Careers Duties: Grain Feed Mills


List of Career Duties Under Grain Feed Mills Business Sector

Feed in Worker

  • Open damaged sacks of flour and meal dumps contents into chutes that carry it to feed department for resacking
  • Clean sacks, using suction-pipe cleaner
  • Turn sack inside out repeats operation
  • Place cleaned sacks on handtruck conveys them to supply room.

Feed Mill Supervisor

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in grinding, screening, and mixing stock and poultry feed from grain other ingredients according to specifications
  • Direct grinding of feed materials, like grain, alfalfa and corn cobs in hammer mills, or attrition mills, or roll grinders mixing of ground feed with malt, mash, molasses, salt, soda, vitamins and other ingredients, according to formula
  • Oversee cooking, cooling and pelletizing of feed
  • May supervise packing of feed and storage shipment of feed products
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title
  • May be designated according to type of feed as Poultry Feed Supervisor grain-feed mills .

Feed Mixer

  • Tend machines that mix stock or poultry feed according to formula conveys it to packing machine or storage
  • Dump specified number of sacks of meal, mash, grain and meat scrap into machine hopper, or presses buttons on control panel to transfer individual ingredients from separate bins to batch scale hopper until specified weight of each ingredient is obtained
  • Weigh additives, like minerals vitamins and dumps them into hopper
  • Start machine to mix ingredients, and starts elevators conveyors to transfer feed to storage tanks or packing machine hoppers
  • May match color of mix with standard sample by adjusting automatic feeder controls to regulate amount of ingredient in mix
  • May adjust nozzles, rheostat, or steam controls to spray heated molasses onto feed
  • May record weight of feed mixed or ingredients used
  • May be designated according to type of feed mixed as Dairy-Feed-Mixing Operator grain-feed mills , Poultry-Feed-Mixer Operator grain-feed mills , or according to ingredient mixed with feed as Limer grain-feed mills , Molasses-Feed Mixer grain-feed mills
  • May tend machines that automatically weigh out specified amounts of mash and grain prior to mixing with ingredients be designated Feeder Operator, Automatic grain-feed mills .

Feed mixer Helper

  • Assist Feed Mixer grain-feed mills to prepare stock poultry feed
  • Dump sacks of wheat, corn, or other ingredients into hopper of mixing machine
  • Stir ingredients in hopper, using paddle to facilitate flow into mixer
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Feed Weigher

  • Tend machine that fills sews tops of sacks of stockfeed
  • Shake bag open, places bag under chute and presses pedal that releases preweighed batch of feed into sack
  • Lift filled sack on bag-closing machine conveyor, folds end of sack and clamps sewing unit in place
  • Start sewing device which automatically sews tops of bag
  • May hand sew tops of filled sacks
  • May weigh filled sacks, using platform scales.

Feeder Loader

  • Assist Feed Mixer grain-feed mills to prepare stock poultry feed
  • Dump sacks of wheat, corn, or other ingredients into hopper of mixing machine
  • Stir ingredients in hopper, using paddle to facilitate flow into mixer
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Filter press Tender Head

  • Tend filter presses that remove solids, like carbon, proteins, and filtracell, from solution to produce glucose syrup of standard color clarity
  • Turn valves to control flow of material through press
  • Fold jams edges of filter cloths between plates to seal leaks in press, using sharp-edged tool
  • Observe gauges for increased pressure which indicate need for cleaning presses, and notifies Press Pullers grain-feed mills when cleaning is required
  • Start agitator pumps that transfer filtrate into tank
  • Wash filter cloths in washing machine
  • May add activated carbon to tank to decolorize filtrate
  • May tend vacuum or cloth filter press that removes water from corn tailings used in preparing stock feed be known as Press Tender, Head, Feed House grain-feed mills .

Filter tank tender Helper Head

  • Tend filter tank that separates undesirable solids from glucose dextrose under direction of Char-Filter-Tank Tender, Head grain-feed mills
  • Couple pipe to filters turns valves to control flow of solution from storage
  • Remove filter head, using wrench
  • Insert charging spout into opening of filter pulls lever of sliding gate to admit char activated carbon into filter
  • Replace filter head, using wrench.

Filter Tender

  • Tend rotary vacuum drum or leaf pressure filters that purify liquid sugars
  • Turn valves to control flow of materials through filters during semiautomatic or manual operation of equipment, as instructed
  • Observe liquid sugar flowing through filters to detect cloudiness turns valves to regulate flow, recirculate filtrate, or bypass filter for cleaning
  • Move levers to raise filter covers cleans filter, using hot water hose.

Filtering machine Tender

  • Tend filtering machines that separate cornstarch from undesirable protein solids
  • Start machine and turns valves to admit starch suspension from tank through filters to control flow of wash water to filter spray nozzles
  • Observe thermometers turns steam valves to maintain specified temperature of water in tank
  • Control flow of water into standardization tanks to regulate specific gravity of starch suspension, according to instructions from Filter Operator grain-feed mills
  • Change damaged filter cloths flushes soiled cloths, using hose
  • Insert wire into holes of spray nozzles to prevent clogging.

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