List of Career Duties Under Mining And Quarry Business Sector


Aerial tram Operator Career Duties

  • Tend aerial tramway buckets attached to overhead cables pulleys supported by towers to convey refuse, coal, ore, and other materials from plant or mine to spoil pile, conveyor, railroad car, boat, or plant
  • Push buttons to start reel and winding cable, causing tram buckets to move between loading dumping areas
  • Pull levers to position buckets for loading pushes button to dump load, or observes signal panel listens for malfunction of automatic dumping equipment
  • Lubricate repairs machinery
  • May remove or replace buckets.

Air drill Operator Career Duties

  • Drill holes in ore or rock in mine or quarry to facilitate blasting quarrying, using jackhammer
  • Connect steam or compressed-air water lines to hammer
  • Insert drill in chuck, trips trigger to start hammer and leans on hammer to force drill into solid mass
  • Change drill or adds lengths as depth of hole increases
  • Replace or sharpens bits
  • May lay steam, compressed-air, or water pipelines
  • May be designated according to type of drill operated as Tripod-Drill Operator mine quarry .

Air table Operator Career Duties

  • Tend pneumatic coal-cleaning table that blows coal dust, sulfur, and other impurities from coal as it passes through preparation plant
  • Start machine adjusts valve to regulate air pressure
  • Observe coal as it passes over cleaning table removes oversized lumps, rocks, or foreign matter
  • Adjust lubricates mechanical parts of machine, using handtools, grease gun, and oilcan.

Belt Picker Career Duties

  • Remove lumps of slate, wood, wire, clay, or other impurities from extracted minerals passing on conveyor belt, picking table, or shaker screen
  • Throw lumps of usable material into bins for further processing
  • Route impurities to disposal area
  • May assist in changing conveyor belts or screens repairing plant equipment.

Bit sharpener Operator Career Duties

  • Tend bit-sharpening machine to shape sharpen detachable bits of mining equipment
  • Insert bits into clamps of power-driven revolving drum fastens them in place, using wrench
  • Turn handwheel to move bit against grinding wheels & to turn bit to sharpen cutting reduce it to gauge size
  • Lubricate sharpening machine changes worn grinding wheels, using handtools.

Blaster Career Duties

  • Determine strength and pattern of blast required and charges detonates explosives in surface or underground mine, pit, or quarry to fracture or separate stone or minerals from solid formations
  • Study formation to define amount, type and location of explosive charge required
  • Mark pattern of drill holes or issues drilling instructions for depth placement of blast holes
  • Insert, packs, or pours explosives, like dynamite, ammonium nitrate, black powder, or slurries into blast holes compacts charge, using tamping rod
  • Position assembled primer blasting cap in hole at depth that will cause most effective explosion
  • Connect electric wire to primer covers charge or fills blast hole with clay, drill chips, sand, or other material
  • Tamp material to secure charge prevent force of blast from escaping through blast hole
  • Inspect blasting area to make sure that safety laws are observed signals workers to clear area
  • Connect wires to electrical firing device pushes plunger, turns dial, or presses buttons to set off single or multiple blasts
  • May compile record of blasts
  • May keep inventory of blasting agents on hand
  • May transport blasting agents to blasting area, using light truck [Explosives-Truck Driver ordnance ].

Bolting machine Operator Career Duties

  • Operate self-propelled machine to install roof-support bolts in underground mine
  • Position safety jack to support roof until bolts can be installed
  • Drive machine into position, inserts bit in drill chuck and starts drill
  • Move lever to advance bit into roof at specified distance from rib or adjacent bolt
  • Remove bit from chuck replaces with bolt
  • Start hydraulic action which forces bolt into hole
  • Start rotation of chuck to turn bolt open expansion head to exert pressure upon rock formation
  • Test bolt for specified tension, using torque wrench
  • May install truss bolts traversing entire ceiling span tighten ends of anchored truss bolts, using turnbuckle.

Bottomer Career Duties

  • Work at foot of haulage slope or plane leading to surface of mine
  • Engage clips or grips by means of which mine cars are attached to hoisting cable for haulage to surface, working at foot of haulage slope or plane leading to surface of mine
  • Disengage clips or grips as cars are lowered to landing moves cars onto track sidings for distribution in mine
  • Signal Hoist Operator mine quarry with bell or buzzer to raise cars.

Braddisher Career Duties

  • Build doorways and brattices ventilation walls or partitions in underground passageways of materials, like canvas, wood, concrete, brick, or concrete block as specified to construct partition to control circulation of air through passageways working areas
  • Erect partitions to support roof in areas unsuited to timbering or bolting
  • May install rigid flexible air ducts to transport air into work areas
  • May drill blast obstructing bolders to reopen ventilation shafts.

Breaker Boss Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in crushing, sizing, cleaning, treating, or loading coal, stone, or other minerals at tipple or preparation plant
  • Receive daily reports of quantity grade of materials to be loaded into railroad cars or trucks
  • Transmit loading orders to equipment operators loading crew
  • Observe activities of workers to make sure that impurities materials of unspecified size are extracted
  • Direct operation of crushers, pumps, and furnaces, and assists workers with faulty equipment
  • Inspect processing and loading equipment schedules necessary maintenance
  • Compute daily production from weight of loaded cars or trucks
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

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