List of Career Duties Under Glass Manufacturing Business Sector


Drawing machine Operator Career Duties

  • Operate drawing kiln to process molten glass into continuous sheet of flat glass
  • Sets rheostat to control speed of rolls on kiln that draw glass sheet of specified thickness and adjusts setting to maintain thickness, based on gauge or recorder readings during processing
  • Regulate gas-firing to edges of glass sheet to prevent slippage of sheet from knurl guide wheels
  • Inspect glass sheet through kiln peephole for defects, like stones blisters, as sheet is drawn vertically by rolls
  • Signal Balcony Worker glass mfg. to open rolls allow passage of defective area to prevent break in sheet
  • Receive gauge readings positions asbestos pads on sides of cooling jacket in kiln with iron rod to correct irregular thickness in glass sheet
  • Close lower roll of drawing kiln to prevent broken sheets of glass from collapsing into kiln
  • Light auxiliary gas jets in kiln to heat glass sheet below break stop run of break
  • Replace jacket cooling pads plugs in kiln with mortar, using trowel.

End Finder Roving Department Career Duties

  • Remove tubes from packages of baked fiberglass sliver locates inside end of coreless package
  • Unravel portion of sliver to verify location of end cuts raveled sliver, using scissors, or breaks sliver by hand
  • May position coreless packages in creels [Creeler any industry 689.687-030].

Fiber machine Tender Career Duties

  • Tend one or more machines that form fiberglass filaments from molten glass combine filaments into sliver
  • Pull fiberglass filaments extruded through bushing over sleeve where binding solution is applied into groove of graphite shoe that binds filaments into single strand of sliver
  • Pass sliver strand through opening in floor to Floor Winder textile on floor below who winds sliver onto tubes
  • Patrol observes bushings to detect defects, like clogged bushings, beads, bead straps, and defective binder applicators
  • Stop machine removes beads or bead straps from bushing with wire pick to unclog bushing
  • Notify Yardage-Control Operator, Forming glass mfg. or Forming-Machine Adjuster glass mfg. of defective product or machine operation
  • Turn petcocks to adjust flow of binding fluid to sleeves
  • May turn rheostat to obtain specified temperature in electric furnace where glass is melted
  • May fill furnace hopper with glass marbles adjust feed mechanisms so that marbles enter furnace at specified rate
  • May be designated according to length fineness of fibers produced as Staple-Fiber-Machine Tender glass mfg. .

Fiberglass bonding machine Tender Career Duties

  • Tend waxing machine that bonds several strands of fiberglass yarn into single cord
  • Place bobbins of yarn on creel of machine and threads yarn through guides, over under tension bars, through strip heater, wax reservoir, dies and cooling tank and laps end of cord around mandrel of winding machine
  • Place chunks of wax in melting tank turns valve to admit melted wax into reservoir
  • Start machine and observes waxing winding process to detect broken ends
  • Dips thermometer into wax water or reads temperature gauge on control panel to detect variations from standards
  • Doff tubes of bonded cord from machine
  • Weigh tubes of bonded cord packs cord in shipping containers
  • Record weight on labels production records.

Fiberglass Quality Technician Career Duties

  • Test fiberglass yarn, fibers, or binder solutions at any stage in manufacturing process to define if standards are met
  • Weigh samples of fiber and binder solution on balance scales before & after drying in miniature oven and burning in muffle furnace and computes percentage of binder on fiber percentage of solids in binder solution, using slide rule or mathematical formula
  • Examine & tests goods returned by customer or at customers establishment to detect manufacturing defects or damage incurred in transit and records results for use by quality control production supervisors.

Finisher Career Duties

  • Tend equipment that heats fire polishes glassware, like tubes, kitchen utensils, and trays to remove defects, like rough surfaces, air bubbles, and chips, or to seal tubes
  • Place tubes on spindles or other glassware on rotating table which carries them into contact with gas flame to melt or fuse glass
  • Turn valves to regulate polishing flame
  • Remove articles after heating with tongs.

Finishing Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in grinding polishing pressed or blown glassware
  • Inspect products for defects adherence to specifications
  • Direct or assists workers in machine setup operating techniques
  • Requisition materials supplies
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title
  • May be designated according to department supervised as Supervisor, Crack-Off glass mfg. , Supervisor, Grinding glass mfg. , Supervisor, Polishing glass mfg. .

Flow Floor Attendant Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following tasks in forming department to facilitate manufacturing of glass products, like bottles, containers, and other glassware
  • Haul molds, mold components and machine parts to from forming department for job changes and transports cullet waste glass from department to storage area, using forklift or handtruck
  • Supply machine operators with graphite solution swabs used to prevent sticking of glass to molds
  • Sweep department, using broom to keep work area clean
  • Assist machine operators by observing automatic transfer mechanism that moves product from forming machine to annealing lehr to prevent jams, filling lubrication dispenser with oil, blowing debris off machine, using airhose
  • May adjust speed of annealing lehr
  • May tend container coating equipment which sprays surface hardening solution on containers
  • May transfer products to inspection or shipping departments, using forklift
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Flow Machine Operator Career Duties

  • Sets up operates automatic glass forming machines that either press, blow, or spin gobs lumps of molten glass in molds to form bottles, containers, cathode ray tubes, and other glass products
  • Adjust shears to cut or plungers to force gobs from forehearth, using handtools
  • Install adjusts feeder tubes leading from forehearth to molds to deliver gob to mold, using wrenches
  • Mount and bolts blanking molds final molds to hanger arms on machine, or bolts molder to spinner plates, using handtools
  • Install and aligns neck rings and press plungers to blanking molds, using wrenches, to form neck mouths of product
  • Couple air lines to molds coolant lines to mold jacket to regulate solidification of formed glass
  • Couple gas lines to burners under molds to maintain plasticity of glass during forming
  • Adjust trip buttons on timer drum to set gob feeding, blank molding, final molding, and product discharging sequence
  • Turn controls to regulate air pressure, gas pressure, glass temperatures, and coolant flow
  • Observe machine operation to maintain sequences and air and fluid volumes, using knowledge of machine operation product specifications
  • Frequently swabs molds with graphite solution to prevent glass from sticking to mold, using swab or spray gun
  • Periodically, visually examines product for surface defects that indicate damaged or scored molds and measures shape, size, and weight of product, using fixed gauges scales to define if air pressure, solidification rate, and gob size are correct
  • May regulate annealing lehrs to cool glass product
  • May be designated by product formed as Bottle-Machine Operator glass mfg.
  • May be called Mold-Press Operator glass mfg. if operating press-and-blow machine with indexing turntable.

Forming Department Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in batching, mixing, and melting raw materials to form molten glass, and in extrusion of fiberglass sliver
  • Observe automatic batching, weighing and mixing equipment, furnaces and forming machines to detect malfunctions
  • Read charts, gauges and control panels to verify maintenance of specified air supply, gas to air ratio and temperatures of furnace bushings
  • Adjust or repairs malfunctioning machines furnaces
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

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