  • Pull lever to admit molten pitch or metal alloy and water through holes in block starts machine that bonds lens blank to block
  • Pour molten pitch or loads solid metal into machine to replenish supply
  • May tend machine that casts metal block bonds lens to block in one operation.

Burr Grinder Career Duties

  • Feed molded lens blanks into automatic burr-grinding machine that removes burrs sprues, smooths edges, and ejects blanks from machine
  • Catch blanks ejected from machine and stacks them in trays prior to grinding polishing
  • May perform particular phase of operation, like feeding blanks into machine or catching stacking ejected blanks.

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