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Forging - Occupations Duties

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Slug furnace Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Control oil, gas, or electrical furnace to heat stock, like billets, bars, plates rods, preparatory to forging, following work order specifications
  • Read dials and gauges and turns knobs to regulate flow of fuel or electric current to verify maintain specified temperature within furnace
  • Position stock in furnace, using tongs or chain hoist
  • Observe color of metal or reads pyrometer to define when stock reaches forging temperature
  • Pull stock from furnace delivers it to forging press or hammer, using tongs or chain hoist
  • Usually works as member of hammer, press, or upsetter crew
  • May place heated workpiece on conveyor for transporting to work area
  • May turn knobs to synchronize speed of feed takeoff conveyors of automatic furnace.

Supervisor Extrusion Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in forming nonferrous metal from billets in extrusion presses, applying knowledge of extrusion press operation and properties of metals under heat pressure
  • Direct installation of specified dies other tooling in extrusion presses
  • Examine sampling of products for adherence to specifications
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title
  • May set up presses for workers
  • May be required to have experience with specified products, type of press, or materials, like radioactive uranium.

Trim setter Helper Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Perform any combination of following tasks to assist workers in forging metal products
  • Load bars, billets, or blooms into furnace, using hoist
  • Transfer workpiece to from work stations, like furnace, hammer and trim press, using tongs or hoist
  • Remove scale from workpiece dies, using broom or airhose
  • Trim excess material from finished parts, using handsaw or bandsaw
  • Mark material with specified information, using hammer die
  • Lift dies to machine and bolts dies in place, using hoist wrenches
  • Load racks, off bears conveyors, and cleans lubricates machines
  • May work as member of crew
  • Load radioactive uranium elements into furnace, using hoist
  • May be designated according to worker assisted as Drop-Hammer-Operator Helper forging , Extruder-Operator Helper forging , Heater Helper, Forge forging , Upsetter Helper forging , or by work performed as Scale Shooter forging
  • Perform other tasks as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Utility Worker Forge Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Perform any combination of following tasks in forging plant
  • Move workpieces from furnace to hammer anvil, using tongs or hoist
  • Open closes electrically controlled furnace doors to assist steel press crew
  • Position and turns workpieces work aids during forging by Heavy Forger forging
  • Remove scale from anvil, using broom airhose
  • Clean work area with broom and shovel and cleans machine parts, using rag solvent
  • Replace forge crew tools in specified racks
  • May assist in installing dies used in forging operations
  • May cut material to specified size with handsaw, and smooth parts with bench grinder to assist Blacksmith forging
  • May remove cracks in ingots, billets, or forgings, using swing grinder.

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