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Knitting machine Fixer Head Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of Knitting-Machine Fixer knitting
  • Verify setup and adjustment of machines equipment
  • Train workers in operation of machines assigns work stations
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Knitting machine Operator Helper Career Duties

  • Assist Knitting-Machine Operator knitting to knit cloth
  • Creel machines ties yarn ends from each supply cone to yarn ends on exhausted cones
  • Cuts knitted cloth with shears doffs cloth rolls from machines
  • Truck cloth rolls from knitting area
  • Replace broken knitting machine needles, using needle pliers, wrench, and screwdriver
  • Clean machine and work area, using airhose, rags, and brooms performs other duties described under Helper any industry Master Title
  • May be designated according to worker assisted as Circular-Knitter Helper knitting , Flat-Knitter Helper knitting , Tie-Knitter Helper knitting , Warp-Knitter Helper knitting .

Knitting machine Operator Seamless Hosiery Career Duties

  • Tend circular knitting machines with automatic pattern controls that knit seamless hose
  • Place yarn spools on creel, threads starts machine
  • Observe operation of machines notifies Knitting-Machine Fixer knitting 689.260-026 of any malfunction
  • Remove knitted hose from machines
  • Pull hose over inspection form or over hand to examine for defects, like holes, runs, or picks
  • Classify hose according to specifications into grades, like first quality, rejects, and mends
  • Count, bundles, ties, and labels each grade of hose
  • Clip loose or connecting threads on or joining socks, using scissors
  • May measure overall length of hose, using scale on inspection form
  • May mark defective portion of hose for Hosiery Mender knitting 782.684-030, using crayon
  • May be designated according to type of hose knitted as Sock Knitter knitting .

Knitting order Distributor Career Duties

  • Distribute workcards that contain instructions, like type of yarn, type of stitch or stitches, and length width of tubing, to workers engaged in knitting knit tubing
  • May file workcards according to knitting machine number style of cloth.

Knitting Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in knitting fabrics, shaped garments, and other articles from yarn
  • Schedule changes in machine set up to produce knitted fabric, garment, or article according to production schedules issues instructions to Knitting-Machine Fixer knitting
  • Verify machine setup & directs repair adjustment of malfunctioning machines
  • Direct training of workers in setup and operation of machines equipment
  • Examine knitted fabric, garment, or article produced to detect variations from standards
  • May be designated according to department supervised as Supervisor, Inspecting knitting , Supervisor, Looping knitting Ii, Supervisor, Mending knitting Ii
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Length Control Tester Career Duties

  • Measure undyed hose to define if size meets specifications
  • Push stretch measuring devise to machines collects sample hose from storage bag under ejection chute of each machine
  • Pull hose onto closed parallel leg-shaped hydraulic form of stretch measuring device, moves lever to release air into form to spread form stretch hose and reads scale device for defining whether hose meets product stretch specifications
  • Reposition hose on form repeats process to measure stretch of specified sections of hose, according to procedure
  • Record results informs Knitting-Machine Fixer knitting 689.260-026 of any machine malfunctions
  • Adjust knitting machine to correct minor malfunctions.

Link and link knitting machine Operator Career Duties

  • Sets up and operates battery of automatic, link-type Jacquard knitting machines to knit garments of specified pattern design
  • Place chains that control operation of machine on machine sprockets
  • Place cones of yarn on machine spindles threads end of yarn through machine guides, tension devices and needle eyes
  • Turn screws to set carrier stops adjust stroke of yarn carrier
  • Push lever to separate needle plates of machine hooks stitches of knitted piece of fabric onto needles to serve as base for knitting
  • Start machine observes operation to detect defective knitting
  • Ties ends of broken yarn with weavers knot
  • Separate needle plates removes finished fabric from machine.

Machine Clipper Career Duties

  • Feed machine that clips threads, turns, and strips hose automatically
  • Pull hose over forms that carry hose through machine
  • May strip hose from forms of machine that is not equipped with turning stripping device.

Mangle Operator Garments Career Duties

  • Tend machine, consisting of pressing roll and ironing shoe, that shapes smooths knitted garments
  • Press control lever to revolve roll to engage ironing shoe with revolving roll while machine is heating
  • Adjust rheostat to heat ironing shoe to maintain specified temperature
  • Disengage heating ironing shoe from roll, stops roll, and spreads garment on roll
  • Start roll reengages ironing shoe to press garment
  • Remove pressed garment from machine
  • May be designated according to garment or garment part pressed as Cuff Presser knitting .

Mangle Tender Cloth Career Duties

  • Tend machine that stretches sets circular knitted cloth knit tubing to uniform width
  • Turn screws to adjust width of spreader according to specifications
  • Turn valves to admit steam into steam box that sets stretched cloth
  • Thread cloth over feed guide rollers, around spreader, through steam box, and between pressure rolls, and wraps end of cloth around takeup roll or guides end through swing-folding attachment
  • Start machine observes flow of cloth to detect cloth defects, like dirt, dye streaks, and holes
  • Cuts defects from cloth, using shears
  • Measure width of calendered cloth with hand rule
  • Cuts calendered cloth with shears or automatic cutter attached to machine doffs rolls of cloth from machine
  • May lower top pressure roller to press cloth
  • May attach identification tag to end of cloth bolt
  • May tend calender fed from rolls, handtruck, or another machine.

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