Careers Duties: Grain Feed Mills


List of Career Duties Under Grain Feed Mills Business Sector

Drum Drier

  • Operate steam-heated drum drier in vacuum tank to dry liquid cereal mixture to specified consistency
  • Adjust temperature regulator of vacuum tank to specified setting
  • Start vacuum pump revolving drum in vacuum tank
  • Turn valve to raise level of liquid in pan beneath drum, causing thin film of liquid to dry as it contacts rotating drum
  • Turn valve and moves controls to regulate drum temperature and speed and level of liquid in pan to attain specified color consistency of dried cereal
  • Install scraping blade that peels dried cereal from drum into handtruck, using wrench
  • Open vacuum chamber removes loaded handtruck
  • Push truck onto scale, records weight, and trips lever to dump contents into hopper.

Dry starch Operator

  • Operate machines equipment to mix cornstarch blends
  • Signal Starch-Treating Assistant grain-feed mills to admit starch suspension into mixing storage tanks and to dump measured amount of chemicals into mixing tanks to prepare chemical solutions
  • Read meters turns valves to admit chemical solutions into blending tank
  • Manipulate switches and turns valves to regulate heaters and agitators that mix solutions, and to pump starch mixtures into blending filter tanks
  • Receive or draws samples of product and performs standard tests to ascertain if acidity, alkalinity, and viscosity conform to specifications, using hydrometer other test equipment
  • Record quantity kind of chemicals used
  • Inspect equipment observes gauges, thermometers, and meters to maintain efficient production
  • May direct workers engaged in regulating filters, shakers, centrifugal driers, and related equipment to produce dry starch products.

Dry starch Operator Automatic

  • Control equipment that produces dry starch products from raw starch, and tests product for adherence to specifications
  • Dump bags of chemicals into mixing tanks and turns valves to admit fluids to prepare slurries for treating raw starch
  • Regulate material flow and starts controls pumps, heaters, agitators, shakers, filters, driers and related equipment, following standard procedures
  • Monitor gauges recording instruments to make sure standard operating conditions
  • Direct other workers in operating equipment in event of malfunction
  • Obtain samples of product at various stages of process to test for viscosity, acidity, and specific gravity, using viscometer, pH meter, and hydrometer
  • Record instrument readings other data on daily log.

Dry starch Supervisor

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in treating raw-starch suspensions with chemical solutions, like acids alkalies, and in operating pumps, heating units, agitators, filters, shakers, centrifugal separators, and driers to produce variety of dry-starch products
  • Read thermometers, instrument-control meters, dials and gauges to verify specified processing procedures
  • Operate equipment, adjusting valves, levers and switches to control flow of product, temperatures, moisture content and other characteristics
  • Train workers in operation of equipment
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Elevator Tender

  • Tend conveyors weighs carload shipments of grain, like corn or milo, and routes grain to steep tanks
  • Weigh car spotted on scales to record verify weight against consignment sheet
  • Notify Material Handler any industry that car is ready for unloading
  • Start conveyor to move grain from unloading pit to elevator
  • Sets batching scale at specified weight starts conveyor that transfers grain to scale bin until balance is achieved
  • When notified, pulls lever to empty bin starts conveyor to transfer grain to steep tanks
  • Maintain batch records.

Feed and pellet Operator

  • Tend machine that presses ingredients into feed pellets for poultry stock feed
  • Turn steam valves to regulate temperature of machine
  • Observe ammeter turns valves to regulate flow of material to machine
  • May adjust nozzles to regulate flow of molasses into ingredients turn steam valves to regulate temperature of molasses
  • May adjust flow of air to cool pellets in cooler
  • May tend bucket elevator equipment to transfer pellets to storage
  • May adjust rollers to crush pelletized feed into crumbles
  • May mix poultry or stock feed preparatory to pelletizing [Feed Mixer grain-feed mills ].

Feed Blender

  • Tend agitator tubs that blend ingredients used in making stock feed
  • Turn valves to admit measured amounts of materials, like bran, gluten and steep water into tubs and starts paddle agitators
  • Feel sample of mixture for defining if feed consistency meets plant standard
  • Pull lever to open sliding gate drain mixture from tubs.

Feed Elevator Worker

  • Tend machine that fills sews tops of sacks of stockfeed
  • Shake bag open, places bag under chute and presses pedal that releases preweighed batch of feed into sack
  • Lift filled sack on bag-closing machine conveyor, folds end of sack and clamps sewing unit in place
  • Start sewing device which automatically sews tops of bag
  • May hand sew tops of filled sacks
  • May weigh filled sacks, using platform scales.

Feed Grinder

  • Tend machines that grind, cut, crimp, shell, or roll grain, hay, corncobs, chaff, and screenings for stock poultry feed
  • Open chute to regulate flow of grain into machine or pitches hay corncobs into machine hopper
  • Start machine adjusts control to regulate speed, according to fineness of grind specified
  • May tend separator that cleans grain prior to grinding or to sift ground grain
  • May start conveyors elevators to transfer processed feed to storage or packing machine bins
  • May fill sacks weigh them on platform scale
  • May be designated according to machine tended as Corn-Cutter Operator grain-feed mills , Corn-Sheller Operator grain-feed mills , Crimper Operator grain-feed mills , Crusher-Machine Operator grain-feed mills , Hammer-Mill Operator grain-feed mills , Rolled-Oats-Mill Operator grain-feed mills .

Feed House Supervisor

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in grinding and drying byproducts of starch bran gluten in preparation of stock food
  • Train workers in operation of equipment
  • Examine machinery, valves, pumps and conveyors to detect malfunctions resulting in leakage, spillage, overflow and choke-up
  • Read laboratory test reports to verify specified chemical characteristics, like protein content of product
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

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