Careers Duties: Grain Feed Mills


List of Career Duties Under Grain Feed Mills Business Sector

Bran Mixer

  • Tend machine that mixes specified amounts of wheat and rye middlings with sawdust for use in cleaning tinplate terneplate
  • Attach empty sacks to discharge section of machine, starts machine and dumps ingredients into hopper
  • Remove filled sacks & sews tops, using needle twine
  • Weigh sacks trucks them to storage area.

Bump grader Operator

  • Tend equipment that cleans, moisturizes, and cracks wheat for cereal products, preparatory to cooking
  • Start conveyors to transfer wheat from storage to vibrating screens in grading cleaning units
  • Sets thermostat at specified temperature to heat water used to wash grain increase moisture content to designated value
  • Turn valves and moves controls to regulate flow of water and grain through washer and soaking bin to transfer grain to grinder rolls for cracking
  • Observe process to correct conveyor jamming to open plugged holes in separator screens.

Cake Tester

  • Bake samples of premixes, like cake, biscuit, muffin pancake to test batch prior to packaging
  • Mix ingredients bakes in oven
  • Examine baked cake for color, texture and density
  • Record findings on worksheet determines if cake passes standards
  • Issue approval slip for batch meeting standards
  • Notify plant chemist if batch does not meet standards
  • May test ingredients to define cause of cake failure.

Centrifuge Operator

  • Tend centrifugal separator flotation cells that separate starch from gluten in processing milled grain
  • Observe recording instruments, turns valves and moves levers to obtain specified temperatures, specific gravities and air, water and product flow rates in centrifuges flotation cells
  • Inspect, cleans and lubricates equipment
  • Observe gauges and turns valves to maintain level of wash dilution waters in supply tanks.

Cereal Miller

  • Operate drier, huller, separator, steel cutter, cooker, and flake roller machines to produce wheat oats flakes, according to specifications
  • Adjust slides in chutes turns valves to regulate flow of grain to machines
  • Adjust flow of air to dry grain feels grain for defining hulling capability
  • Observe hulling process and adjusts speed of machines that remove separate hulls from oats
  • Turn valves to regulate temperature and moisture in cooker, and adjusts tension on flaking-machine rolls, according to hardness size of grain.

Cereal Popper

  • Control guns pressure cylinders to expand or puff whole grain to produce breakfast cereal
  • Press button to admit grain water to electric- or gas-heated cylinder
  • Clamp lid in place starts cylinder rotating
  • Turn valves and moves controls to regulate air pressure temperature in cylinder to obtain product having puffed kernels of specified size, color, and uniformity
  • Remove lid after specified time, causing grain to expand as it escapes from cylinder
  • Examine feels product to define need for adjustments in process conditions.

Cereal Supervisor

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in processing packaging grains for cereal or animal feed products, according to knowledge of plant operations, processing machinery, and equipment
  • Direct experienced workers to instruct new workers in operation of grinders, cookers, driers, flaking rolls, ovens, frosting packaging equipment
  • Evaluate performance of new workers for understanding of equipment duties
  • Visually tactually inspects grain mill products in process for conformance to plant standards
  • Read laboratory tests results to verify specified moisture content of products
  • Direct workers to supply packaging lines with cartons, shipping cases, and other packaging materials
  • Investigate and directs repair of malfunctioning equipment based on knowledge of equipment process
  • Maintain time production records
  • May perform processing tasks in workers absence
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Char filter tank Tender Head

  • Tend char filter tanks that remove undesirable colloids from glucose corn syrup
  • Signal Filter-Tank-Tender Helper, Head grain-feed mills to fill tanks with char activated carbon turn valves to start flow of syrup from storage
  • Couple flexible pipe to filters to transfer solution to from filters, or signals Filter-Tank-Tender Helper, Head grain-feed mills to couple pipe
  • Collect sample of solution to examine color measure density, using hydrometer
  • Read thermometers directs workers to turn steam valves to maintain specified temperature
  • Direct workers engaged in washing activated carbon and informs Char Puller grain-feed mills, sugar conf. when to remove char.

Clean rice Broker

  • Coordinate rice buying and milling operations with demand and sells clean milled rice on domestic foreign markets
  • Contact prospective purchasers, sends or displays samples of grades varieties of rice offered for sale, states selling price and arranges sales
  • Ascertain from orders, quantity varieties of rice required and notifies buyers purchasing rice from growers
  • Prepare instructions for operating personnel of lots of rice to be milled and sequence method of milling
  • Direct workers keeping records and preparing contracts shipping data.

Clean rice Grader And Reel Tender

  • Tend machines that clean, grade, and polish rice
  • Turn wheels of feeder box to regulate amount of rice on cleaning screen
  • Adjust air valve to regulate air draft that removes dust straw from rice on screen
  • Regulate air suction in aspirator that cools rice removes bran
  • Observe rice passing through reels that separate brewers rice broken grains from rice screenings larger broken grains head rice whole grains
  • Adjust rice grader to make sure required separation of rice screenings from head rice
  • Tend machine that mixes water corn syrup used as rice polish
  • Open outlet in mixer to permit polish to flow into auger mixer polish rice.

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