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Medical Services - Occupations Duties

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X ray Technologist Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Operate radiologic equipment to produce radiographs x rays of body for diagnostic purposes, as directed by Radiologist medical ser. 070.101-090
  • Position patient on examining table adjusts immobilization devices to obtain optimum views of specified area of body requested by physician
  • Explain procedures to patient to reduce anxieties obtain patient cooperation
  • Move x-ray equipment into specified position and adjusts equipment controls to set exposure factors, like time and distance, based on knowledge of radiographic exposure techniques protocols
  • Practice radiation protection techniques, using beam restrictive devices, patient shielding skills, and knowledge of applicable exposure factors, to minimize radiation to patient staff
  • May operate mobile x-ray equipment in operating room, emergency room, or at patients bedside
  • May specialize in production of screening and diagnostic x rays for detection of breast tumors be known as Radiologic Technologist, Mammogram medical ser. .

Zoo Veterinarian Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Plan, directs, and participates in health care program of veterinary clinic in zoo
  • Establish and conducts effective quarantine testing procedures for all incoming animals for making sure health of collection, prevent spread of disease and comply with government regulations
  • Conduct regularly scheduled immunization & preventive care programs to maintain health of animals guard against communicable diseases
  • Provide immediate medical attention to diseased or traumatized animals
  • Participate with other personnel in planning and executing nutrition reproduction programs for animals in zoo
  • Develop special programs to encourage reproduction among animals designated as endangered species, based on knowledge of native habitat instincts
  • Participate in employee training in handling care of animals
  • Conduct postmortem studies analyses
  • Cooperate with zoo aquarium personnel to exchange information concerning care of animals, to arrange transfer, sale, or trade of animals, and to maintain nationwide inventory of animals of every species, including notation of live births
  • Acts as consultant to veterinarians in general practice seeking advice in treatment of exotic animals.

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