List of Career Duties Under Lighting Business Sector


Assembler Career Duties

  • Assemble metal lighting fixtures, using handtools drill press
  • Screw together threaded parts by hand
  • Bore holes in fixtures, using drill press
  • Fasten together parts with bolts or screws by hand, or using tools, like wrenches screwdrivers
  • Insert wire into fixture
  • May work from blueprints or sketches.

Assembler Career Duties

  • Assemble component parts to make subassemblies or completed units of lighting fixtures, like chandeliers, lamps, shades, or reflectors
  • Thread pulls wire through lighting fixture body or frame
  • Strip insulation from ends of wire attaches ends to terminal or socket lugs, using knife, pliers or stripping tool and screwdriver
  • Bolt or screws wired parts together, using screwdriver other handtools
  • Insert incandescent bulb or fluorescent tube into fixture connects wire to electrical outlet to test unit
  • May be designated according to type of fixture assembled as Assembler, Fluorescent Lights light
  • fix. , Assembler, Incandescent Lights light

Automobile light Assembler Career Duties

  • Assemble bulbs, lenses, socket insulators, springs, and other components to lamp shell to make lights for motor vehicles
  • Position clamps lamp shell in jig on assembly bench or table
  • Bolt, screws, or crimps specified components to lamp shell, using handtools
  • Inspect parts for defects, like cracks or dents, and rejects defective ones
  • May be designated according to light assembled as Automobile-Headlight Assembler light
  • fix. , Automobile-Taillight Assembler light
  • fix. , Truck-Headlight Assembler light

Base Remover Career Duties

  • Feed incandescent lamp bulbs into holders of rotating wheel of machine that carries lamp through series of gas torches to melt cement adhering to base of lamp preparatory to removal of defective bases
  • Remove lamp from holder as device rotates back to starting position and pulls base glass bulb apart
  • Wipe excess cement from bulb places in rack.

Bead Inspector Career Duties

  • Inspect molded glass beads, used in incandescent lamps, for defects
  • Scoop up beads on prongs of metal forklike device
  • Examine beads for defining if beads are whole
  • Move beads up down on prongs to gauge diameter, rejects beads that do not slide easily
  • Break or puts aside defective beads, and pours satisfactory beads into containers.

Bulb Filler Career Duties

  • Place bulb in guide of machine that automatically cuts blows magnesium wire into alloy photoflash bulb to provide material for flashing
  • Hold open neck of each bulb over air jet to blow loose end of wire into top of bulb
  • Place bulbs on conveyor leading to sealing machine.

Coiled coil Inspector Career Duties

  • Examine tungsten filament coils of electric light bulbs for concentricity burrs by rolling coils under fingers on workbench, using tweezers to separate coils
  • Measure length of coils, using metric scale
  • Determine brittleness of coils by stretching occasional coil to breaking point
  • Place approved coils in labeled glass jars sets aside rejected coils
  • Maintain record of material examined.

Coiler Career Duties

  • Test incandescent lamps for air leaks, using high-frequency electric ray gun
  • Spread completed lamps on table, three sides top of which are covered by black hood
  • Depress switch on high-frequency ray gun which releases electric current through exposed wire protruding from gun
  • Pass exposed wire over lamps observes each to ascertain its turning specified shade of blue on contact
  • Segregate defective lamps from those meeting standards.

Decorator Lighting Fixtures Career Duties

  • Decorate lighting fixtures, like lamp bases chandeliers with designated designs by squeezing decorating material from plastic tube onto fixture
  • Mix decorative material with water to obtain specified consistency
  • Pour material into plastic tube
  • Squeeze tube to eject decorating material onto workpiece while moving tube with free arm motion to form specified designs, like flower petals.

Driller And Deburrer Reflector Career Duties

  • Feed and unloads machine that heats drills holes in light bulb reflectors for lead wires
  • Remove places glass reflectors from cartons onto conveyor that feeds drilling machine
  • Remove drilled reflectors from discharge conveyor & places reflectors in tray carries reflectors to deburrer
  • Align places reflector holes over deburrer bit that smooths edges of holes
  • Inspect reflector to make sure that holes conform to specifications
  • Place reflectors in carton for shipment.

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