Careers Duties: Grain Feed Mills


List of Career Duties Under Grain Feed Mills Business Sector

Control Board Operator Sugar Refining

  • Control refinery equipment to produce sugar sugar products from starch
  • Read dials, meters and gauges and moves controls to adjust and regulate treating time, temperature, rate of flow & density of sugar liquors through filter evaporator units
  • Monitor panelboard to detect correct equipment malfunctioning
  • Record processing, control, and other production data in log
  • Direct Refinery Operator, Assistant grain-feed mills Filter Tender grain-feed mills when emergency operation of equipment is manually required, or in operational assignments.

Converter Operator

  • Control converter to change starch into glucose or corn syrup, and tests products to verify purity specified dextrose content
  • Turn valves to admit steam water into converter
  • Introduce starch into converter so that cooking occurs as starch is added
  • Detect from sound of cooking process formation of paste, and adds acid, as necessary, to reduce viscosity
  • Close converter turns valve to attain specified pressure
  • Draw off samples, and makes standard iodine alcohol titration tests
  • Turn valves to blow syrup into tank when tests indicate conversion is complete.


  • Tend steam-heated pressure cookers to cook cracked tempered grain for further processing into cereal products
  • Press button to load first cooker with measured amount of grain liquid flavor
  • Clamp lid of cooker in place, using wrench
  • Move dials and turns valves to attain specified temperature pressure in cooker
  • Remove lid of cooker and dumps cooked grain onto conveyor after determining that grain has reached specified color consistency
  • Record cooking time number of batches prepared
  • May start automatic equipment that admits steam, rotates cooker, and stops cooker after specified time.

Corn grinder Operator Automatic

  • Tend semiautomatic machine that crushes rolls cooked corn into dough for use in various prepared food products
  • Start machine and moves controls to set speed of grinder screws & clearance of spreader rollers to produce dough of specified texture thickness
  • Finger handful of dough to verify texture fineness of grind
  • Move controls to synchronize conveyor speed with machine action, maintaining dough supply at efficient level for production of food products by other workers.

Curing bin Operator

  • Tend moistening drums of curing bins that spread moisture uniformly through cooked grain prior to or after being shaped into breakfast cereal, like flakes or shredded biscuits
  • Open gate in conveyor duct to deflect incoming grain into first bin
  • Close gate when bin is full, records time and repeats filling operation with next bin
  • Pull lever to dump grain onto conveyor as specified curing time is completed for each bin
  • Dislodge remaining grain from bin, using pole
  • May tend bins and cooling towers that cool toasted grain to specified temperature for packaging by starting fan and turning water valves as grain moves through equipment moving lever to direct grain into chutes of filling machines.

Custom feed mill Operator

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers in operation of feed mill that grinds grain mixes feed to customers specifications
  • May operate grinders and auxiliary equipment to grind mix feed
  • May compute charges collect payment
  • May purchase supplies and equipment keep financial records
  • May manage commercial feed store in conjunction with mill to sell grain, stock feed, fertilizer, and other products to retail trade
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Custom feed mill operator Helper

  • Assist Custom-Feed-Mill Operator grain-feed mills in milling grain feed to customer specifications
  • Sack mill products, loads them on truck and delivers products to customer
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Cut in Worker

  • Open sacks of rough uncleaned rice, using knife, and empties rice into hopper, preparatory to cleaning storing of rice in bins
  • Pile empty sacks on handtruck removes sacks to warehouse.

Dextrine Mixer

  • Control operation of steam-jacketed cooker that heats mixture of starch acid to make dextrine paste
  • Open gate on overhead chute or shovels starch into cooker
  • Adds specified amount of acid to start starch conversion process
  • Turn valves to admit steam into jacket of cooker
  • Start agitator to stir cooking starch
  • Observe process to define when conversion to dextrine is made turns valve to transfer dextrine to storage tanks or drums.

Drip box Tender

  • Position spout of portable tank containing starch solution over series of boxes lined with cloth opens valve to fill each box
  • Invert boxes after water has drained through cloth to remove solid starch cakes, or scoops out starch with shovel and places product on handtruck for transfer to kiln
  • May move levers controlling flow of starch into steel casings & hang casings on hooks of overhead conveyor leading to kiln be designated Starch Presser grain-feed mills .

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