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Accident prevention squad Police Officer Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Investigate traffic accidents as member of squad to obtain details surrounding accident, determine if crime was committed, and to provide interested parties with reliable data surrounding accident for use in legal action or formulation or revision of traffic safety program
  • Photograph and diagrams accident scene & tests brakes tires of involved vehicles, using testing equipment
  • Question & records statements of principals eye witnesses of accident
  • Review all facts to define if crime, like vehicular homicide, murder, manslaughter, or assault, or traffic violation was involved
  • Arrest perpetrator of criminal act or submits traffic citation to violator of motor vehicle ordinance
  • File all facts, records, and information involved in case for possible use in criminal or civil legal action or safety program.

Adjudicator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Adjudicate claims filed by government against individuals or organizations
  • Determine existence and amount of liability, according to law, administrative & judicial precedents other evidence
  • Recommend acceptance or rejection of compromise settlement offers.

Admeasurer Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Compile data and prepares certificates of admeasurement to document ships, and determine type of license and safety equipment required, net tonnage, and applicable tolls wharfage fees
  • Examine blueprints of ship and takes physical measurements to define capacity, using rule tape measure
  • Compute gross & net tonnage deductible space of vessel required by laws
  • Prepare sketches of vessels, using drafting instruments
  • Write certificates of admeasurement, listing such details as design, length, depth, and breadth of vessel, and method of propulsion.

Aerial photograph Interpreter Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Analyze aerial photographs to detect significant military, industrial, resource, or topographical data
  • Study photographs to locate enemy positions, camouflaged military installations equipment, roads, industrial centers, rivers, wooded areas and to define nature of terrain
  • Interpret photographs to evaluate enemy strength to predict military intentions
  • May draw maps for use of field commanders in planning deployment of troops
  • May interpret photographs for timber evaluation, water shed management, construction, or mining
  • May request enlargement of photograph for more detailed analysis
  • May use computers data banks to store, retrieve, and compare information.

Aeronautics Commission Director Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Direct activities of state commission or department of aeronautics
  • Authorize airport construction and expansion and inspection of state aircraft facilities and regulation of aviation activities under state control
  • Formulate policies work programs
  • Recommend drafts rules, regulations, and statutes governing aeronautics in state
  • Coordinate activities of commission or department with private organizations other government units to make sure effective aviation programs.

Agricultural Agent Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Organize and conducts cooperative extension program to advise and instruct farmers individuals engaged in agri-business in applications of agricultural research findings
  • Collect, analyzes and evaluates agricultural data, plans and develops techniques, & advises farmers to assist in solving problems, like crop rotation soil erosion
  • Deliver lectures & prepares articles concerning subjects, like farm management soil conservation
  • Demonstrate practical procedures used in solving agricultural problems
  • Discuss extension program with representatives of commercial organizations, county government, and other groups to inform them of program services to obtain their cooperation in encouraging use of services
  • Prepare activity, planning, and other reports maintains program records
  • Prepare budget requests, or assists in their preparation
  • May supervise coordinate activities of other county extension workers
  • May direct 4-H Club activities
  • May be designated by specific program assignment as Agri-Business Agent government ser. , Farm-Management Agent government ser. , Horticultural Agent government ser. , Livestock Agent government ser. , Resource Agent government ser. .

Agricultural chemicals Inspector Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Inspect establishments where agricultural service products, like livestock feed and remedies, fertilizers, and pesticides, are manufactured, sold, or used to make sure conformance to laws regulating product quality labeling
  • Visit processing plants, distribution warehouses, sales outlets, agricultural pest control service organizations and farmers to collect product samples for analysis and to examine fresh dried produce for spray residue
  • Inspect product label information concerning ingredients & advertising claims for conformance to chemical analysis of ingredients documented effects of use
  • Investigate suspected violations of product quality labeling laws
  • Interview farmers, merchants, and others to define nature of suspected violations to obtain documented evidence to be used in legal action against violators
  • Call on dealers to define that licensing requirements have been met, and calls on manufacturers distributors to collect delinquent tonnage reports
  • Prepare reports of all inspections and investigations for review by supervisory personnel for use as evidence in legal action initiated by others.

Agricultural Chemicals Registration Specialist Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Review evaluates information on applications for registration of products containing dangerous chemicals for compliance with statutory regulations
  • Read registration applications from manufacturers distributors of pesticides, fertilizers and other products containing dangerous chemicals
  • Evaluate label information for defining that directions for use & claims for effectiveness of product are stated clearly accurately
  • Review statements concerning product ingredients, effects of misuse, and administration of antidotes for adequacy of information conformance to regulatory requirements for substances
  • Forward approved applications to other personnel for registration
  • Contact manufacturers and distributors of products not meeting standards to clarify regulations to suggest changes in label information to permit registration
  • Prepare, organizes, and maintains records to document activities provide reference materials
  • Conduct studies investigations of faulty labeling or use of products as directed by agricultural agency personnel.

Agricultural Commodities Inspector Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Inspect agricultural commodities, processing equipment, and facilities to enforce compliance with governmental regulations
  • Inspect horticultural products, like fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants to detect disease or infestations harmful to consumers or agricultural economy
  • Inspect live animals processing establishments to detect disease or unsanitary conditions
  • Compare brand with registry to identify owner
  • Examine, weighs, and measures commodities like poultry, eggs, mutton, beef, and seafood to certify wholesomeness, grade, and weight
  • Examine viscera to detect spots or abnormal growths
  • Collect sample of pests or suspected diseased material and routes to laboratory for identification analysis
  • Write report of findings advises grower or processor of corrective action
  • May testify in legal proceedings
  • May be required to hold U.S
  • Department of Agriculture license for each product inspected
  • May be designated according to type of commodity or animal inspected.

Agricultural Services Director Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Administer state agricultural program
  • Develop and coordinates programs for producing marketing commodities, like livestock, grain, dairy products and produce
  • Interpret enforces laws, rules and regulations governing agricultural commodities
  • Direct programs, like weights and measures, inspection of grain and livestock facilities, and processing, packaging, and distribution of agricultural products to make sure compliance with federal state regulations
  • Conduct hearings to define violations penalties
  • Represent agency at meetings, conventions, and other forums to promote program objectives
  • Prepare and releases reports, studies, and other publications relating to marketing trends program accomplishments
  • Develop directs training program for staff personnel.

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