List of Career Duties Under Glass Manufacturing Business Sector


Tube Finishing Machine Operator Career Duties

  • Tend equipment that heats fire polishes glassware, like tubes, kitchen utensils, and trays to remove defects, like rough surfaces, air bubbles, and chips, or to seal tubes
  • Place tubes on spindles or other glassware on rotating table which carries them into contact with gas flame to melt or fuse glass
  • Turn valves to regulate polishing flame
  • Remove articles after heating with tongs.

Tubular Stock Glass bulb machine Former Career Duties

  • Operate automatic, multiunit machine to form bulbs other glass products from tubular stock
  • Load glass tubes in feed mechanism and clamps collets around rods to secure position tubular stock for molding process
  • Observe operation for defining variations from prescribed temperature levels and turns controls, aims burners, or places ignites auxiliary burners to adjust temperatures
  • Turn controls to regulate air pressure or vacuum processing in molds
  • Adjust stops and guides that control indexing positioning of glass rods in machine units to correct alignment or timing of sequence
  • Swab molds with lubricant to prevent glass from adhering to mold walls
  • Replace defective air and gas lines tubes, using handtools
  • Inspect bulbs for color or transparency, size, shape, and wall thickness, using color panels, templates, and dial indicators.

Turn out Worker Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following tasks in forming department to facilitate manufacturing of glass products, like bottles, containers, and other glassware
  • Haul molds, mold components and machine parts to from forming department for job changes and transports cullet waste glass from department to storage area, using forklift or handtruck
  • Supply machine operators with graphite solution swabs used to prevent sticking of glass to molds
  • Sweep department, using broom to keep work area clean
  • Assist machine operators by observing automatic transfer mechanism that moves product from forming machine to annealing lehr to prevent jams, filling lubrication dispenser with oil, blowing debris off machine, using airhose
  • May adjust speed of annealing lehr
  • May tend container coating equipment which sprays surface hardening solution on containers
  • May transfer products to inspection or shipping departments, using forklift
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Upkeep Mechanic Career Duties

  • Sets up, adjusts, and repairs automatic glass forming machines, like press-and-blow, blow-and-blow, and spinning machines, used to form bottles, containers, and other glassware, utilizing knowledge of glass forming machinery
  • Read work order to define which molds, mold components and machine parts are needed
  • Remove molds, mold components and feeder tubes from machines, using handtools
  • Mount blanking mold final mold to hanger arms on machine, and installs gob lump of molten glass feeder tube leading from forehearth to molds, using handtools
  • Install and aligns neck rings and press plunger to blanking mold to form neck mouth of glassware, using handtools
  • Couple air lines to molds coolant lines to mold jacket to regulate solidification of glass
  • Adjust size of orifice which releases gob from forehearth, and shears cutting gob to control size of gob fed to mold, using handtools
  • Adjust trip buttons on timer drum to set gob feeding, blank molding, final molding, and discharge sequence
  • Couple gas line to preheating burner under mold to maintain plasticity of glass during molding
  • Turn controls that regulate air pressures, coolant flows, gas line pressure, and glass temperatures in forehearth to form acceptable products, using knowledge of machine operation product specifications
  • Perform test run inspects glassware to verify setup
  • Repair damaged machines by replacing defective parts, like cams, hanger arms, or forming components, using handtools
  • Change lehr drive gears to control annealing time of glassware in lehr
  • May be assisted by Forming-Machine Operator glass mfg. in setting up machines
  • May ascertain temperature of gob, using pyrometer.

Ware Finisher Career Duties

  • Finish hand pressed or blown glassware by forming attaching lips, handles, and pedestals
  • Cuts required gob lump from molten glass, using shears
  • Form gob into handle, using wooden paddles to shape handle
  • Drop gob into hand-press mold to form pedestal
  • Press handle pedestal to glassware to attach them
  • Shape handle and forms lips by rubbing pressing with carbon stick
  • Smooth pedestal, using wooden buffer
  • May be known by article attached as Foot Caster glass mfg. .

Ware Tester Career Duties

  • Collect, inspects, and tests glassware, like containers cathode-ray tubes, for conformance to specifications
  • Collect samples to be tested and measured and marks samples logs with identifying information, like batch number, machine number and mold number
  • Visually inspects glassware for defects, like striations stress lines , bubbles, pits, discolorations, incomplete grinding & polishing and painting flaws, like chips smears
  • Fill containers with water to define fluid capacity by weighing filled container on scales or pouring contents into graduated cylinder
  • Verify size, shape, radius, thickness, weight, eccentricity, and surface flatness, using templates, calipers, micrometers, scales, eccentricity table, surface blocks, wedge blocks, or electronic measuring instruments
  • Determine annealed quality of glassware by either observing glass through polariscope, measuring wave length of glass color with spectrophotometer, or by examining microsections for annealing striations
  • Immerse containers in hot or cold water tanks to estimate thermal shock resistance
  • Determine bursting point of container by either filling container with water inserting electrically controlled plunger in container to apply pressure, or placing container in pressurized chamber
  • Cuts glass into wafers examines glass under microscope to measure micro defects
  • Record results of tests and deviations from standards submits to supervisor, notifies supervisor of serious defects, like failure to withstand thermal shock or defective mold
  • May set adjust measuring devices used in laboratory or by Selector glass mfg.
  • May compile specifications from new product orders for setting quality control standards
  • May place sample in test tube, immerse test tube in controlled temperature water, and observe settling point of glass to estimate density of glass
  • May place container in surface abrader to estimate container scratch resistance
  • May place container in jaws of calibrated vice to define horizontal bursting point
  • May test gob lump of molten glass from furnace forehearth to make sure glass temperatures are within specifications
  • May pack sample ware for shipment to customer
  • May perform dimensional measurements at production work stations be designated Floor Inspector glass mfg.
  • May be designated according to article inspected as Bottle Inspector glass mfg. , Television-Tube Inspector glass mfg. .

Warm in Worker Career Duties

  • Reheat blown or pressed glassware in furnace to fire-polish glassware make it malleable for further processing
  • Clamp snap long-handled pincers on hot glassware, grasps snap and inserts glassware into furnace opening glory hole
  • Rotate ware to heat it evenly to make sure retention of its molded shape
  • Withdraw ware from furnace when it is heated to an orange-red color
  • May remove or add clay to furnace opening to enlarge or reduce its size to accommodate glassware being processed
  • May adjust fans to control ventilation that blows fire blast back into furnace cools snap handle.

Window glass Cutter Off Career Duties

  • Tend automatic equipment that burns, scores, and breaks continuous sheet of glass into specific lengths
  • Turn controls on panel to synchronize cutting heads with rise of vertically drawn glass sheet to score glass into specific dimensions
  • Push or pulls sheet to cap off break glass along scored line additionally trims knurled edges with glass cutter wheel
  • Stack cut glass sheets on rack throws cullet waste glass down chute
  • Replace dull cutting wheels on automatic scoring equipment
  • Periodically measures cut glass length adjusts cutting heads
  • May record number of sheets produced per hour
  • May use vacuum-cupped crane to break off or move cut glass
  • May work as member of team.

Wire Setter Career Duties

  • Tend machine that unwinds wire netting to be embedded in sheet glass
  • Cuts V-shaped point on leading edge of roll, using hand shears and positions roll on holding frame of machine
  • Signal coworker to feed end of wire netting into glass-rolling machine
  • Splice end of depleted roll of netting to lead end of new roll places new roll in unwinding frame.

Yardage control Operator Forming Career Duties

  • Control temperature of bushings speed of winders on fiberglass forming machines to maintain specified yardage per pound in sliver
  • Monitor bushing control panels, temperature charts and indicators to define if temperature of furnace bushings, molten glass over bushings, forehearths and canals meet specifications
  • Obtain test skein of sliver from Test-Skein Winder glass mfg. dries skein for specified time in electric furnace
  • Weigh dried test skein to obtain weight in grams converts weight to yards per pound to define deviations from specifications, using yardage conversion chart
  • Turn digital dial on bushing control panel to regulate temperature of bushings
  • Test voltage on compensator units that vary speed of collets winding rings , using voltage meter
  • Determine bushing temperature specified for voltage reading from table and turns button to set temperature regulate speed of collet
  • Record data, like shift, crew, date, time of temperature reading, time of yardage reading, type of sliver produced, temperatures, and adjustments made, in yardage control log.

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