Job Samples for Forestry Business Sector


Smoke Jumper Supervisor

  • Supervise coordinates activities of airborne fire-fighting crews engaged in extinguishing forest fires
  • Dispatch crews according to reported size, location and conditions of fires
  • Direct loading of fire suppression equipment into aircraft parachuting of equipment to crews on ground

Supervisor Christmas tree Farm

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in planting, shearing, thinning, and harvesting Christmas trees on company-owned or leased land tracts
  • Tour land tracts to ascertain conditions estimate work-hour requirements to plant, cultivate, or harvest trees
  • Confer with management to report conditions of lands & crops, recommend actions to be taken and obtain instructions regarding variety and number of trees per acre to plant, cultural practices to apply and harvesting date location

Tree Planter

  • Plant seedling trees to reforest timber lands or Christmas tree farms
  • Digs planting hole at predetermined spaced interval, using mattock-like tool or dibble
  • Place seedling in hole packs soil around plant, using foot or planting tool.

Tree Puller

  • Harvest tree seedlings in forest nursery
  • Walk along seedling tree rows, stoops and pulls clumps of seedlings from loosened soil
  • Knock clumps together to dislodge soil loosen roots and places seedlings in field trays.

Tree Sorter

  • Sort tree seedlings in forest nursery
  • Remove seedlings from field trays, separates them and compares root formation, stem development and foliage condition with standards chart verbal instructions
  • Discard substandard seedlings places remainder on conveyor for baling.

Watcher Lookout Tower

  • Locate and reports forest fires weather phenomena from remote fire-lookout station
  • Maintain surveillance from station to detect evidence of fires observe weather conditions
  • Locate fires on area map, using azimuth sighter & known landmarks, estimates size characteristics of fire and reports findings to base camp by radio or telephone

Yard Supervisor

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving shipping Christmas trees
  • Inspect operations of yard for making sure that orders for trees are filled company standards regarding processing of trees are adhered to
  • Inspect trees received from Supervisor, Christmas-Tree Farm forestry & private individuals and writes invoices to indicate number sizes of trees accepted

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