List of Career Duties Under Knitting Business Sector


Head Knitting machine Fixer Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of Knitting-Machine Fixer knitting
  • Verify setup and adjustment of machines equipment
  • Train workers in operation of machines assigns work stations
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Hosiery Mender Career Duties

  • Mend defects in hosiery, panty hose, or leotards tights , like holes, runs, and pulled threads, using one or combination of following methods
  • 1 Sews holes with needle thread
  • 2 Stretches portion of hose containing hole or run over mending cup & secures one end of broken thread, using needle thread
  • Reknit dropped stitch or run, using latch needle
  • Baste across other end of broken thread
  • Clip loose threads from hose with scissors
  • 3 Stretches hose over mending cup moves powered-mending device across hose to return picked or pulled thread to position
  • Pull hose on inspection form or over mending cup to locate defects
  • May smooth fix mend, using electric iron
  • May be designated Greige Mender knitting when repairing undyed hose or Finish Mender knitting if repairing dyed hose.

Hydraulic press Operator Career Duties

  • Tend hydraulic-pressing machine that smooths wrinkles from folded knitted garments
  • Open valves to admit steam to pressing plate
  • Lays folded garments in tray
  • Slide tray under plate onto top of piston of machine
  • Shift lever to raise piston force tray against steam-heated plate to press garments
  • Pull tray from under steam plate removes garments after piston automatically lowers.

Ironer Career Duties

  • Tend machine, consisting of pressing roll and ironing shoe, that shapes smooths knitted garments
  • Press control lever to revolve roll to engage ironing shoe with revolving roll while machine is heating
  • Adjust rheostat to heat ironing shoe to maintain specified temperature
  • Disengage heating ironing shoe from roll, stops roll, and spreads garment on roll
  • Start roll reengages ironing shoe to press garment
  • Remove pressed garment from machine
  • May be designated according to garment or garment part pressed as Cuff Presser knitting .

Jacquard plate Maker Career Duties

  • Cover designated perforations of metal pattern plates with metal pieces snappers to control operation on needles in automatic knitting machines
  • Select links together specified number of pattern plates or cards to form continuous chain
  • Arrange snappers over perforations designated by Knitter Mechanic knitting
  • Aids Knitter Mechanic knitting to install plates in machine starts machine for trial run to define if plates have been prepared as specified
  • May perforate blank pattern strips to correspond to needle-bed spacing.

Knit goods Washer Career Duties

  • Tend machine that washes treats knitted tubular cloth with chemicals following finishing
  • Join cloth ends together to form continuous lengths, using sewing machine
  • Load cloth in machine compartments pours specified chemicals in machine trough, using dipper
  • Press button and flips switches to start machine and observes dials gauges for variations from standards
  • Remove cloth from machine onto handtruck following completion of processing cycles.

Knitter Career Duties

  • Tend battery of warp-knitting machines to knit diverse products, like tulle, lace, net, fabrics for outer undergarments, elastic fabric for foundation garments, and carpet material
  • Patrol knitting area inspects cloth for defects, like holes, yarn breaks and discolorations
  • Ties broken yarn ends with fingers
  • Stop machine notifies supervisor when unable to define cause of defects
  • Record number type of defects
  • Hand-weaves new threads over under lease rods, threads yarn through guides, using hook, and ties warp ends with fingers to attach new warp to corresponding threads of old warp
  • Cuts excess thread from knots, using scissors
  • May replace defective needles, using hook wrench
  • May help position warp beams I on machine and doff rolls of knitted cloth from machine, using chain hoist handtools
  • May lubricate machines, using oilcan brush
  • May tend machines that knit milanese, raschel, or tricot fabrics be designated according to machine type as Milanese-Knitting-Machine Operator knitting , Raschel-Knitting-Machine Operator knitting , Tricot-Knitting-Machine Operator knitting .

Knitter Helper Career Duties

  • Assist Knitting-Machine Operator knitting to knit cloth
  • Creel machines ties yarn ends from each supply cone to yarn ends on exhausted cones
  • Cuts knitted cloth with shears doffs cloth rolls from machines
  • Truck cloth rolls from knitting area
  • Replace broken knitting machine needles, using needle pliers, wrench, and screwdriver
  • Clean machine and work area, using airhose, rags, and brooms performs other duties described under Helper any industry Master Title
  • May be designated according to worker assisted as Circular-Knitter Helper knitting , Flat-Knitter Helper knitting , Tie-Knitter Helper knitting , Warp-Knitter Helper knitting .

Knitter Mechanic Career Duties

  • Build metal chains, consisting of multisize pattern plates, or installs pattern tapes that control operation of jacquard loom and link-and-link flat knitting machines sets up machines to produce specified design in knitted fabric
  • Obtain specifications for new knitting pattern from supervisor
  • Study number, type and arrangement of stitches in sample determines arrangement of pattern plates on chains, employing knowledge of machine operation
  • Connect plates to form chain
  • Study sample to define which perforations in pattern plates are to be covered to produce specified knit informs Jacquard-Plate Maker knitting
  • Install chains and pattern plates in machine makes trial run to define if knitting meets specifications
  • May make minor repairs to knitting machines.

Knitting machine Fixer Career Duties

  • Sets up, adjusts, and repairs knitting machines to knit hose, garments, and cloth according to specifications, using knowledge of machine function
  • Read work order confers with supervisor or engineer to define knitting machine setup
  • Insert cams, links, buttons, or needle jacks in pattern chain to set up machine to knit hose, garment, or cloth according to pattern design chart
  • Observe operation of machine examines knitted material to detect defects
  • Turn setscrews and handwheels to adjust machine parts, like gears cams, and to synchronize yarn carriers, needles, dividers, and sinkers
  • Repair replaces machine parts, using handtools
  • Align straightens needles, sinkers, and dividers, using pliers
  • May only repair and adjust knitting machines be designated Line Fixer knitting .

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