List of Career Duties Under Non Metal Mineral Business Sector


Abrasive band Winder Career Duties

  • Tend electrically powered or hand-cranked band-winding machine that joins and shapes precut backing strip with abrasive-coated strip by spirally winding strips on mandrel to produce grinding polishing tubes or cones
  • Apply adhesive to backing strip by handbrush or by automatic applicator attached to winding machine
  • Clip ends of backing strip abrasive strip to mandrel
  • Depress foot switch or turns handcrank to revolve mandrel
  • Guide strips by hand depresses pressure roller pedal to feed strips on mandrel
  • Unclip and slides completed roll from mandrel places roll in container.

Abrasive coating machine Operator Career Duties

  • Sets up operates machine to coat cloth, fiber, or paper with granules of abrasive material
  • Position machine guides stops on machine bed according to size of base material, using rule or template
  • Turn screws to adjust valve openings to regulate thickness of abrasive coating sprinkled on base material
  • Dump specified abrasive, like flint, garnet, emery, or corundum into container on machine
  • Position flat piece of base material on machine bed and against guides stops
  • Start machine manually feeds base material through machine
  • Examine base material for uniformity thickness of abrasive coating
  • May operate machine to coat rolls of base material with abrasive granules.

Abrasive Grinder Career Duties

  • Tend machine that faces grinds specified radii on abrasives
  • Sets machine guides to regulate angle of feed of abrasive to grinder
  • Place abrasive in fixture manually feeds abrasive to grinding wheel, or starts machine that automatically feeds abrasive against grinder
  • Inspect abrasives for conformance to specifications, using fixed gauge micrometer.

Abrasive Mixer Career Duties

  • Tend machine that mixes abrasive compounds for use in making polishing buffing wheels, and hones
  • Calculate amount of grit, clay and adhesive required according to formulas
  • Weigh out ingredients, dumps ingredients into mixing machine and starts mixing machine
  • Feel mixture and adds water resins until specified consistency is attained
  • Scoop mixed compound into oscillating sieve to screen out lumps oversized granules
  • Dump compound into barrels for further processing
  • Record quantities of ingredients used in each mix.

Abrasive mixer Helper Career Duties

  • Assist Abrasive Mixer nonmet
  • min. in mixing ingredients to form polishing buffing compounds by performing any of following duties
  • Dump specified ingredients in mixing machine
  • Turn valve to drain finished mix from machine
  • Transport supplies products between plant locations, using handtruck
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Abrasive Sawyer Career Duties

  • Tend machine equipped with circular diamond saw that cuts abrasive sticks stones for honing machines
  • Place abrasive bricks blocks against guide clamps bricks onto holding fixture of machine
  • Start machine flow of coolant
  • Press button to start feed mechanism that moves brick against diamond saw to cut abrasive sticks of specified dimensions
  • Measure cut stick, using micrometer
  • Remove burrs from stick, using file made of same material
  • May tend diamond saw to trim crust from abrasive brick to expose material for hardness testing.

Abrasive wheel Molder Career Duties

  • Tend hydraulic press that molds synthetic abrasive disks, hones, and grinding wheels
  • Select mold parts according to size thickness of wheel desired and assembles parts to form mold
  • Weigh out specified amounts of abrasive compound & adhesive or activates automatic hopper that dumps specified quantity of abrasive mix into pan, pours compound into mold on rotating turntable and inserts bushings hubnuts in center of mold to form wheel
  • Place top plate on mold, positions mold in press, and turns valves and levers to close press start pressing cycle
  • Remove pressed wheels from mold places wheels on bats plate for drying in kilns
  • May stamp or mark code numbers on pressed wheels
  • May mix grit, resin, and clay to form abrasive compound, using mixing machine
  • May be designated according to type of abrasive used as Diamond-Wheel Molder nonmet
  • min. , Emery-Wheel Molder nonmet

Asbestos Brake lining Finisher Career Duties

  • Tend tanks that impregnate asbestos lining stock with asphalt solution
  • Load vacuum tank with rolls of asbestos lining, using hoist
  • Turn valves to admit specified quantities of asphalt solution into tank
  • Turn steam valves to heat tanks, observes temperature control chart, and adjusts coolant valves to maintain temperature within specified limits
  • Transfer impregnated rolls of asbestos from tank to oven, using hoist
  • Allow material to heat for specified time to complete impregnating process
  • Start blower to dry exhaust fumes from asbestos
  • May standardize width thickness of asbestos lining [Calender-Machine Operator nonmet
  • May test impregnated stock to make sure conformance to specifications, using brake-testing machine
  • May deliver samples to control laboratory
  • May tend mixing machine to prepare impregnating solution.

Asbestos Brake lining finisher Helper Career Duties

  • Assist Brake-Lining Finisher, Asbestos nonmet
  • min. to finish asbestos brake lining stock
  • Load asbestos lining stock into vacuum tanks, using hoist
  • Cuts brake lining stock into strips, using handsaw, and trims edges of stock, using side-trimming machine
  • Grind brake strips to specified thickness, using surface grinder
  • Shellac edges of finished brake strip, using brush or spray gun
  • May dump specified quantities of materials into mixing machine to prepare brake lining impregnating solution
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title
  • May be designated according to duties performed as Cutter, Brake Lining nonmet
  • min. , Grinder, Brake Lining nonmet

Asbestos cement Sheet Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in machining fabricating asbestos-cement sheet products
  • Inspect measures products in process of fabrication for making sure conformance to specifications, using rules, templates and straightedge
  • Demonstrate methods procedures for setting up, operating and adjusting controls of machines to obtain specified operational performance
  • Train new workers in work procedures machine operation
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

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